21 FREE or discounted perks to enjoy, just because it’s your birthday

Note: Article was published in 2018. Some of these perks may have be invalid at the time you read this.

What better way is there to spend your birthday apart from indulging yourself in some good ol’ BIRTHDAY freebies?

We know you’re itching to see what stuff you can get for free on your very special day, so we won’t drag it out any longer: here are the 21 perks you can enjoy on your birthday.

1. Free Sashimi according to how old you are at Sumo Bar Happy

Source: sumobarhappy.com

That’s right Sashimi lovers – this is the only time when revealing your age isn’t embarrassing if you’re a little… ahem, older in years. So basically, if you’re 40, you get 40 slices of salmon sashimi respectively. And did we forget to mention that this is FREE?!

That being said, there’re a few conditions to this: each individual celebrating their birthday has to bring at least three accompanying guests, and the perk is not redeemable on Fridays and Saturdays. It is also only redeemable within 7 days of your birthday.

Read more details here.

2. Enjoy a Japanese buffet at Kuishin Bo that offers discounts based on your age

Source: moneydigest.sg

Offering discounts based on your age on your birthday month, being old never felt so… uh, temporarily good. For example, if you’ve just turned 50, you’ll be getting a 50% discount on the buffet price accordingly.

With over 100 varieties of buffet items including sushi, sashimi, tempura, paper steamboat, teppanyaki and more, prepare to stuff yourself on your special day.

Check out the full details here. Promotion available till the end of November.

3. Discounts at Shopee


On your birthday, you’ll be able to enjoy a SGD5 off on your orders with a minimum spending of SGD10. Treat yourself to a little birthday shopping!

4. Receive a kikki.k’s surprise birthday item

Source: essentialkids.com

If you’re a member at kikki.k’s, you’ll be able to enjoy a surprise gift (of possibly their cute stationery items!) on your birthday! We heard from a little birdy that it may be a voucher, but it’s certainly possible that they change it up every month or year.

Membership is free of charge. Read more about the promotion here.

5. Free Boston Lobster at The Boiler

Source: tastecle.com

We all know how expensive seafood in Singapore can be. Free lobster? Mark your calendar, seafood-fiends.

With every purchase of a Boiler’s Bombdiggity Bag, you’ll be getting a lobster free-of-charge. Promotion is available till the end of 2018, and is only valid for a minimum of at least one accompanying diner.

Check out the full details of the promotion here.

6. Free gyoza at Ikkousha Hakata Ramen… equivalent to your age

Source: passp.asia

Love your gyozas? Bring your grandparents here on their birthdays and eat literally all 70, 80, or 90 gyozas of your picking, depending on how old they are.

The catch? There needs to be a minimum of four diners, and everyone must order a bowl of ramen. You also need to save a coupon, which is valid from one day before to one day after your birthday.

Read the full details about the promotion here.

7. Free cake at Boufe Boutique Café

Source: facebook.com

Want to feel extra bougee on your birthday? Head to Boufe Boutique Café and treat yourself to a FREE cake on your birthday week (valid for three days before actual birthday, and three days after), including their super Instagrammable Gâteau Burger cake – no strings attached whatsoever.

Proof via ID is required and valid for dine-in only. Check out more details here.

8. Free steamboat buffet at Coca Steamboat

Source: klook.com

With a selection of ingredients to choose from like fish maw, beef fillet, fish blue, and their house special shrimp paste, nick Coca Steamboat’s regular lunch and dinner buffets for FREE.

Mind you, their lunch and dinner buffets are usually priced at SGD28 and SGD44.80 respectively, and SGD46.80 on weekends. A complete steal, if you ask us!

Promotion only valid for birthday persons accompanied by three paying guests. Check out the full details here.

9. Free smoothie at Boost

Source: boostjuicebars.com

Most people know of Boost’s “name” promotion – they announce a name regularly and if you have that name, you get a free drink!

But for the unlucky fans whose names haven’t been chosen (yet!), you don’t need to wait any longer if your birthday’s close – because yes, birthday folks are entitled to a free slurp-worthy smoothie of their choice – no strings attached!

Promotion valid for members who have spent at least SGD10 prior to redeeming birthday drink. More details here.

10. Free ice cream at Swensen’s

Source: greatdeals.com

You could just waltz in and demand for your free ice cream, just like that on your birthday.

Promotion only valid on the birthday itself. Read the full details here.

11. Birthday perks at Starbucks

Source: cnet.com

Forget scrambling for Starbucks often untimely one-for-one deals – get your cuppa FREE on your birthday, no questions asked. If you’re a Gold Level member, that is. Green Level member? You’ll be able to redeem a free slice of cake with any drink purchased during your birthday month. Just a Welcome Level member? You’ll be able to enjoy a free drink upgrade.

Promotion only valid on the birthday itself. Read the full details here.

12. Buy-1-get-1-free offer at Golden Village

Source: videoblocks.com

Movie-junkie? Treat you and a friend to a buy-1-get-1-free ticket on ANY movie of your picking. Terms and conditions apply. Promotion valid for the whole birthday month.

Read the full details of the promotion here.

13. Discounts at Lawry’s The Prime Rib

Source: hungrygowhere.com

Love your steak? Here’s a treat: dine at Lawry’s The Prime Rib and get 50% off on your second main course, as well as a complimentary birthday dessert to end off the perfect birthday dinner.

Read the full details of the promotion here.

14. Free a la carte weekday buffet at Shin Minori

Source: sethlui.com

Here’s a complimentary Japanese buffet – just because it’s your birthday. Dine at Shin Minori and treat yourself to a SGD41.90-worth buffet, FREE of charge. Valid for birthday guests who bring at least one accompanying, paying guest.

Read the full details of the promotion here.

15. Discounted flights by Scoot


Yes, you can even enjoy a 15% off e-voucher if you’re a member at Scoot and save it up for another holiday trip!

Read the full details of the promotion here.

16. Free data for Singtel subscribers

Source: shutterstock.com

Okay, this isn’t exactly something you can actively purchase per se, but it does count for something – birthday boys and gals are entitled to 1GB of free roaming data. So watch videos guilt-free using your 4G on your special day.

As long as you’re on the Singtel plan, of course! Read the full details of the promotion here.

17. 2 free drinks at KOI

Source: phnompenhpost.com

If you have a membership card at KOI, bring along your favourite pal, where you’ll be entitled to two free medium-sized drinks of your picking. Not a member at KOI? Activation of the member card is only a SGD1.

18. 30% off a slice of cake at Cedele

Source: cedelegroup.com

Serving up organic and wholesome cakes (that still somehow manage to be so delish!), get a slice of cake at 30% off when you dine in-store!

To register as a full-fledged member, spend SGD25 within the year to qualify.

Read the full details of the promotion here.

19. Free credits at Marche

Source: marche-movenpick.sg

Love the delightful selection at Marche’s? On your birthday month, you’ll be entitled to 20 credits to spend any way you like on your next visit, provided that your bill the previous time you visited amounted to SGD120.

Read the full details of the promotion here.

20. Free admission ticket to Universal Studios Singapore

Source: overseasattractions.com

Note that this only applies to RWS Invites Card Members. Fill your day with fun and excitement and enjoy the many facilities the USS offers from the Adventure Cove Waterpark, or the S.E.A. Aquarium, or the thrilling roller coasters at the theme park.

And if you’re a Gold Card holder, you’ll also be entitled to a free birthday set menu.

Sign up for a membership at SGD8 here. Read the full details of the promotion here.

21. Free family photoshoot with Firefly Photography

Source: sassymamasg.com

What better way to celebrate your birthday than with a beautiful family portrait?

Be sure to claim your complimentary photoshoot fast as redemptions are limited to 500 a month.

Read the full details of the promotion here.