This hidden dining destination is where couples go to enjoy a romantic hot pot dinner under a tent

There’s usually no good reason to visit the industrial area in the West… that’s until we discovered that a new dining concept has opened here.

We’re talking about Zhonghe Town Internet-Famous Restaurant (中河小镇网红餐厅), a unique hot pot restaurant that allows you to dine in tents under the night sky (and fairy lights).

Its location may be slightly out of the way but couples who know about this dining spot are making their way there because of the romantic ambience and Instagram-worthy setting.

There is an indoor seating area, which is very similar to a typical Chinese hotpot restaurant, but the highlight is certainly the outdoor dining area that’s set up with nine open-end tents.

These tents are pitched on top of an AstroTurf floor and have gorgeous fairy lights strung overtop for a romantic ambience.

Visit the restaurant at night for the full effects of the twinkling lights against the cool, night sky. You’ll be dining on the floor seating, which makes the alfresco dining experience extra cosy and intimate.

The tents come with open ends and a window flap you can open to allow for the heat to escape the tent, giving you a comfortable eating experience.

Zhonghe Town Internet-Famous Restaurant 4
Source: @bellamarinda / Instagram

There are four large tents that seat up to five people each, while the five smaller tents seat around two to three people each. The tents are also waterproof, so diners can continue to enjoy their meal even if it were a rainy day.

There is also a row of lovely heart-shaped benches that customers waiting for their tent can relax at and of course, to take some lovely photos at.

There is also a Mongolian-style yurt available, if you’re looking for another spot for photo-taking.

Zhonghe Town Internet-Famous Restaurant’s menu

Its heart-shaped hot pot is the main highlight that everyone goes for.  The restaurant also offers barbecue skewers at S$1 – S$3 per stick, and other dishes such as Stewed Goose with Sauerkraut (S$98.80), Fish and Lamb Pot (S$58.80), and Beer Duck with Potatoes (S$38.80).

Zhonghe Town Internet-Famous Restaurant food
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For their hotpot, you can choose two soups (from Spicy Beef, Mushroom, or Pork Bone) starting from S$10.80 with free top-ups.

They have a wide variety of ingredients available at various prices, with meats such as Beef Slices and Fish Fillet available at S$8.80 per serving.

They also offer other ingredients such as Vermicelli Noodles (S$3.80), Vegetable Basket (S$12.80), and the Mushroom Basket (S$12.80), and have seafood options such as crabs, clams, and scallops.

You can opt for the popular Nine Grid Set for two (S$58.80) that allows you to select nine ingredients you like (see photo above).

Their beverage options include a selection of beers (S$6.50 – S$9 per bottle), and other more traditional drinks such as Sour Plum Soup (S$3) and Wanglaoji (S$3).

Each table also comes with a DIY dipping sauce tray (S$3 per person), similar to the sauce table found at Shi Li Fang Hot Pot, and has little containers of soy sauce, beef sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, fragrant oil, chilli oil, spring onion, chopped onion, and coriander for you to make your own sauce.

How to get there

The restaurant is actually quite elusive, as it does not have any social media pages, and is in a rather remote location.

It is about a seven-minute walk from the nearest bus stop and a 10-minute drive from either Jurong East or Clementi MRT Stations.

Upon arrival, you might wonder if you are in the right location as the grey building has no obvious signage (the Chinese characters in red light spell out the restaurant name actually!), but just head on up to the second floor and you’ll find yourself at the stunning restaurant.

Zhonghe Town Internet-Famous Restaurant 5Zhonghe Town Internet-Famous Restaurant 5
Source: bellamarinda / Instagram

We highly recommend that you make a reservation before heading down as there is no dining time limit and there are limited tents available.

Zhonghe Town Internet-Famous Restaurant (中河小镇网红餐厅) is located at 42A Penjuru Rd, #02-00, Singapore 609164. They are open from 11am to 11pm daily, and you can call them at 9680 5989 to make a reservation.