Tribal Review: Wood-Fired Cooking and Elegant Setting Perfect for a Business Lunch

Nestled in the heart of the city, Tribal offers an exquisite dining experience that is perfect for a business lunch.

Tribal Counter

Driven by a passion for wood-fired cooking and a celebration of diverse Asian flavours, Tribal takes diners on a culinary journey that is both familiar and exciting.

The ambience at Tribal is sophisticated yet relaxed. Imagine a stylish space bathed in warm light, where the gentle hum of conversation mingles with the enticing aroma of wood smoke. This creates a perfect backdrop for fostering connections and conducting productive business discussions.

AVENUE ONE opted for a selection of dishes that showcased the restaurant’s unique approach to Asian-inspired cuisine.

Starters that Impress

tribal review hamachi crudo
Hamachi Crudo

Our culinary journey began with the Hamachi Crudo, a delicate dish of thinly sliced yellowtail served with charred orange ponzu and pickled jicama ikura.

Slices of yellowtail crudo were bathed in a charred orange ponzu sauce, its citrusy tang perfectly complementing the delicate sweetness of the fish. Pickled jicama offered a delightful textural contrast, while pops of briny ikura added a touch of luxury. The harmonious blend of flavours certainly awakened the palate – the perfect way to start off any meal.

tribal review flatbread
Flatbread with Abura Miso Butter

A standout from the starters was the Flatbread with Abura Miso Butter. The house-made flatbread, warm and slightly crisp, may have looked unassuming but served as a perfect canvas for the star of the show – the Abura Miso Butter.

The butter was a creamy concoction, infused with the rich, smoky essence of miso, and was an absolute delight. Its savoury-sweet complexity left us wishing they bottled it for purchase. I highly recommend ordering this for sharing.

tribal review duck neck
Fried Duck Neck

For the more adventurous palate, the Fried Duck Neck with house spice and mint nam pla offered a unique experience. The expertly fried neck was surprisingly tender, offering a delightful interplay of textures. The house spice delivered a subtle warmth, while the mint nam pla added a refreshing herbaceous note. While some of my dining companions found the dish slightly gamey, it was undeniably a conversation starter at the table.

Main Courses that Delight

tribal review Prawn Tagliolini
Prawn Tagliolini

Moving on to the mains, the Prawn Tagliolini was a comforting dish of perfectly cooked pasta bathed in a rich prawn bisque, perfect for a midday meal. The rich bisque clung perfectly to the al dente tagliolini, while the brown butter added a touch of nutty depth. A hint of chili oil provided a welcome kick, making this dish a flavourful and satisfying choice.

tribal review iberico pork ribs
Iberico Pork Ribs

For those seeking a more robust option, the Iberico Pork Chop (substituted with pork ribs during our tasting) was a winner. The succulent pork was bursting with flavour, thanks to the robust kampot pepper BBQ sauce. Charred seasonal vegetables added a smoky counterpoint, making this a well-rounded and satisfying main course.

tribal review black cod

However, the Black Cod with spicy and sweet soy, potato, and ginger flower emulsion emerged as a personal favourite of mine among the main course selections. The perfectly cooked cod was melt-in-your-mouth tender, its delicate sweetness beautifully balanced by the sweet and spicy soy glaze.

The creamy potato puree offered a comforting base, while the ginger flower emulsion added a touch of floral intrigue. This dish was a true testament to Tribal’s masterful use of Asian flavours.

Desserts that Completed the Meal

No business lunch is complete without a decadent dessert. Tribal’s offerings did not disappoint.

tribal review Charred Pineapple
Charred Pineapple

The Charred Pineapple with Szechuan Glaze, Coconut Ice Cream, and Lime was a refreshing and unique option. The smoky char from the pineapple played beautifully against the sweetness of the coconut ice cream, while the subtle tang of lime provided a perfect finishing touch.

Tribal review Mango Bavarois
Mango Bavarois

For those seeking a taste of home, the Mango Bavarois with Coconut, Pandan, Shikwasa, and Gula Melaka was a delightful indulgence.

The creamy bavarois captured the essence of ripe mango, while the coconut, pandan, and shikwasa (a citrus fruit) added layers of tropical complexity. A drizzle of Gula Melaka, a rich palm sugar syrup, tied the whole dessert together beautifully.

Tribal review Bundt Cake
Bundt Cake

However, the unanimous favourite at our table was the Bundt Cake with Highland Park 12 Years, Smoked Vanilla Ice Cream, and Kumquat.

The moist and flavorful cake, infused with the subtle smokiness of Highland Park 12 scotch, was a highlight for all of us at the table. The smoked vanilla ice cream was a stroke of genius, adding a unique depth of flavour that perfectly complemented the cake. Candied kumquats offered a burst of sweet and tart citrus, making this dessert an unforgettable conclusion to our meal.

Our Verdict?

Tribal Dining Area

Tribal’s curated dining experience offers a compelling proposition for the business lunch crowd. With its seasonal specials, ethical sourcing, and meticulously crafted beverages, it promises a memorable dining journey that is sure to impress both clients and colleagues alike.

Priced competitively at S$48 for two courses or S$58 for three courses, it offers excellent value for money without compromising on quality. Whether you’re sealing a deal or simply enjoying a leisurely lunch, Tribal is undoubtedly a great business lunch location that deserves a spot on your must-visit list.

Tribal is located at 83 Neil Road, #01-07, Singapore 089813. Make a reservation on Sevenrooms.