Get this S$19.90 soju-and-beer bundle and make your own “somaek” just as you’ve seen it in K-drama

Those who have watched Korean dramas would have come across the characters in the show drinking the original-flavoured soju at least once, either because they’re at a work event or they are troubled about things going on in their lives.

And sometimes, when they are out with friends, they take it a step further by mixing the soju with beer, calling it somaek, which is a syllabic abbreviation of soju and maekju (beer).

They slurp up the concoction with much eagerness, making it seem like you’re missing out on all the goodness by not drinking it there and then.

Thankfully, Amber Nectar has made it possible for us to make our own somaek in Singapore and have a toast with our K-drama celebrities without us having to worry over which beer tastes best with which soju.

Credit: Lazada

S$19.90 soju-and-beer bundle

Korean liquor brand Hite Jinro Co. launched a new beer brand called Terra two years ago, and ever since its launch, Hite Jinro Co. has been seeing much success.

The success is attributed to the popularity of a mixture of Terra and Chamisul soju called Tesula (Tesla), which delivers a clear and crisp taste that is easy on the palate. This makes it suitable even for beginners who aren’t able to drink the original-flavoured soju straight from the bottle.

Terra has finally been made available in Singapore thanks to expansion plans, and Amber Nectar is offering three Terra cans (355ml) and a bottle of Jinro Chamisul (360ml) for S$19.90 (U.P. S$22.90) as part of their CNY deals!

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How to make somaek

Now that you have the ingredients, you might be wondering, how do the Koreans make somaek? Is whatever we’re making even going to taste the same as what our K-drama celebrities are having?

While you can mix the beer and soju based on your own preference, most people agree that the golden ratio is 30% soju and 70% beer.

So all you have to do is pour soju in a glass and fill it up to 30%, and pour the beer into the same glass, filling it all the way up. Don’t forget to mix it with a metal spoon or a metal chopstick just like what your favourite celebrities do!

Credit: Shopee

Don’t worry if you’re not good with ratios though, because there is a somaek glass that tells you exactly where you need to fill each beverage up to, to get the golden ratio.

Credit: Shopee

For beginners, you can also start out with the ratio of 1:9 for a gentle and smooth drink. For those who prefer a stronger kick, you can opt for a ratio of 5:5, but be warned that it is very strong, and you might even black out!

You can purchase the Terra beer and Chamisul soju bundle for S$19.90 on Shopee or Lazada, and the somaek glass for S$19 on Shopee.