Thai supermarket presents “555 snackbox” so you can enjoy Thai snacks whenever you want

We know there’s nothing like a weekend getaway to Bangkok and you absolutely miss it – nightlife, the food, and the shopping.

But here’s a piece of news that may cheer you up.

Thai Supermarket, the first and only Thai supermarket in Singapore, unveils “555 SNACKBOX,” in celebration of the launching of the store’s website after 35 years of operations.


The online-exclusive “555 SNACKBOX” is made in collaboration with six restaurant vendors: Beer Thai House 2 By Chef Somsak, Diandin Leluk, Dee Tongue Thai, Y Cube Mookata, House Of Thai, and Cheese Story Mookata. This collaboration aims to bring people together, specifically to Singapore’s Little Thailand, all with a “Food Map” and an “Air Ticket”!

555 SNACKBOX: all you need to know about it


Resonating with its branding in the brick-and-mortar store, the “555 SNACKBOX” is designed with vibrant colours like yellow, orange, and green that adds a cheeky and bright essence to the packaging.

In Thai, the number 5 is “หา้” which is pronounced as “Ha”. “555” is a Thai slang and expression for laughing which embodies the lightheartedness and bright personality of the “555 SNACKBOX” alongside the message of bringing people together!

1. Best-valued box for snack lovers

A thoughtfully curated Thai Snack Box filled to the brim with the Thai Supermarket Team’s Top 10 favourite Thai snacks. Indulge in a snackbox experience like no other by discovering not only delicious, trendy and savoury Thai snacks but also an “Air Ticket” and a “Golden Mile Complex Food Map” to experience the authentic Thai culture in “Little Thailand”!

2. The air ticket that takes you to “Little Thailand” to redeem free food



To champion the season and bolster the spirit of giving, Thai Supermarket is collaborating with 6 Thai food vendors in Golden Mile Complex – Diandin Leluk, Beer Thai House 2, Dee Tongue Thai, Y Cube Mookata, Cheese Story Mookata and House of Thai in support of local F&B businesses within the beautiful compound.

This collaboration offers exclusive discounts as well as free food to bring people to “Little Thailand”. The “555 SNACKBOX” comes with a boarding pass to “Little Thailand” (Golden Mile Complex) where you can enjoy a special treat if you visit ONE out of the SIX vendors – no passport required! Simply present the boarding pass to any of the participating Thai restaurant vendors to enjoy the promotions!

3. A golden mile complex food map featuring participating Thai restaurant vendors


Customers who purchase the “555 SNACKBOX” have a choice to visit one of these “Food Cities” to claim promotions or even free food in Golden Mile Complex with an additional discount code that gives you S$5 off your next purchase from the online mini mart.

Get your loved ones a “555 SNACKBOX” as the perfect holiday gift!

With the aim to unite people together this holiday season, this limited-edition snack box is perfect as a gift. Treat colleagues, friends or even yourself as a gift for an experiential #NewNormal Christmas while feeling that you are on a year-end holiday trip in Thailand.

Well valued at only S$29.90, customers can purchase it via the online minimart through this link here.

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