This Starbucks x BTS collaboration looks so good, you don’t have to be a BTS Army to love it

Here’s a heads up, ARMYs nationwide: everyone’s favourite coffee chain is launching a gorgeous purple-and-gold collection with the hottest group of the moment, BTS, that’s leaving all of us starry-eyed.

In addition to being completely photo-op material, the collaboration has an equally beautiful message behind it.

According to Starbucks Stories Asia, this collaboration is a first of its kind with Beautiful Foundation, a South Korean non-profit organisation, to fulfill their 2020 vision of helping disadvantaged South Korean youths. Part of the sales from this dreamy collection goes to the “Be The Brightest Star” campaign that gives the underprivileged youths in South Korea educational and career assistance.

Starbucks and BTS Collection Blooming Purple Vin Chaud

The Starbucks Korea exclusive collection (sorry to disappoint!), features a violet-hued Blooming Purple Vin Chaud (above), a non-alcoholic, elderberry and grape flavoured drink as the star of the show. Resonant of BTS’s signature dreamy, watercolour-like aesthetic, it can be served hot or iced.

Starbucks and BTS’s Collection food options

The collection also includes mouth-watering snacks like the Blueberry Star Macaron (featured below), Purple Berry Cheesecake (above), and the Purple Star Cupcake (above) in various shades of purple. Talk about Instagram-worthy.

Starbucks and BTS Collection merchandise

This much-coveted launch even consists of tons of BTS merch such as checkered laptop and tablet sleeves, BTS logo shaped key chains, shimmering glassware and mugs. All merchandise are wrapped in exclusive deep purple packaging adorned with starry detailing and BTS logos, while the drink is served in an equally unique cup sleeve. As if we need another excuse for splurging our paycheck on BTS-themed mugs.

Starbucks and BTS Collection’s exclusive packaging

Unfortunately, Starbucks says this collection will not be arriving on our shores despite the desperate pleas from fans on Starbucks Korea’s Instagram page, so unless you’re one of the lucky few that happen to be in Korea and are brave enough to last the snaking queues, join us in (not so) patiently waiting with our wallets at the ready for Starbucks’ next exciting collaboration!