This new bubble tea shop lets you mix and match the base, flavour and toppings you want for a truly unique drinking experience

Bubble tea-lovers who are ready to take their love to the next level could do so now – by customising their own drink. And you can do so, thanks to the newly opened bubble tea shop, Wanted T.

Credit: Wanted T on Facebook

Wanted T has recently opened up at Woodlands Square – at Woodlands MRT Station – and they specialise in Taiwan Aiyu bubble tea drinks.

The shop boasts a wide selection of drinks on their menu for customers to choose from. Their menu features a Fruit Tea Series, a Pure Tea Series, a Milk Tea Series, a Coffee Series, and even Pastries for you to enjoy with your beverages.

Credit: RED

The most unique feature about the shop would have to be their Mix & Match drink; you can completely customise your drink from start to finish, according to your taste preference.

In order to make your own drink, you can first choose from one of their four bases (S$3.20 each): Coffee, Four Seasons, Mango, or Winter Melon. Next, choose from their wide variety of toppings (S$0.90 each), before selecting your Wanted T Flavour: Brown Sugar, Honey, or Milk.

Credit: Wanted T on Facebook

If you prefer to try the shop’s own ready-to-drink options, the Surprise Mango Aiyu (S$4.90) is their signature. As it is fruit-based, it is a healthier option than your traditional milk teas, and is not too sweet. The drink is made with generous servings of Mango Aiyu, Mango Boba, Boba Yoghurt, and Original Boba. Other signature drinks include Queen Grapes (S$4.90) and QQ Wintermelon Milk (S$4.90).

Credit: RED

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the delicious pastries they offer, particularly Taiwanese egg tarts. Flavours are extremely fascinating; we’re talking about flavours such as Brown Sugar Pearl and QQ Sweet Potato. Egg tarts’ prices start from S$1.20.

Besides egg tarts, also consider their Musang King Durian Mochi, which retails for S$12.80 for four.

Wanted T is located at 11 Woodlands Square, #B1-20, Woodlands MRT Station. Singapore 737736. It is next to the Thomson-East Coast Line Exit 6 & 7.

Featured image taken from @rifxha / Instagram