Stock up your pantry with these 12 unique and delicious snacks you won’t get enough of

While the Circuit Breaker is finally over, some of us haven’t had the chance to grab a bag of our favourite chips. Well, there’s no better way to lift your mood than treating yourself to new snacks from around the world.

It’s the perfect time to chill and try out the freshest, most yummy snacks like Mala chips and even freeze-dried durian. Here are 12 unique and delicious snacks to suit every palate and craving!

If you like it sweet…

1. Bubble Milk Tea mochi

If you’re a fellow bubble tea lover and can’t get enough of the drink, why not try it in mochi form? This one is famous in Taiwan as it includes a tapioca pearl in it, nestled in a generous helping of bubble milk tea paste that’s made from brown sugar.

Get your share on Shopee for SGD5.90.

2. Hershey’s Choco Crunch cereal


Perfect for children and sweet-toothed adults alike, this Korean cereal by Kelloggs is a collaboration with chocolate brand Hershey’s. It features a crunchy chocolate cereal shell that’s filled with sweet milk cream. You’ll definitely look forward to breakfast each morning!

Purchase yours on Shopee for SGD11.90.

3. Glico Pocky Black Honey Roasted Soy Flour

Enjoy an upgraded, premium spin on the classic Glico pocky with their Black Honey Roasted Soy Flour variation during work breaks! Plus, these come in packs of three so you’ll never run out even when bingeing on them.

Available on Kokoro for USD15.55 for a set of three.

4. Market O Premium Brownies

Satisfy your sugar addiction with Korea’s “must buy” brownies! Dense and fudgy, they come in the original chocolate flavour, as well as matcha, and an orange variation for when you want to switch it up.

SGD14 on Shopee for a box of 12.

5. Wakasho Chia Seed Jelly

Want to cut back on those sinful snacks? Try these Chia Seed Jellies! Known for their high amounts of fibre, protein, antioxidants, you can get your daily dose of superfoods with this refreshing flavoured jelly.

Try all their flavours here at SGD5.90 each.

6. Gracious Goodness Freeze Dried Durian

It’ll always be durian season with these freeze-dried durians! If you’re a fan of the pungent fruit, stock up on these so you get to snack on these throughout the year. They even contain no sugar, preservatives, and are never fried to maintain its true flavour.

Retails for SGD5.90 on Lazada.

If you like it salty…

7. MonsterGim seaweed

If you prefer savoury food over sweets, your answer to the perfect mid-day snack is seaweed. They’re packaged in individual bags to curb over-eating and come in four popular flavours: Original, Cheese, Hot and Spicy Chicken, and Mala Spicy.

Each box comes with 16 packages for SGD17.90 on Shopee.

8. Aroma Black Summer Truffle Potato Chip Parmesan Cheese

Looking for a truly indulgent snack? This combination of black truffle and parmesan cheese has your back! Made locally with Black Summer Truffles farmed in the Italian suburbs and paired with rich parmesan cheese and fine olive oils, these will impress even the snobbiest food lover.

SGD12.10 on Lazada.

If you like it spicy…

9. MALA Potato Chips

Hop onto the Mala trend or curb your cravings of the spicy meal with these Mala flavoured chips! Handmade and homemade in small batches with real traditional spices such as dried chilli, peppercorns, ginger, fennel, you’ll love the true Mala taste this one offers.

SGD33.80 on Lazada.

10. Dry Roasted Edamame in Spicy Wasabi

For a spicy afternoon pick-me-up, take a break from your Mala binge and settle for a good, old fashioned wasabi snack instead. These are much better for your health than your regular peanuts too, as they contain 70% less fat and 40% more protein, so you can snack guilt-free!

Retails on iHerb for SGD15.47 for a box of 12 packets.

If you like it sour…

11. Pure Gummy

All you need is a dose of sourness to keep the afternoon bout of productivity drought away! A fruit flavoured gummy coated in sweet and sour powder, you’ll be able to combat sleepiness with this popular Japanese candy.

Available in multiple flavours on Kokoro, for USD6.55 for three packets.

12. Sours Soda Gummy

if fruit candy is not your thing, you can also opt for this soda flavoured alternative. With a unique, hard gummy texture, these will give you a taste of multiple flavours of flavoured soda at once so you don’t have to choose!

USD6.55 for three on Kokoro.