Fastest fingers first: Swensen’s fried chicken ice cream that’s been trending hard online is now back in stock

With Singapore’s sweltering weather, ice cream is always a welcome treat. To help beat the heat while tricking your senses of sight and taste, you may want to consider getting your hands on the wildly popular “Fried Chicken” Ice Cream by Swensen’s.

From what we could gather, Swensen’s is bringing back the hot-selling item (pun fully intended) in very limited quantities daily at its outlets and via its delivery partners, GrabFood, Foodpanda, and Deliveroo.

Photo source: @swensenssingapore/Instagram

With the viral treat now back in stock for a limited time only, so it’s really a case of fastest fingers first if you want to get your hands on this bizarre treat.

For the unaware, the “Fried Chicken” Ice Cream is definitely something that would throw you off – you would typically expect fried chicken to be hot, but the item in question here is most definitely cold.

Photo source: RED

The meat of this hyper-realistic treat is made of vanilla ice cream which envelopes a chocolate biscuit ‘bone’ and is held together by a chocolate shell that is coated in feuilletine (crushed wafers) and cornflakes to resemble fried chicken skin.

Photo source: @swensenssingapore/Instagram

With that combination, you may dismiss it for being too sweet on the palate but netizens who have actually tried it commented that it is not too sweet, and is definitely worth a try due to its hyper-realistic appearance.

Netizens also recommend sharing it with friends as one piece of the “Fried Chicken” Ice Cream can be a bit too much for one person… unless you’re an avid ice cream lover.

Photo source: @swensenssingapore/Instagram

Those who have not heard of this unique ice cream dessert might also be fooled by its realistic appearance, so you can even use it to prank some friends if you like – we won’t tell!

Photo source: RED

This dessert is probably the only fried chicken you want served to you ice-cold, and it’s been so popular that it sells out almost instantly when Swensen’s restocks the dessert, so make sure you keep refreshing your apps and keep a watchful eye over the product listing!

The fried chicken ice cream is available in a pair or a bundle of eight drumstick pieces:

  • “Fried Chicken” Ice Cream Pint (S$11.80 for two pieces)
  • Box of “Fried Chicken” Ice Cream (S$42.80 for eight pieces)

For some added excitement, you can even add on some sauces for S$1.07 each to make your “Fried Chicken” Ice Cream experience more realistic.

Photo source: @swensenssingapore/Instagram

A tip from Swensen’s would be to try recreating the Korean-inspired honey butter fried chicken with its butterscotch sauce, and the yangnyeom (sweet and spicy) flavour with its strawberry sauce.

Swensen’s “Fried Chicken” Ice Cream is available at all Swensen’s and Earle Swensen’s outlets for takeaway, and is available for delivery on GrabFood, Deliveroo, and Foodpanda. The ice creams are packed with dry ice for delivery to ensure that they’re protected from the heat while on their way to you.