Here are some vacation-at-home ideas that Club Med offers and we’re enjoying them

Missing out on your annual vacation? Club Med, the original all-inclusive resort, brings the holiday to you with Club Med at home with everything from recipes to yoga sessions.

Whether your family is a big one, just you and your partner, or want some quality time alone, Club Med has the perfect activity for each group- for free! Grab your speakers and turn on the resort’s specially curated playlist to get started.

For larger families with restless young children, flip the tables and use their boundless energy to make breakfast. This recipe for breakfast egg cups is both easy and quick to do, and don’t require many ingredients, so it’s achievable on their own. Plus, these are also freezable, so you can toss them in the freezer and take them out anytime they need a quick, homemade snack.

End off the day by making your very own Seafood Pizza, Club Med style, that both adults and children will enjoy, and even have a parent-and-child yoga session to wind down after a long day of fun!

Don’t let the Circuit Breaker, busy work schedule, or children stop you from having a little break with your partner. Put away the work, and keep kids occupied and happy with these fun activities lined up for them, including origami, colouring, building their own Zen garden, and immersing in an engaging audiobook while you two have fun.

Spend some quality time with your person, by whipping up meals and pastries like Club Med’s special White Chocolate Bread, Green Curry, or Hainanese Chicken Rice to treat yourselves. Or, try something new and start a Weekly Intention Journal, where you jot down all the things you’re grateful for, as well as a new goals for the next week.

There’s nothing wrong with taking some time off to have quality me-time, in fact, Club Med encourages it! Make your vacation from home more productive and emerge with a hotter bod with a wide selection of workouts to suit everyone, from calming Yoga, stretching and meditation, core exercises, a simple morning stretch, to an intense HIIT session.

Then, learn how to improve your productivity levels at home with these practical tips.

End off your day by trying your hand at recreating the Seared Scallops with Fruit, a tropical meal that’ll transport you to the carefree waters of the Bahamas and the like.