11 of the coolest experiences you can find on Airbnb

You may know Airbnb as a website where you can “stay like a local” by living in a residential apartment either by yourself or with the home-owner, instead of staying in a hotel. But did you know that Airbnb also hosts some pretty unique experiences like food-centric tour groups, and workshops on the most niche subjects at often less than SGD100.

How niche? We’re talking workshops dedicated to making perfumes, soaps, photography classes, and even street food tours in a small group, just to name a few.

Here’re 11 of the coolest experiences that you can find at Airbnb, right here in Singapore, an ode for those who complain about there being ‘nothing to do in Singapore’.

Craft and Handiwork Workshops

1. Torchfired and Handstamped Keepsakes

Source: etsy.com

Love personalising your jewellery and accessories? Come on over for this Airbnb Experience.

A place where you’ll be handstamping and using a torchfire onto your own glass or metal necklaces, earrings, bracelets, charms, keychains or even dog tags, let your imagination go rife with the most creative ideas, inside jokes, or just straight up cheeky things you’d never ever be able to find in stores.

Price: SGD68 per person

Address: A five minute walk away from Orchard MRT at 150 Orchard Rd, Orchard Plaza, Singapore 238841


2. Beginner Dip Pen Calligraphy

Source: comprar-en-internet.net

You probably have seen dip pen calligraphy like, everywhere, even if you didn’t know the name of it prior to this, against the backdrop of pretty water colour backgrounds and flowers.

You’ve seen your artsy friends dabble in it, seen it in fundraising charities, and most probably in indie, hipster boutiques on bookmarks, posters, plates, and whatever surface that can be painted on.

Learn it the legit way here, if you’ve been hoping to impress someone with your penmanship.

Price: SGD70 per person

Address: 420 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188727


3. Paint your plate workshop

Source: airbnb.com

Handmade plates in boutiques not good enough for you because you want something customised? Unleash your artistic talent and paint your own eclectic plates in this workshop.

Not so confident in your artistic skills? Not to worry – if you find yourself feeling completely stumped, the facilitator will be teaching both Western and Chinese styles of painting to craft the perfect porcelain plate that you’ll proudly hang on your wall by the end of your tenure.

Price: SGD55 per person

Address: 5 Sengkang E Ave, Singapore 544740


4. Henna Designing Workshop

Source: blog.atairbnb.com

We love hennas, and so do you and everyone else. Want to craft your own henna designs?

Join this therapeutic Henna Designing Workshop where the facilitator will be teaching you all about henna art forms, and if you’re truly stumped on where to begin – they’ll even be providing you with design templates to copy base your art from.

Price: SGD50 per person

Address: Meeting place at Yishun / Sembawang, location not specified


5. Stitch your own shoes

Source: adaspragg.com

Or more specifically, espadrilles. We love espadrilles because of how they just fit into any summery outfits. Or in our case, everyday outfits, considering Singapore’s weather is a perpetual summer.

Tiny feet or just want to add personalised touches in your own handiwork? Stitch your own one-of-a-kind espadrilles to show off to your pals.

So when people ask where you got your super cute shoes from, you can literally say “I made it” and leave everyone gasping in awe at your shoe-making prowess.

Price: SGD80 per person

Address: 73 Oxley Rise, Singapore 238699


6. Soap Making Workshops

Source: airbnb.com

Always loved the super colourful soaps at Lush and always dreamed of making your own funky, unique patterns?

Airbnb has you covered, fam. From super cute soap blocks with floral patterns adorned on it, to unique honey comb soaps imbued with honey and green tea, enrol in this therapeutic class for a rather affordable price tag of SGD49.

P.S. Who knows, you may even be able to start your own home-grown business on indie websites like etsy after this soap crafting class too!

Price: SGD49 per person

Address: Jurong East, location not specified


Food-centric Tours

7. Street Eats of Singapore

Source: thecommonwanderer.com

It’s no secret that we Singaporeans love our food. Particularly our local cuisine. This tour is likely catered for tourists out there, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join in on this mini food tour!

Exploring Singapore’s unique food scene encompassing Peranakan, Indian, Malay, Indonesian, and Chinese foods, discover hidden finds, watering holes on the best eating spots in Singapore. Who knows, you may even find places you love but would never have discovered before this.

Price: SGD99 per person

Address: Meeting place at Katong, unspecified


8. Vegan/Vegetarian Food Tour

Source: airbnb.com

Find yourself green with envy from no. 4’s Singapore food street tour? We haven’t forgotten about you, fellow vegan and vegetarian eaters!

An experience to meet like-minded veggie eaters like yourself, or just to find the very best vegetarian and vegan places to eat, PLUS go behind-the-scenes in the kitchens to hear the stories of traditional food artisans to discover the secrets of Singapore’s not so well-known old world charm.

Price: SGD100 per person

Address: 112 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428802



9. imaginem Polaroid Photography Walk

Source: freeeasyphoto20185.peatix.com

Do you identify as a shutter bug but not sure where the best scenic shots are in Singapore?

With experienced facilitators that will guide you in your photography journey in Singapore, prepare to feast your eyes (and cameras!) on hidden finds in off-the-beaten track neighbourhoods, then after the photography session, feel free to share your hidden finds with the group with like-minded people like yourself.

Price: SGD115 per person

Address: Little India MRT Station, Exit C


10. Sunset Yoga at the Beach in Sentosa

Source: thehoneycombers.com

Find yourself stressed and super puckered out after work? Forget the exorbitant gym membership and yoga classes out there – sign on up for this sunset yoga class that is catered for working bees like yourself at a rather affordable fee of SGD35.

Right by the seaside and away for the crowds, this yoga session will sure be a mood lifter for stressed souls!

Price: SGD35 per person

Address: 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa Island, 098942


11. Perfume-making Workshop

Source: airbnb.com

]Obviously, we left the best for last.A perfume-making workshop to make your own customised scent that you can take home! Come on, that’s a no-brainer winner in our books for sure.

P.S. Like many upscale boutiques, you can even engrave your name on the bottle itself to feel extra fabulous.

Price: SGD125 per person

Address: 90 Goodman Road Singapore 439053