This 6,000 sq ft organic retail store-slash-diner at Dempsey Hill is where you can go to savour healthy and hearty Australian-inspired food

In the lush enclave of Dempsey Hill, you’ll find Terra Madre, a new one-stop shop for everything organic and natural.

And spanning across 6,000 square feet of space, Terra Madre is the largest organic and natural store you can find on this sunny island.

Besides making organic and natural food affordable and easily accessible, Terra Madre has also opened a restaurant next to its store as part of its effort to champion healthy eating and help locals make environmentally sustainable choices with their meals.

AVENUE ONE had the privilege of tasting Terra Madre’s Australian-inspired menu recently and we’re here to tell you what we think of it.

What to order from Terra Madre

terra madre restaurant interior

With an Australian-inspired food menu that covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can expect dishes that are both healthy and hearty here at Terra Madre.

The venue also offers delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes alongside a wide selection of organic drinks.

What’s unique about Terra Madre is that it promotes a communal dining experience, which means you can mix and match the vegetable dishes with proteins of your choice to share and explore with your fellow diners.

terra madre charred baby carrots

We tried one of Terra Madre’s signature salads, which is the charred baby carrots & dukkah (S$25).

This vegan-friendly plate of greens is dressed with a coconut dressing, tahini, plums, smoked paprika oil, and parsley.

We liked that the baby carrots were cooked just enough that they’re soft but still had a bite to them, and the plums lent a hint of tartness that complemented the earthy baby carrots surprisingly well.

And who knew coconut, plums, and carrots would go so beautifully well together? We certainly didn’t, until we tried this salad.

terra madre kurobuta berkshire pork skewers

We went with Kurobuta Berkshire pork skewers (+S$5) for our protein of choice, which was prepared with a marinade of thyme, butter, and smoked paprika.

Served atop a spoonful of paprika oil, the meat was neither dry nor tough to eat, and it didn’t take long for us to devour the meat skewers that were so flavoursome.

terra madre charred eggplants

We like eggplants so we knew we had to order the charred eggplants (S$27) for our second salad dish when we laid eyes on it on the menu.

This cold salad comes with organic freekeh, grilled peppers, charred onions, Persian feta, sherry dressing, and pomegranate.

While it had a good play of texture in the bowl, this salad, unfortunately, didn’t hit the mark for us as the feta had overpowered the star of the show, which was the eggplant.

terra madre grilled free range sirloin

For our second protein of choice, we chose to go for something simpler and ordered the grilled free-range sirloin (+S$5) which was garnished with onion and mint chimichurri.

Don’t let the plain-looking slab of meat fool you, though; the meat was cooked to our liking (medium rare) and it packed a punch of flavour with the spicy herbaceous sauce.

If there’s one thing we have to nitpick, it was that the meat was chewier than other sirloin cuts we had elsewhere.

terra madre smashed avocado with vine leaf verde

For avocado lovers, don’t leave Terra Madre without ordering the smashed avocado with vine leaf verde (S$24).

It’s served alongside spinach, lime, chilli, and poached eggs atop a slice of multigrain sourdough toast.

terra madre organic natural restaurant review butternut hummus

If you’re at Terra Madre for dinner, be sure to get the butternut hummus (S$20) to share.

Prepared with dukkah, parsley, and olive oil, you definitely won’t stop digging into the spread with the accompanying pita bread.

terra madre coffee

For those who are especially concerned with sustainability, you’d be happy to know that Terra Madre collaborates directly with local food producers to ensure provenance and sustainable practices are maintained for all of its menu offerings.

Explore over 1,000 products in its new retail store

terra madre store offerings

Yes, you read that right – the wide assortment of online and in-store offerings include pantry essentials, organic beverages, delectable confectionery, an extensive range of baking ingredients, speciality products like truffles, oils, spices, vinegar, and even household items.

Terra Madre’s store also houses the largest range of proteins, superfoods as well as nutraceuticals.

Some product highlights include decadent and organic Hot Chocolate sourced from a small family farm in the Amazon headwaters region of Peru.

This warm and homely powder boasts unique, tantalising notes of orange and red berries with hints of caramel that are finished off with a delightfully smooth chocolate-orange combination, perfect for any rainy day.

terra madre retail

A tart and vibrant Sumac from Turkey isn’t commonly found on most spice racks, but you’d be surprised at how well it’ll brighten any dish with its tangy lime yet earthy like flavour.

While it is a spice prevalent in Middle Eastern cuisine, its profile balances well with spicy and deep flavours. For home cooking, you can easily sprinkle the naturally reddish-purple seasoning over a roasted chicken or homemade hummus for an added zing.

For anyone with a sweet tooth, the Organic Coconut Milk Powder sourced from Sri Lanka will be a great addition to the kitchen.

Made from freshly harvested coconuts, the non-dairy powder offers an authentic coconut flavour that can be used in desserts, sweets, breakfast cereals, and even beverages.  You can also use the versatile product in traditional cooking too, as it’s a surefire way to add texture and flavour to curries and other dishes.

If you like what you ate at Terra Madre’s restaurant, you can even purchase products used in some of the dishes like organic tahini, organic freekeh, lemon oil, organic peanut butter, organic tri-coloured quinoa, and more from the retail store to explore your cooking prowess.

What else to expect from Terra Madre

terra madre dempsey hill storefront

In the coming months, you can expect to find an extensive cheese salon ranging from artisan and organic to vegan options at Terra Madre.

The outpost will also soon boast a dedicated organic and vegan ice cream store to add to its current retail experience – what a treat!

On top of that, Terra Madre has plans to create education programmes with gyms, schools, nutritionists, and local food producers to help drive the message of healthy and sustainable eating amongst kids and adults alike.

Terra Madre is located at 71 Loewen Road, Singapore 248847 and opens daily from 8am to 10pm. Stay updated by following Terra Madre on Facebook and Instagram.

All photos used in the article are supplied by Terra Madre and the writer.