These Thai milk tea custard grilled buns are so popular they sell out weeks in advance

Grilled Yaowarat buns, which are Thai-style buns filled with overflowing sweet cream, are gaining popularity in Singapore and if you’re looking for delicious ones, consider the ones from The Bun Club.

the bun club

A speciality of The Bun Club, an online bakery run by Wee Man, who is a half-Thai, these buns are delicious and sell out quickly.

Inspired by the messy Yaowarat Toasted Buns in Bangkok’s Chinatown, Wee Man decided to take a neater approach to the buns, and wanted them to be Instagram-worthy instead.

the bun club butter
The buns are brushed down with a brown butter before grilling.

Wee Man uses shokupan, a Japanese milk bread for the buns, and fills them with different flavours of thick and silky French pastry cream to make for a stunning gourmet bun. The buns are also brushed down with a brown butter before grilling for an extra nutty flavour.

As the buns are handmade, they are only available for delivery and self pick-ups every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday of each month.

the bun club 2

The Bun Club also only takes pre-orders in boxes of three (S$12.50) or six buns (S$24), which open about two weeks in advance before the following month. They sell out quickly so be sure to keep an eye out for their pre-orders on their website or Instagram page. Click here for more information on how to order.

As of now, The Bun Club has seven flavours for their grilled buns, as well as three flavours of milk tea drinks. If you’re looking to try as many flavours as possible, try The Perfect Partouze (S$24), which is a box of six buns that consists of their Milk, Chocolate, Lotus Biscoff, Matcha, Pink Milk, and Thai Tea flavours. All their buns are available for S$4.50 individually.

the bun club all flavours

The Milk Bun is a simple yet delicious treat. For those who prefer simpler flavours, the Crème Pâtissièrie custard is light and delicate, making for a sweet addition to the fluffy grilled buns. It is also dusted with full cream milk powder for a finishing touch.

Chocolate-lovers should give the Chocolate Bun a shot. Enjoy the decadent and rich dark chocolate custard that complements the buttered grilled buns and is topped with dark chocolate flakes.

A classic Thai flavour, the Thai Tea Bun has a fragrant Thai Milk Tea custard that is topped with crunchy Thai Tea leaves and gold flakes for that extra luxe touch.

Something a little closer to home, the Pandan Kaya Bun has a generous serving of fragrant Pandan Kaya custard that is topped with coconut flakes.

Looking for a modern touch? The Lotus Biscoff Bun has a rich and delicious Lotus Biscoff milk custard that is topped with even more Biscoff crunch for that lovely Specaloos flavour we all know and love.

If you are obsessed with anything matcha-flavoured, then the Matcha Buns are a must-try for you. The buns have luscious Matcha milk custard absolutely overflowing the grilled buns and they are also sprinkled with a finishing touch of some matcha powder and gold flakes.

Don’t let the sweet pink colour fool you, this isn’t a strawberry bun. The Pink Milk Bun is actually made with snake fruit and is reminiscent of the rose drink, bandung. The Pink Milk custard is garnished with lovely Moroccan Rose Petals for an elegant final touch.

tea nai

Beyond their grilled buns, they have partnered with Teanai to offer three drink options: Thai Milk Tea (S$4), Thai Green Milk Tea (S$4.50), and Thai Pink Milk (S$4.50).

All photos taken from thebunclubbakes on Instagram and teanai_555 on Instagram.