We tasted Brotzeit’s Oktoberfest menu before it’s over. The Oktoberfestplatte is a must-try!

Oktoberfest is just around the corner, and we all know what that means: beer, sausages, and one hell of a good time! If you’re looking to raise a stein in celebration of this amazing German festival (or if you’re just looking to stuff yourself with some really good nosh, that is) look no further than Brotzeit.

Dedicated to providing us locals with the authentic German experience, Brotzeit is no stranger when it comes to delivering on great food, drinks, and service. This October, they’re upping the game by providing a special Okotoberfest menu that will be available from now till 23 October.

Luckily for us, we got to celebrate Oktoberfest just a little earlier than most when we were invited down to try out Brotzeit’s new Oktoberfest menu. Ready to see what got our mouths watering? We know you are!

Check out the best dishes:

1. Grilled Nurnberger Sausage and Traditional Meatloaf in a Kaiser Roll

brotzeit oktoberfest menu- sausage and meatloaf in kaiser roll

Looking for some nibbles to soak up your pint? Go for the Grilled Nurnberger Sausage. Sandwiched between a fluffy, perfectly browned bun (that is actually made of Bavarian pretzel, to be specific), the tender yet juicy sausage is a literal explosion of flavour in your mouth. Plus, it goes perfectly with the crisp, peppery fries and side salad that added a surprising yet nice crunch to the entire dish,

If you’re looking for something that is a little more on the comfort-food level, though, opt for the Traditional Meatloaf in Kaiser Roll instead. An ingenious invention involving a meatloaf sandwich paired with potato salad, we were thoroughly impressed with how the denser flavours worked together without overwhelming. The pickles by the side were a nice touch, too— cleansing our palates in preparation for the next round of dishes.

The Grilled Nurnberger Sausage and the Traditional Meatloaf in Kaiser roll are available for SGD15 each.

2. Roasted Pork in Dark Beer Sauce

brotzeit oktoberfest menu- roasted pork in dark beer sauce

Trust us when we say that everyone at the table gave a collective gasp when this baby landed before us. A pork collar slow dish that was slow roasted in dark beer sauce and served with traditional soft potato dumplings, we could practically feel the meat melting into our mouths upon the first bite. The potato dumplings, on the other hand, had a soft, chewy texture that reminded us faintly of Korean toppoki. Chow it down with the fried onions and sauerkraut by the side for a completely authentic German experience.

The Roasted Pork in Dark Beer Sauce is available at SGD28.

3. Bavarian Duo

brotzeit oktoberfest menu- bavarian duo

A wholly unique combination of flavours is what you’ll get with the Bavarian Duo. The perfectly crisp, fried chicken pairs nicely with the sausage, which has a milder taste that is nonetheless enjoyable. Wrap things up with the pretzel dipped in their homemade mustard sauce that will have you swooning in seconds. We know we did!

The Bavarian Duo is available at SGD38. 

4. Oktoberfestplatte

brotzeit oktoberfest menu- oktoberfest platter

The star of the show definitely has to be the Oktoberfestplatte. A smorgasbord of meats, golden-brown wedges, and tangy sauerkraut, just the sight of it alone will make just about anyone begin to salivate.

Ideal for sharing between 5-6 people, start off your platter by digging into the crispy and crunchy pork knuckle. The fatty, chewy meat was made even better when dipped into their homemade mustard, and we made sure to savour every bit of that amazing pork knuckle skin.

We tried out the juicy beer-infused honey ribs, next, and yup, it was definitely as finger lickin’ good as we expected it to be. Flavourful, rich, and oh-so-tender, these ribs are definitely a winner. Ribs-lovers are definitely not going to be satisfied with just one serving.

Oh, and don’t forget the succulent whole roasted chicken, either. Sure, it might not seem as impressive compared to the rest of the feast, but it was cooked perfectly, and seasoned with just the right amount of salt. Yum.

The Oktoberfestplatte is available at SGD138. 

5. Stuffed Pork Belly

brotzeit oktoberfest- stuffed pork belly

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it, in fact, does. This stuffed pork belly is packed with dense, moist bread stuffing that is sweet yet savoury all at once, with the oven-roasted skin giving just the right amount of crunch needed to balance all the flavours out. Suffice to say, we had more than our fill of this dish!

The Stuffed Pork Belly is available at SGD69. 

6. German Bread Pudding

brotzeit oktoberfest- german bread pudding

And of course, we can’t end off a spectacular meal without dessert, right? We were served a German Bread Pudding, which involves a flaky, crumbly pastry interspersed between layers of fruit. It’s sweet without being too overwhelming, and the crunch to the crust was absolute perfection. All in all, a great way to end off a great meal.

The German Bread Pudding is available at SGD12.

Pair these amazing dishes with a lovely, full-bodied pint of Marzenbier (from SGD16) and you’re pretty much good to go when it comes to this year’s Oktoberfest festivities! Now you’re party-ready. Drink on!


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