This watermelon toast hailing from Taiwan is trending on social media – here’s where to find it

Recently, many people on social media have been raving about this unique watermelon toast.

Credit: 冰淇淋掉了/XiaoHongShu

Yes, it’s bread that looks just like a slice of watermelon, with its red crumb to represent watermelon flesh and green crust to represent the watermelon rind. But that’s not all, according to those who have tried this unique treat, the bread is very soft even though it is called toast. Also, it has hints of watermelon thanks to the creamy filling that is layered between the two slices of bread, giving rise to a refreshing and addictive taste.

Credit: 喜圆三泥/XiaoHongShu

And since watermelons have seeds, the toast incorporates them in the form of little chocolates!

Quick breakfast fix

Since this watermelon toast is packaged individually, it makes it easy for anyone in a rush for work to bring it along with them in their bag to munch on when they get to the office.

Credit: 冰淇淋掉了/XiaoHongShu

Gone are the days where you would have to spend time and effort to prepare breakfast! This is certainly a quick fix for those who are busy. Plus, it also works as a good snack in between meals whenever you’re feeling a little peckish.

Many of the reviewers even said that this was a much healthier snack option as opposed to biscuits and chips as no artificial colouring is used. Instead, the colours are derived from natural foods. Plus, the sugar used is also trehalose sugar, which is said to be much healthier than other types of sugar.

Where to get it

Hailing from Taiwan, the watermelon toast is certainly a snack that we’re sure Singaporeans would be interested to try, given that the reviews are aplenty. While we may not be travelling to Taiwan anytime soon to purchase it fresh from stores there, we found that you can actually order it online!

Credit: 三个饭卷顶个臭皮匠/XiaoHongShu

Hooray for online shopping, right?

There are multiple brands that sell this snack, and one of the highly raved brands is Qiansi. You can get a box of 10 bags for S$6.90, or a box of 20 for S$12.90 on Shopee.

Another brand that also has many good reviews is a1, and something different about this brand is that it also offers other interesting flavours, such as its honeydew toast and dragonfruit toast. Each box contains nine packets and you can choose to purchase just one flavour, or all three flavours with three packets each. One box costs S$12 and you can purchase it on Shopee.