Free-flow black pork and Australian wagyu at just S$45?! This BBQ restaurant also has incredible live stations

You may have seen The Three Peacocks on your friend’s Instagram feed. After all, it is the largest outdoor buffet you can find in Singapore and it has dedicated a huge portion of its space to food .

While most people are familiar with its normal buffet (at S$55.90++), most may not know that it has a special meat buffet available at just S$45 (excluding GST and service charge) and lets you have access to all the meats, live stations, and cooked food.

AVENUE ONE visited The Three Peacocks and share with you our thoughts about the meat buffet and whether it’s worth the while.

The Three Peacocks meat buffet review: Highlights from the menu

The moment I stepped into The Three Peacocks, I was instantly overwhelmed. Its endless space, as well as huge variety and generous amounts of food, was visually breathtaking. A first-timer, like me, is bound to wonder where to start.

the three peacocks live stations
There are multiple live stations at The Three Peacocks.

My advice is to simply visit one of the many live stations first. Chefs are stationed at each booth so it’s impossible for you to miss them.

the three peacocks teppanyaki
Enjoy oyster, salmon, squid, and scallops, teppanyaki style.

Watch as these chefs expertly prepare everything from tacos, pasta, as well as oysters, salmon, squids, and scallops, teppanyaki style.

the three peacock fried food live station
Don’t miss the fried food station and the many dips you can choose from.

There’s also a fried food station if you’d like to indulge in some truffle sweet potato fries, takoyaki, or calamari, complete with a wide selection of dips – from dill cream sauce to red wine sauce.

Tip: if you’re there with a group of friends, have each one queue at every station to save time!

These piping hot dishes are great for sharing while you’re waiting for the raw foods to grill later.

the three peacocks live station 2
These cheesy scallops were delicious.

Of them, I enjoyed the teppanyaki squids and cheese scallops that are cooked with a blow torch. The seafood is fresh, well-seasoned, and perfectly cooked.

Considering that the S$45 meat buffet doesn’t give you access to the raw seafood section, I was glad that it’s still possible to enjoy fresh seafood that’s cooked on the spot. Since the chefs do a much better job than most of us at cooking, the meat buffet is a great option for those who aren’t big seafood fans and won’t load up on it, but still want to have some seafood at the meal.

After I had filled my table with these freshly prepared food from the live stations, I headed over to the highlight of the meat buffet – the meat, of course!

the three peacocks bbq meats
Look forward to juicy and thick slabs of black pork.

When we talk about the meat buffet at The Three Peacocks, we’re talking about a huge selection of premium cuts such as black pork (they’re also known as the “Kobe beef of pork”!) and Australian wagyu. With everything from pork and chicken to beef and mutton, meat-lovers are going to have a whale of a time picking from the selection.

the three peacocks marbled beef (1)
Check out these well-marbled wagyu.

My friends and I particularly enjoyed the thick slabs of black pork, well-marbled wagyu and beef cubes. They grilled easily over the charcoal fire and were juicy, tender, loaded with flavours, and had just the right amount of fat that melted in the mouth.

the three peacocks skewers
The skewers were fun to cook and easy to eat.

We also had some meat skewers, which were fun to cook and easy to eat.

Feel free to take the cheese and huge variety of sauces that will make the meats taste even better.

After all that action, watching the chefs cook and cooking ourselves, we wanted to take a “break” and went for the cooked food instead. Even though these aren’t a huge highlight at The Three Peacocks, I must say that the selection was wide and were of a pretty decent standard too.

The Three Peacocks meat buffet review: Will I go back again?

the three peacocks ambience 1
Its chill ambience makes it a great place to hang out with friends and family.

The ambience at The Three Peacocks gives off a casual, “campsite-like” vibe, which is pretty relaxing, particularly with the fairy lights that were hanging everywhere. It’s a great place to hang out at with perhaps five to ten good friends; given the wide variety of food available at the buffet, it’s easy to please everyone’s palate, and you’ll get to have good conversations as you’re waiting for the meats to cook.

In terms of its food, I was certainly impressed by the variety and quality. The selection is easily comparable to that of hotel buffets, which don’t even offer as big a menu at their live stations. The only shortcoming it has compared to hotel buffets is that it doesn’t have much of a dessert selection, apart from popsicles. But of course, The Three Peacocks charge less than half of what hotel buffet restaurants typically do, so the lack of desserts is probably a very acceptable shortcoming I’d put up with.

(This being said, I managed to speak with the management of The Three Peacocks and understand that they’re developing their dessert menu, as well as upgrading their live stations. These are certainly highlights I’d look forward to!)

Speaking of value-for-money, The Three Peacocks certainly hit a super sweet spot.

the three peacocks meat selection 1
You can find a wide variety of meats.

If you frequent Korean BBQ restaurants, you’ll be familiar with the usual prices of meats. Typically a plate of black pork will set you back by over S$20 and beef can easily go up to more than S$30 per plate. Even if you get a set, it’ll probably cost around S$100 if it includes beef, and the set usually only has five to six plates of meat.

With that in mind, S$45 for free-flow meats and full access to cooked food and live stations sounds like an absolute steal, especially when The Three Peacocks offers premium cuts of meats, just like what you usually get at Korean BBQ restaurants.

All in all, I’ll certainly recommend The Three Peacocks as a great place to hang out with friends to enjoy good food without breaking the bank.

The Three Peacock prices

the three peacocks buffet 1

Meat Buffet (Mon to Fri)

This gives you access to all the cooked food, live stations, and free-flow meats.

  • Adult: S$45.00++
  • Senior: S$42.50++
  • Child (7 to 12 years old): S$28.00++

Normal buffet (Everyday)

This gives you access to all the cooked food, live stations, and free-flow meats and seafood.

  • Adult (Weekday): S$55.90++
  • Senior (Weekday): S$52.50++
  • Child (Weekday, 7 to 12 years old): S$38.00++
  • Adult (Weekend): S$60.90++
  • Senior (Weekend): S$57.50++
  • Child (Weekend, 7 to 12 years old): S$46.00++
  • Adult (Public holiday/festive): S$63.90++
  • Senior (Public holiday/festive): S$60.50++
  • Child (Public holiday/festive, 7 to 12 years old): S$46.00++

Beer buffet (Everyday)

You can order alcohol a la carte, but if you’re intending to have more drinks, consider adding on a beer buffet along with the meat buffet or normal buffet. This gives you free-flow Peroni and Amber Nectar.

  • Male: S$25++
  • Female: S$18++

You can also enjoy free-flow beer without the food buffet. You’ll be seated at the rooftop area at The Three Peacocks, away from the barbecuing crowds.

  • Male: S$35++
  • Female: S$28++

The Three Peacocks is located at 8 Port Road, Labrador Park, Singapore 117540. It opens from 5pm to 11pm on weekdays and 5pm to 1am on weekends. 

You can make reservations online or call 91997859. Visit The Three Peacocks’ Facebook for more information.

This article is brought to you by The Three Peacocks.

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