10 best romantic movies and TV shows to catch on Netflix

Since most of us are staying at home now, entertainment-time likely revolves around watching a movie or TV show online. If you’re about to run out of shows to watch, here are our picks for the best romantic movies and TV series. Grab some snacks, settle in, and press play!

1. The Notebook


When it comes to romantic films, The Notebook is a classic. Duke, an elderly, reminisces the past as he reads a love story from his notebook. The story tells of a young couple, Noah and Allie, who fell in love in the summer of 1940s. Their relationship turned rocky when their social standing became an issue. Both went on separate paths as Allie returns home, while Noah enlists to fight in World War II.

During the time they spent apart, he sent her a letter every day for a year and bought the abandoned house that he originally intended to buy for her. They met again later in their lives and realised that they were still in love with each other.

The Notebook is streaming on Netflix here.

2. Notting Hill


Notting Hill is a romantic comedy film that revolves around William Thacker, a divorcee, and Anna Scott, a Hollywood actress. Their random encounter began when she wandered into his book store, and later when he accidentally spilled orange juice all over her.

Despite living extremely different lives, they fall for each other’s charms. As their relationship progresses, they learn to put their ego and differences aside and work things out. Of course, worth mentioning are William’s quirky yet supportive group of friends who added extra flavour to the plot. Altogether, Notting Hill combines humour, intellect, and vulnerability in a delightful manner.

Notting Hill is streaming on Netflix here.

3. The Time Traveler’s Wife


The Time Traveler’s Wife is a sci-fi romance film that encapsulates the timeline of a time traveller, Henry DeTamble. He discovered this ability when he was six, right after a car accident that caused his mother’s death. However, there are setbacks to his ability. He is unable to control the timing and destination of his travel and is incapable of changing the outcome of events.

One day in 1991, Henry meets Clare Abshire in the library where he works. She has been waiting for this day her whole life and explains that his future self has visited her since she was six. Viewers will witness the love that they have for each other as they overcome unavoidable challenges that come with his disorder. Have a box of tissues on standby — this is a film that will tug at your heartstrings!

The Time Traveler’s Wife is streaming on Netflix here.

4. Before Sunrise


Before Sunrise marks the beginning of Jesse and Céline’s affinity, as the pair are on a train ride headed towards their respective destination. When a couple on board creates a commotion, both Jesse and Céline share an indefinite moment that escalated into a round of insightful conversation.

As the train makes its stop at Vienna, Jesse asks Céline to explore the city with him before he catches a flight home the next morning. They spend the remaining time roaming around the city as they open up about their lives and shared personal beliefs. Morning came, and Céline’s train is about to depart. Hesitant to part ways, they decide to meet at this train station in six months. Find out where their story picks up when you watch its subsequent sequels, Before Sunset and Before Midnight.

Before Sunrise is streaming on Netflix here.

5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a sci-fi romance film that explores Joel’s inner conscience as he decides to erase all memories associated with his ex-girlfriend, Clementine. The decision sparked off after learning that she had the exact procedure done shortly after their last argument, causing them to go their separate ways.

During the procedure, Joel finds himself revisiting his memories of Clementine, the good and the bad. He realises that he still cherishes her, and it was a rash decision to break up. He attempts to wake up and stop the process. However, the technician succeeds in erasing his memories of her. With no recollection of their shared past, the two of them find their way to each other.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is streaming on Netflix here.

6. Crash Landing on You


Crash Landing on You has become a global hit, and we can attest to that. Yoon Se-ri is a South Korean entrepreneur-heiress and Ri Jeong-hyeok is an army officer of North Korean descent. Witness their eventful journey throughout 16 episodes, from their unintentional first encounter in Switzerland to the paragliding mishap that led to their recent meeting in North Korea.

The plot revolves around Ri Jeong-hyeok’s attempt to get Yoon Se-ri back home to South Korea. Along the way, they develop feelings for each other and learn more about each other. Romance aside, there is a balance of action, humour, and consistent development of the supporting character’s backstory. If there is one thing to take away from this drama, it is that love, no matter its form, knows no boundaries.

Crash Landing on Youis streaming on Netflix here.

7. Romance is a Bonus Book


Romance is a Bonus Book is a Korean series that will provide you solace in this unprecedented time. Kang Dani is a divorcee in her late 30s who is trying to get her life back together. Despite her impressive career background, she faces challenges returning to the workforce. By a twist of fate, she lands an internship at Gyeoroo Publishing.

She finds herself working alongside Cha Eun Ho, her childhood friend, and also the Chief Editor of the company. Although they have been friends for a long time, the progression of their romance does not feel forced. This series also dives into the function of a publishing house and realistically portrays the collaborative effort required to publish a book.

Romance is a Bonus Book is streaming on Netflix here.

8. Find Yourself


Find Yourself is a Chinese TV series that revolves around He Fan Xing, a modern woman in her early 30s, as she navigates through important life decisions. Growing up overprotected by her twin brother, He Fan Xing lacks any experience when it comes to romantic relationships. Timely, she enters into her first relationship with Yuan Song, a colleague who is ten years her junior. Considering their age difference and societal pressures, she decides to keep their relationship a secret.

During this time, she befriends Lu Ming, a CEO of an Advertising agency who ends up as her life mentor. Being older, Lu Ming is ideal in most aspects as he is mature, knowledgable, and holds a stable career. He eventually finds himself falling for her. He Fan Xing finds herself at crossroads as this becomes a factor of conflict in her relationship.

Find Yourself is streaming on Netflix here.

9. Tune in for Love


Hyun Woo was wandering around the neighbourhood when he chanced upon Mi Soo at the bakery. He had just completed his time at the Juvenile Detention Center for being involved in the accidental death of a schoolmate. After getting to know each other, Hyun Woo feels driven to live a better life, while Mi Soo gains the confidence to chase her dreams and do what she loves.

It didn’t take long for them to develop feelings for one another. However, they lost contact shortly. When fate intervenes, they crossed paths again. Find out if they’ll reunite for good. With a hint of nostalgia, Tune in for Love is a heartwarming and sentimental film that you can add to your Netflix list.

Tune in for Love is streaming on Netflix here.

10. Howl’s Moving Castle


If you’re into Japanese animated films, here’s one to add to your list! Loosely adapted from a novel with the same title written by Diana Wynne Jones, Howl’s Moving Castle is one of the many marvellous creations by Hayao Miyazaki. Sophie Hatter is a milliner who has been cursed by the Witch of the Waste. She has transformed into an elder version of herself! To break the spell, she leaves home and sets off to the countryside.

By fate, she finds herself working as a cleaning lady at Howl’s moving castle. Howl is a mysterious and charming wizard, whose life is bound to a fire demon by an undisclosed contract. As they journey together, they become each other’s source of light through challenging times. To sum it up, the film centres around themes such as love, the concept of age, compassion, and pacifism.

Howl’s Moving Castle is streaming on Netflix here.