From durian popcorn to durian stinky tofu, here are 12 unconventional combinations durian lovers should try at least once

Singaporeans’ favourite season is back and we’re not talking about sunny days or rainy weather – it’s durian season we’re referring to, of course!

The King of Fruits has a reputation for stirring up long queues at durian stalls with throngs of durian lovers trying to snap the best variant at the best price. But besides eating the polarising fruit in its pure form, durian also comes in a wide variety of food creations that you can enjoy.

You may be thinking about durian puffs, cakes, and dried crackers, but what if we tell you there’s a whole laundry list of other weird durian combinations out there that you might not have come across before?

From durian-based smelly tofu to durian fish soup, AVENUE ONE has compiled 12 wacky durian creations that will tantalise your taste buds and blow your mind at the same time.

1. Durian Kaya

durian kaya

Let’s kickstart with a combination that’s mildly tolerable. A sweet, fragrant spread that never gets old, kaya is probably every Singaporeans’ favourite breakfast treat and now, there’s a rendition that’s infused with durian thanks to Four Seasons Durian!

Whether you have it with bread or crackers, this could very well be an addictive spread that you’ll keep going back to.

Get the Durian Kaya from Four Seasons Durians or via GrabFood

2. Sugarcane Mao Shan Wang Durian Smoothie

durian sugarcane

Combining two local favourites in a cup, this decadent Sugarcane Mao Shan Wang Durian Smoothie by Yumi is sure to quench your thirst and satisfy your durian craving at the same time.

For an added dimension of texture, the drink also comes with durian-flavoured pearls and huge chunks of Mao Shan Wang pulp. Yum!

You can find Sugarcane Mao Shan Wang Durian Smoothie at Yumi, which is located at 175 South Bridge Road, Hong Lim Complex, Singapore 058740. Alternatively, you can get order the drink via GrabFood.

3. Durian curry fish

durian curry fish
Image Source: Superadrianme

We like our durian as much as we like our curry fish but mashing the two together in one dish? That’s a first!

And the brains behind this mind-boggling creation is none other than Wow Bistro, an Asian fusion restaurant. Perfect for those who love all things spicy, this Durian Curry Fish dish boasts huge chunks of Batang fish drowned in an extremely thick and creamy sauce base that’s savoury and spicy from hints of curry leaves as well as sweet from the durian puree.

It’s served with slices of plain baguette on the side for you to dip into the sauce. While the Durian Curry Fish is a dish that we can hardly wrap our heads around, we can’t deny that it looks extremely delicious.

Wow Bistro is located at 47 Bencoolen Street, Hotel Bencoolen, Singapore 189626. You can also order this dish via GrabFood

4. Fresh fried durian stinky tofu


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Marrying two of the most potent – and polarising – flavours you could possibly imagine, it won’t be far-fetched to say that this Fresh Fried Durian Stinky Tofu by Man Kou Xiang definitely tops the list of funky durian combinations.

The snack stall takes the pungent Taiwanese snack to the next level by adding top-grade Mao Shan Wang durian into the mix but before you dismiss this unusual flavour pairing, foodies who’ve tried it all said that it packs a punch of flavour with the savouriness of the stinky tofu and the sweetness of the spiky green fruit.

It’s a truly unconventional creation indeed, but who knows? You might just love it once you give it a go!

Man Kou Xiang Fried Stinky Tofu is located at 500 Clemenceau Avenue North, Newton Food Centre,#01-67,#01-67, Singapore 229495. Alternatively, you can find the Fresh Fried Durian Stinky Tofu via GrabFood

5. Durian Popcorn

durian popcorn

From cheese and tomato to wasabi, we’ve had our fair share of funky popcorn flavours over the years, but a durian flavoured one? It’s another first for us.

And it’s concocted by none other than Eureka, Singapore’s local popcorn expert. If you’re partial to foods that have a good combination of savoury and sweet, Eureka’s Real Durian Popcorn may just be your new favourite snack – with an addictive crunch to boot!

You can get the Real Durian Popcorn at Eureka or via GrabFood


6. Hokkaido Durian Cheesecake

hokkaido durian cheesecake

We love our durian cakes and pastries, and the Hokkaido Durian Cheesecake by Golden Moments is a flavour combo that we think we will equally adore as well.

It’s not just the perfect balance of sweet and savoury that we can’t get enough of, but the cake is also finished off with a caramelised top that reminds us a lot of our other favourite dessert, the Basque burnt cheesecake!

Get it from Golden Moments or via GrabFood

7. Ultimate Durian Boost Lactation Overnight Oats

durian overnight oats

You may have had overnight oats with almost every type of fruit possible, but have you ever thought of eating your oats with durian?

Well, you can now get this oat blend from Yummies4mummies that’s bursting with important minerals such as potassium, iron, folic acid, vitamins B & C, served with an added nutrient boost of fresh durian puree on top.

Stored in a ready-to-go glass jar, this is perfect as a power breakfast meal or an after-lunch dessert!

Get it from Yummies4mummies or via GrabFood.

8. Nilofa Durian Milkdurian milk

In need of a little afternoon pick-me-up? Look no further than this durian-flavoured milk from Nilofa.

Get it from Shopee or via GrabFood

9. X.O Durian Milk Tea

durian milk tea

Want to give your favourite thirst quencher a little extra fragrant kick? Try Beans Party Dessert’s X.O Durian Milk Tea, which will send your taste buds dancing with an aromatic cup of milk tea that’s made extra creamy with chunks of fresh durian pulp.

Get the X.O. Durian Milk Tea for S$7.90 at Beans Party Dessert (several locations island-wide) or order it via GrabFood.

10. Durian Ang Ku Kueh

durian ang ku kueh


We enjoy ang ku kueh in traditional fillings like peanut and coconut but Ji Xiang Confectionery adds an extra touch of local to this classic snack with durian stuffing instead.

Featuring snowy soft skin with a thick, rich filling of fresh durian puree, it essentially feels like you’re biting into pillowy-soft mochi!

Get this traditional snack from Ji Xiang Confectionery.

11. Durian Fish Soup

durian fish soup
Image Source: Skater Coder

Fish soup is one of the many comfort food that many of us Singaporeans turn to, especially on a rainy day, and we found one that carries an extra oomph, with the addition of durian to the aromatic peppery soup.

The inspiration behind the creation by Wang Yuan Fish Soup? The founding hawker, Derrick Ng, once told Shin Min Daily in an interview that he thought of this unique concoction because of the health benefits that durians provide as it is nutrient-dense and contains a lot of fibre.

The 40-year-old hawker now offers a warm bowl of fish soup, that’s topped with pieces of Batang fish and a piece of durian that is organically grown and sourced fresh daily from Bao Sheng Durian Farm, a Malaysian family-run business that places emphasis on biodynamic and organic farming.

Sold out in just 1.5 hours after its launch earlier this month, heed our advice and head down to the food stall ASAP to get your hands on this bowl of yummy goodness.

Wang Yuan Fish Soup is located at 519A Tampines Central 8, Singapore 521519.

12. Durian Pizza

durian pizza

We first caught wind of durian pizza back in September last year when Pizza Hut introduced a limited-edition Cheesy 7 Durian Pizza that was surprisingly loved by durian aficionadoes.

Unfortunately, Pizza Hut doesn’t offer the crowd-favourite any longer, but we did some legwork and found that Four Seasons Restaurant offers a similar treat.

Also the creative minds behind the highly-raved-about durian steamboat that made its rounds on social media two years ago, Four Seasons Restaurant now boasts its own version of a durian pizza on the menu. Featuring a charcoal-infused base that’s topped with a generous amount of Mao Shan Wang puree and cheese, this is one durian combination you can indulge in on your upcoming movie night.

Get it from Four Seasons Restaurant