Here’s a gorgeous rooftop garden you never know you could visit for free. The view is spectacular!

Sometimes when work becomes too hectic, all we need is a breather and a place we can relax in. Catching the breathtaking landscapes of Singapore might just be the solution you need.

However, in Singapore, many observatory decks require an entrance free, which may not be so ideal if all you need is a quick breather.

Good news for you because there are two observatory decks in the CBD that don’t just have a picturesque view, but are also open to the public for free.

Find this rooftop garden at CapitaSpring Building

Just about a minute away from Raffles Place MRT Station, CapitaSpring is a 280-metre building located at the Central Business District in Singapore.

While most would see it as just another office building, you’ll be surprised that there are actually two spots in the building where you can catch a spectacular view of the city.

Sky Garden

The first spot you could go to is the Sky Garden, which comprises an observatory deck and a rooftop garden.

It is located on the 51st floor of this building and is also Singapore’s tallest publicly accessible observatory deck – so you know you’re definitely getting a great view.

Look forward to catching a glorious view of Singapore’s skyline especially at night. This is also a perfect hangout spot with your colleagues, date or friends!

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Visit during the golden hour for some Instagram-worthy shots and to capture photos of the sunset if you are lucky enough to catch it.

Green Oasis

Another spot where you can go to in this building is the Green Oasis.

A mid-air botanical promenade that spirals from Level 17 to 20 of the building, the Green Oasis is decked with lush greenery and trees; with over 38,000 plants from more than 70 species.

It is more spacious compared to the Sky Garden, with ample rest areas and work pods if you prefer to work here instead of the confined spaces of your office.

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Besides having a good view, CapitaSpring also has a variety of food spots that you could visit.

Our top recommendation? Sol & Luna, a Latin-European cafe that serves a wide selection of French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish dishes. Alternatively, check out the Market Street Hawker Centre, also housed within the building, which has 56 stalls to choose from!

Address: 88 Market Street, Singapore 048948
Green Oasis operating hours
Mondays – Fridays (excluding Public Holidays)
Level 17: 7.30am – 10.30pm
Levels 18 – 20: 7.30am – 6.00pm

Sky Garden operating hours
Mondays – Fridays (excluding Public Holidays)
Level 51: 7.30am – 10.30pm