Tiger Crystal is back – see what makes this different from Tiger Beer!

Most Singaporeans are familiar with the iconic Tiger Beer, and now the beer brand is giving us one more reason to drink: they have just added Tiger Crystal back to their product lineup!

You may recall that Tiger Crystal was first introduced to Singapore in 2010, and was dearly missed by its legion of fans when it stopped retailing for almost a decade after its initial launch. Now, Tiger Beer is bringing this back to cater to a younger generation of beer drinkers who prefer a less bitter and more refreshing crystal cold beer.

Besides the fact that Tiger Crystal is housed in a faux crystal bottle which looks nothing like its counterparts, this beer is also made to taste very different from the Tiger Beer that we are familiar with.

The brand saw that there is a growing market for an easy-drinking beer, with more young urban drinkers demanding a smooth, yet full-flavoured alcohol option for every social occasion, be it at a party or at a company dinner after a long day at work. With that in mind, Tiger Beer decided to introduce a lighter beer that tastes nothing like the original brew.

Ice-filtered with world-class brewing technology, Tiger Crystal is said to be a crystal-cold and extra smooth beer that tastes incredibly refreshing. It is brewed from all-natural ingredients using the unique -1°C crystal cold filtration process that preserves and enhances desirable flavours and aroma. The result? A 4.6% ABV pale gold lager packed with a subtle, yet crisp taste that everyone will find easy to down.

For the seasoned Tiger Beer drinkers resistant to change, take note that this pale gold brew, described as having a faint aroma of apple scones and scrambled eggs, has already won global accolades when it was first introduced in 2010. At the World Beer Cup 2010, it emerged top, beating 19 entries in the Australasian, Latin America or Tropical-Style Light Lager category and was given an 87-point rating by www.tastings.com, the website of the Beverage Testing Institute.

Tiger Crystal is now available at SGD12.90 for a 4-bottle pack at all major supermarkets, select e-retailers (including Lazada), restaurants and bars.

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