13 places for cooking lessons in Singapore to up your kitchen game

Perhaps you’ve never even so much as touched a stove in your life, and just looking for a good gateway to break into your new kitchen. Or perhaps you might already be a good home chef looking to up your cooking game to impress guests.

Whatever your reason for clicking on this article – we’ve got you covered. There are many cooking lessons you can take in Singapore that doesn’t just teach your basic culinary skills, but allow you to learn how to make artisanal pastries, dim sum, long-forgotten traditional Nonya recipes, and even whip up a three-course meals to surprise your bae on a special day.

Keep reading to see the curated list of cooking schools with classes that go for as affordably as SGD50 per lesson, to something more unique, if you have a higher budget in mind.

1. Cooking Chap Chye with Catherine

Source: channelnewsasia.com

Wanna bring something to impress your friends or relatives for during your pot-luck gatherings (or even better, during Chinese New Year)?

Learn to cook traditional Hainanese-style Chap Chye, a vegetarian mixed stew. Led by Catherine, who will guide you through a step-by-step tutorial so you’ll learn how to make it. The lesson also includes a tour to the wet market so she can show you how to pick the freshest ingredients.

Price: SGD50 per lesson

Address: Blk 61 Geylang Bahru #01-3293, S330061


2. Making Kim’s-bap with Kimmy Kim

Source: twitter.com

Always left hungry with a resolve to learn Korean cooking after a good binging on K-drama?

Learn homely Korean cooking with Kimmy, a South Korean native, who will be teaching you the ways of making good kim-bap, side dishes, and other Korean classics in a friendly, homely environment.

Price: SGD50 per lesson

Address: Meet up with hosts at Junction 8, 9 Bishan Place, S579837


3. BakinCalf

Source: bakincalf.com

Have a real sweet tooth and love all things that are cake, cake, and cake?

Here, you can literally have your cake, and eat it too, as BakinCalf will teach you the art on how to make Instagram-worthy cakes like your very own Unicorn Cake, Rainbow Mille-feuille, tiered tsum-tsum cakes, cute macarons and donuts.

Don’t forget to snap lots of pictures for the ‘gram!

Price: SGD72 per lesson, SGD216 for three lessons

Address: Blk 257 Yishun Ring Road, #09-1013, S760257


4. One Kind House

Source: 8days.sg

A modern kampong of sorts, learn homely, long forgotten traditional meals in Madam Soh’s home of four-generations of her family now. You’ll learn to grow and pick your own ingredients to cook, as the friendly and motherly Madam Soh guide you through the steps of making traditional eats like blue pea flower rice, DIY kaya jam, as well as kendondong pesto with fried fish or chicken!

Price: SGD80 per lesson

Address: 136B Lor J Telok Kurau, S425966


5. Little Green Kitchen

Source: littlegreenkitchen.com

Given how often dairy and meat features in almost every restaurant and recipe, it can be tough to cook delicious vegan, gluten-free alternatives of your favourite dishes. If this is what you’ve been having trouble with, this is the right cooking class for you.

Learn to cook vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free cooking at Little Green Kitchen. We love that it offers a diverse variety of cuisine, including Asian (Southeast Asian, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese – the works!), Mexican, and even Arabian. More importantly, the dishes are healthy and full of flavour.

Price: SGD85 per lesson

Address: 1 Hacienda Grove, #03-05 S457908


6. One Kueh at a Time

Source: sethlui.com

A traditionalist at heart and want to preserve local kuehs like Sooh Kueh before it dies out in Singapore? This is the place to do it.

Learn the art of making and folding dumplings alongside Nick, who’ll be guiding you on how to make local dumplings like Soon Kueh, Koo Chye Kyeh, Png Kueh, Orh Ku Kueh, and many more. Nick used to run a hawker stall that sells these kueh, so it really can’t get more authentic than this.

P.S. It is currently sold out at the moment, but do wait for future availability!

Price: SGD88 per lesson

Address: 166 Jalan Besar, #02-61, Food Complex, S208877


7. Buonissimo Culinary School

Source: pinterest.com

Looking to impress bae on Valentines’ or Christmas with a classic candlelit three-course meal?

Learn classic European cuisine – from Italian, French, Greek, and even Moroccan eats, where you’ll be preparing and learning fancy meals like Duck Confit, Paella, and Veal that’ll have your bae gasping at your gourmet skills by the end of your tenure at Buonissimo Culinary School.

The best thing about this? It’s less than SGD100 per lesson.

Price: SGD90 – 95 per lesson

Address: 9 Norris Road, #02-01, Little India, S208252


8. ABC Cooking Studio

Source: pinterest.com

Love Japanese food? Learn all about Japanese cooking at ABC Cooking Studio, from the all-time favourite sushi and cute bento sets to curry, takoyaki, yakitori, and even sukiyaki.

But wait, that’s not all! ABC Cooking Studio also has Wagashi courses, which teaches you how to make traditional, delicate-looking Japanese sweets like mochi, daifuku, matcha rolls, and more!

Situated very conveniently in the heart of Singapore, right in Takashimaya S.C., you’ll have absolutely no excuse to even think about skipping any lesson!

Price: SGD91 per lesson

Address: Takashimaya S.C., #03-12/12A, 391A Orchard Rd, S238873


9. The Wired Monkey

Source: hungrygowhere.com

Are you a self-proclaimed coffee aficionado (or more crudely put, simply addicted to coffee)?

Learn the very art of making the perfect cup of coffee – from how to ground coffee beans from scratch, what coffee beans to use, to the art of food-pairing with coffee (who knew this was even a thing?)

Sold already? We’re not done yet – they’ll also teach you how to do your own latte art. Forget going to overpriced cafés for a pretty, perfect cup of coffee when you can do it yourself in the comforts of your home once you’ve mastered these latte art techniques!

Price: SGD97 per lesson

Address: 5 Dunlop Street, #01-00, S209335


10. Palate Sensations

Source: palatesensations.com

Wanna make meals that look like they could be deserving of Michelin stars? This is where to go if you’re seriously out to impress.

Learn gourmet styles and techniques like sous vide, tempering your own chocolate, making your own pasta, chocolate, sausages, and even xiao long bao. You’ll even learn how to plate your meal elegantly to look like it could be on a restaurant menu.

Price: SGD130 – SGD250 per lesson (SkillsFuture claimable)

Address: Chromos #01-03, 10 Biopolis Road, S138670


11. Jia Lei Cooking School

Source: jialeicookingschool.sg

Want a place that teaches you how to whip up many Singaporean favourites? Learn to whip up your own herbal soups, perfect for a sickly, lazy day. And not forgetting laksa, nasi lemak, as well as all sorts of mooncakes – from those with cutesy designs to impress your relatives, to traditional ones that will please everyone.

Heck, they even teach you how to make your own noodles, pastries, dimsum, artisanal cakes, and bread. Say goodbye to ever eating out (or buying ready-made noodles!) when you can make everything by yourself by the end of your classes.

Price: SGD135 – SGD165 per lesson (SkillsFuture claimable for the first 12 lessons)

Address: Blk 269 Queen Street #02-226, S180269


12. Coriander Leaf

Source: corianderleaf.com

Just started on your cooking journey? Coriander Leaf specialises in simple, yet tasty meals, perfect for the beginner who has trouble getting started.

Learn to whip up Singaporean classics like Chili Crab, Tauhu Telor, Satay, and other more exotic (but simple and tasty!) eats like Turkish, Moroccan, Thai, Italian and even Arabian cuisine.

That being said, the classes are intended for you to be able to prepare delicious home-cooked food that you can make easily, so don’t expect anything too OTT!

Price: SGD160 – SGD165

Address: 30 Victoria Street, #02-01 CHIJMES, S187996


13. Nyonyaliz Cooks

Source: facebook.com

Always wanted to hark back to traditional Nyonya cooking that is worn like a badge of honour amongst true-blue Nyonya families?

You don’t have to have a Nyonya grandparent to learn traditional Nyonya techniques – simply go to Nyonyaliz Cooks learn traditional eats like kueh sarlat or kueh dadar.

Be sure to apply your new cooking techniques the next potluck session to truly wow your guests!

Price: SGD110

Address: Takes place in host’s house, which you can find out through their enquiries channel via WhatsApp at 9683 2832.


14. The Eureka Cooking Lab

Source: theramenschool.com

Sit tight, buckle up, because this one’s real expensive, but you really will be able to call yourself a real pro by the end of this intensive course.

With a partnership with Japan’s Yamato Noodle School, The Eureka Cooking Lab has a six-day course that teaches you how to make your own noodles, broth, and even oil-blending all from scratch.

While that all sounds fine and dandy, there’s a real zinger – it’s SGD5,000 for a six-day intensive course.

Price: SGD5,000 for a six-day ramen making class, and SGD2,500 for a six-day udon making class

Address: 8 Jalan Kuras, S577725