Snuggle up to furry felines & sip on refreshing drinks at these 7 cosy cat cafes in Singapore

Furry felines either have our whole hearts or they don’t – there seems to be no in-between for anyone who’s had the chance to interact with these beautiful creatures! If you’re hoping to spend time snuggling up to adorable cats or introducing a friend to some of these paw-some creatures, then cat cafés are the pur-fect place to visit.

Besides, certain cat cafés in Singapore do more than lend you a pleasant space to lounge, they’re also loving homes for strays that were once abandoned or orphaned. What you pay upon entry goes towards supporting the animals that you adore.

To help you get your furry fix, we’ve rounded up seven cosy cafés where you can cuddle with your favourite animals as you savour light refreshments and hearty mains in Singapore!

Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa

Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa, which is Japanese for “cat garden”, is home to a total of 13 cats! Owned by two cat-lovers, of course, Sam and Sue, the cat café was inspired by the ones they visited in Japan – they wanted to bring a healing cat-therapy experience to Singapore so that people could also relax as they interacted with the furry felines.

cat cafes singapore
Credit: Klook

Unlike Japanese cat cafés that often feature only pedigreed cats, Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa houses an eccentric mix of only adopted felines, their message to visitors being “adopt don’t buy”. Still, you can look forward to playing with absolutely gorgeous kitties, their characters each as unique as their distinct looks.

cat cafes singapore - neko no niwa (1)
Credit: Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa

Drink & dessert menu

The café also offers an extensive selection of drinks and desserts. Featured on the delicious drink menu are canned drinks and juices (from S$2 onwards), fruit smoothies (from $3.50 onwards), as well as premium coffee and tea (from S$2.50 onwards). You can also sink your teeth into artisanal desserts like mile crepe, cheesecake, and chocolate Malteser cake.

Enter Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa at S$10 for the first hour, or S$12 for the first hour with a drink of your choice when you book on Klook

Address: 54A Boat Quay, Level 2, Singapore 049843

The Cat Cafe at Bugis

Food is what you would expect to find at Bugis – but this hidden gem adds to the spread with their 15 furry felines, to give you a heartwarming experience even as you eat.

cat cafes singapore (1)
Credit: Klook

The cats here are aged 8 to 15 years old, which means that they’re senior, calmer, and easier to interact with; it’s a perk for those who are new towards approaching these felines.

The café even has pictures of all their cats on the walls, with a quirky description of each tabby’s unique personality, like “Queen Bee”, “Tiny Food Assassin”, and “Jeans Lover” (you now know what to wear when you visit).

cat cafes singapore - the cat cafe bugis (1)
Credit: The Cat Cafe

Food, drink & dessert menu

Food-wise, the café offers delectable mains like Lasagne, Baked Chicken Rice, and Chicken Mushroom Pie. There are also sweet treats like cakes, espresso with ice cream, and brownies that you can enjoy in-between playing with the cats.

The Cat Café charges S$15 per entry, inclusive of a complimentary soft drink.

When you book on Klook for a weekday, you enjoy a two-hour entry for S$16, inclusive of one soft drink, coffee, or tea of your choice as well as 15% off the food menu.

Get this discounted entry price here.

Address: 241B Victoria Street, Singapore 188030

Catopia Cafe

Enter feline paradise at Catopia Cafe, a two-storey café at Jalan Basar that’s home to 10 beautiful cats. They’ve each got their own nicknames, like Bruno aka The Dreamer, Omy that’s a Fiesty Princess, and Wicca, The Big Sister.

cat cafes singapore - catopia (1)
Credit: Quandoo

The café has lots of cat furniture for their felines to play with, climb, or simply laze on, so you also can have fun seeing the cats interact within their habitat.

cat cafes singapore - catopia
Credit: Catopia Cafe

Food, dessert & drink menu

Lounge with a cuppa Hojicha or Fruit Basket tea – the café also has coffees, soft drinks, and juices (from S$5 onwards) to quench your thirst.

Besides a delicious selection of desserts like gelato, assorted cakes, and waffles, you can also enjoy hearty mains available at the café. From crusty pies, chunky wraps, to cheesy bakes, the café offers dishes that’ll fill your tummy after long hours of play with the furry animals!

Credit: from Pexels

Catopia Cafe charges S$13 for the first hour, inclusive of a choice of standard drink; each additional hour is priced at S$8, or each additional 30 minutes is S$6.

Or, purchase on Klook to spend an entire day with the cats, inclusive of a complimentary drink, for S$35. Otherwise, you can enjoy a two-hour entry with a complimentary drink for S$18.

Snag these discounted Klook rates here

Meomi Cat Cafe

The perfect retreat away from the hustle and bustle, the Meomi Cat Cafe is home and playground for seven pedigreed felines including Ragamuffins, Maine Coons, American Curls, and Munchkins.

cat cafes singapore - meomi cat cafe
Credit: Meomi Cat Cafe

It’s a cosy space that’s furnished with lots of cat furniture – even little ladders and boxes attached to the walls so that cats can climb on or through them to reach their high places.

For the humans (cats rule the place here), the café has low tables that allow you to sit on the floor whilst sipping on refreshments like coffee, tea, and soft drinks (S$3 on average).

cat cafes singapore - meomi cat cafe (1)
Credit: Meomi Cat Cafe

If you adore pedigreed cats or simply enjoy a cosy and relaxing space to play with the felines, then Meomi Cat Cafe is the place for you. Spend your time lounging with furry friends – for each hour, it’s S$13 for adults and S$7 for children, inclusive of a complimentary drink.

Make a reservation at Meomi Cat Cafe by sending them a private message on Facebook

Address: 668 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188801

Paws Claws Petstore

The Paws Claws Petstore isn’t a pet store as you might think. Instead, it’s the newest cat café on the block, with a chic and spacious shophouse interior, peppered with cat scratching posts, tents, and wall fixtures.

cat cafes singapore - ragamuffins
Credit: Paws Claws Petstore

The owner of the Paws Claws Petstore, Adi Rusydi A Rahman, is also the proud owner of the café’s 17 resident felines, all of which are beautiful Ragamuffins with thick coats of fur and bushy tails – yes, all 17 cats are his pets!

Since Ragamuffins are typically friendly, sweet-tempered felines that also love cosying up with humans, you can look forward to the cats climbing onto your lap. Adi has also said that his cats aren’t shy or afraid of humans, so you can expect to get your share of interaction with the cats at this café.

cat cafes singapore - paws claws petstore
Credit: Paws Claws Petstore

Although the café is home to 17 felines, it divides the cats into two separate shifts to allow the cats to rest in-between their time spent with humans. Instead, you’ll get to play with about eight to 10 of these stunning cats during your visiting hours.

cat cafes singapore - paws claws
Credit: Paws Claws Petstore

Entry to Paws Claws Petstore is affordable too. The first hour in the cafe is priced at S$12 per pax. You’ll have to pay S$5 and S$8 respectively for subsequent 30-minute and hourly extensions.

While the café has stopped serving food and drinks during this period, you’ll receive complimentary cat-shaped lemon meringue biscuits when you leave the café! ​​

The café operates on an appointment-only basis, so do remember to drop them a direct message on Instagram to make your booking before you head down. 

Address: 331 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427587

The Cat Cafe at The Rail Mall

Whether you’re chillin’ in the area or looking for a place to lounge after an arduous hike at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, The Cat Cafe’s second outlet at The Rail Mall is a meow-nificent refuge. The café is home to a total of 14 rescue cats, some that were abandoned and others that were strays – they now look as healthy and beautiful as ever!

cat cafes singapore - cat cafe rail mall
Credit: The Cat Cafe

When you enter the café, you’ll pass a quaint counter area. There, you can take your pick of the pastries temptingly on display like fudgy brownies, chocolate chip muffins, and raisin swirls. You can also choose from refreshing drinks and robust mains like baked macaroni and lasagne (mains are S$7.50 on average).

cat cafes singapore - cat cafe rail mall (1)
Credit: The Cat Cafe

Past the counter area, you’ll enter through a door to the cats’ cosy retreat, complete with tables and chairs for visitors, and high-hanging ladders for the kitties to catwalk overhead. It’s an altogether lovely place to sit and unwind alongside furry felines.

The Cat Cafe at The Rail Mall charges S$16 for the first two hours, inclusive of one complimentary soft drink. You’ll have to pay S$4 for every additional 30 minutes, inclusive of a coffee, tea, or juice.

Book your slot here

Address: 392 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678046