This wine bar offers tasting glasses from S$2.50 onwards to make wine appreciation easier for everyone

The newly open Vin Geek, a 52-seater wine bar and retail concept, is dedicated to helping everyone enjoy wine.

Vin Geek - Wine Bar & Retail Concept

Instead of feeling intimidated when approached by a sommelier at a bar or restaurant, Vin Geek translates the wine culture for everyone with easy-to-grasp concepts so it becomes more approachable, even for those new to wine-drinking.

Easy “wine categories” to help you pick the right wine

Vin Geek - Wine Bar 01

If the region, year or even taste notes of the wine don’t make much sense to you, the five easy categories that Vin Geek have placed their wines in will make things extra breezy.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion or are getting a gift that you intend to impress someone with, the Big D*ck Energy Collection is the one to look at. This unique selection of rare wines and spirits from boutique producers ranging from Champagnes, high-end Bordeaux,
Australian Shiraz to Super Tuscans, which are sure to make an impression.

Those who are looking for wines to pair food with can browse the wines in The Plate Mates Collection. These curated picks go well with any degustation menu.

Want a wine that helps you wind down after a long day? The Frankie Say Relax Collection will be the one to go for.

For something easy that will be great for sharing with a friend over good conversations, the selections in The Goss-Sip Collection will be the perfect companions.

Finally, The Cry Me A River Collection is there for you after a particularly difficult day.

These aren’t just  found on dedicated feature walls in the store but also on wine bottles as stickers so you can easily identify them.

Explore new flavours with its wine-dispenser

Vin Geek - Wine Dispenser

The 24-bottle wine dispenser is probably the Vin Geek experience that you shouldn’t miss.

Instead of speaking to a sommelier and still possibly feeling confused at the end of the conversation, this self-service wine dispenser lets you explore new flavours on your own terms.

vin geek wine dispenser

Simply choose a wine that catches your eye and scan the QR code to make a purchase. Then pick out a glass and wait for your wine to be dispensed!

This dispenser allows you to choose among three tasting measures: 30ml, 90ml, and 150ml.

What this means is that you can go for a tasting glass to sample its flavours at a pocket-friendly price (from just S$2.50 for a 30ml Rosé), before proceeding to get a larger glass for something you’ve enjoyed.

The wine dispenser offers a rotating selection of wines from multiple regions, including France, Italy, Australia, and Spain.

vin geek wine selection

Besides the selection at the wine dispenser, you can also delve into Vin Geek’s curated collection of wines sourced from all over the world.

They include Gaja and Banfi, Italian wineries lauded for their impeccable vineyards and revolutionary winemaking; Vega Sicilia, known as one of the most notable wineries in Spain; and Caymus Vineyards, which is founded by a family of farmers with roots in Napa Valley dating back to the 1850s.

If you can’t say no to bubbly, Bruno Paillard from Reims, France is the one to look out for. They are the first champagne producer to display the disgorgement date on every single bottle, and not only on their prestige cuvées.

If you’d like to enjoy your selected bottle at the bar, you can do so with a S$30 corkage fee.

Continue the epicurean journey with food

Food is the perfect companion to wine and Vin Geek offers a dine-in menu created to pair with all wines.

Vin Geek - Lifestyle Food Visual 2

We recommend the Crab Cake (S$22; wild-caught Jonah crab meat patty with coriander, red chili, Spanish onions and chives, served
with a side of mayo and sweet chili sauce), Ribeye (S$48; 200gm ribeye steak topped with pepper or
Béarnaise sauce), and Risotto (S$26; pasta with forest mushroom, shaved parmesan cheese and truffle oil).

These items on the menu were surprisingly delightful considering Vin Geek is first and foremost known for its wines.

Vin Geek - Retail Corner 01

Before you go, don’t forget to check out Vin Geek’s retail corner, which has multiple exclusively stocked products.

Brands you can look forward to include:

  • Scout – the first sustainable canned seafood brand to source 100% of its produce from Canada and United States,
  • Rosebud Preserves – a British brand known for simple ingredients, natural flavours, generous quantities and a commitment to their preserve-making tradition,
  • Savini Tartufi – known for its high quality Italian truffles,
  • The Matzo Project – an artisanal matzo company founded in Brooklyn, New York.

Vin Geek also stocks over 30 artisanal cheeses, skillfully handpicked by a British cheesemonger. These cheeses are sourced from Greece, France, Italy, UK, and more, and the selection includes everything from classic and popular cheeses to rare and premium cheeses you don’t typically see in retail stores.

Besides these, you’ll also find a varied assortment of products that complement wine, such as sauces, pasta, and cured meats.

Opening promotion

In celebration of its grand opening, Vin Geek will be hosting an Open House on 23 July, from 12pm to 6pm. At the Open House, you’ll get to enjoy food-sampling, wine- and cheese-pairing, wine-cocktail-making, and free-flow of Sangria, complete with a live DJ spinning to set the tone.

Sign up on the Vin Geek website to receive a complimentary glass of wine (worth up to S$25).
From now till 31 August 2022, you can also drink to their heart’s content with Vin Geek’s Bottomless Promotion (S$60 nett). This promotion gives you two hours of free flow Prosecco, Rosé, White, Red, or Craft Beer. This is available on Fridays and Saturdays from 6pm to 8pm.

Vin Geek is located at 9 Scotts Road, #01-04 Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210. It is open daily from 11.30am to 10pm; food menu will only be available from Tuesday to Sunday, from 4pm onwards.