$25 for 25GB of data: New digital mobile operator that tempts you to switch your service provider

What do you want from your telco? 24/7 customer service, affordable plans, easy application process – all these without any contract?

Consider your wishes heard. A new mobile operator has recently entered the telco market. A sub-brand by StarHub, Giga is an all-digital service that has no physical presence but offers an easy self-help process – from signing up, setting up to customer service – via their app.

While Giga taps onto the StarHub mobile network, according to its spokesperson, it has its own platforms, customer support channels, payment gateway, and ID verification platform that’s independent from StarHub, and functions as a separate brand and entity.

What does Giga offer?


Forget about mind-boggling mobile plans with entitlements you can never remember. Giga has only one plan and it’s a straightforward offer: S$25 for 25GB of mobile data. On top of this, it also comes with 1,000 minutes of talk time, 1,000 SMSes, free caller ID, and free incoming calls within the plan at no extra cost. You are not bounded by any contract and can cease the service any time.

But we think the most exciting feature is its data rollover feature. What this means is that data that has not been consumed within the billing month can be brought forward to the next month (for a maximum of two months).


If 25GB of data isn’t enough for you, you can purchase additional data at S$2 per 1GB. You can also purchase specific data packs according to your app consumption habits: for instance a Whatsapp pack (1GB) or Instagram and Facebook pack (1GB) are each available at an additional S$1.


For roaming, it offers the “Jetset Giga Pass” at S$5 for 1GB of data. The roaming data is valid for five days from when you reach your travel destination (instead of activated the moment you purchase it). There are currently 14 countries, mostly in Asia, that you can roam in with Giga. The representatives from Giga said they will be adding more to the list soon. Some of the countries in their list include: Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and Australia.

Comparison among Giga, Gomo, and Circles.Life

If you’re wondering how Giga matches up to the rest of the competition out there, here’s an easy table for you to compare across a few metrics.

no-contract-mobile-operator-price-comparison-giga-gomo-circles-lifeHow to get a line from Giga

Download the Giga app – available on iOS and Android platforms), and simply follow the rather easy-to-follow instructions on screen. You will need your actual NRIC or passport, as well as a credit card, for the signing up process – so remember to have them on hand. The app also has a unique ID verification process where a selfie is taken, in order to match it with your ID. Giga is the first mobile operator to use a digital ID verification feature – an innovation the team is very proud of.

You’ll get your Giga SIM card delivered to you within 24 hours.

Once the sign up process is completed, your SIM card will be couriered to you within 24 hours, via Gogovan’s delivery service. The delivery process can be tracked in real time through the app, so you know when you can expect it exactly.

What else do you need to know about Giga?

You can have a serious or fun chat with Gino

Besides the core services, Giga also offers some exciting frills. There are adorable custom avatars to choose from, coupled with curated Spotify list that matches each persona. 24/7 customer service is made possible with Gino, an AI chatbot with a cat persona, which has been taught to answer simple queries and even have a frivolous chat with you – if you wish. In cases where Gino is unable to resolve your problems, you can request for an actual customer service officer to speak to you.

To celebrate its launch, Giga is offering one month free subscription to all new signups before 18 June 2019. Download the app to start the sign-up process on Apple Store or Play Store.