Surrey Hills Grocer the Woodleigh Mall Review: Pet-Friendly Cafe With Enchanting Train-Themed Decor

Surrey Hills Grocer has been making a splash in the culinary scene since its opening in 2022. After the launch of several new outlets, its latest venture is at The Woodleigh Mall; this time, a pet-friendly establishment where our furry friends are not restricted to just outdoors – you can bring them in with you!

A Whimsical Train-Themed Ambience

surrey hills woodleigh review

Stepping into this sprawling 3,600 square feet establishment, one is immediately captivated by the charming train-themed décor.

Reminiscent of Australian railroads, this ambience sets the stage for a unique dining escapade. The meticulously handcrafted Mornington-inspired train centrepiece suspended from the ceiling effortlessly infuses a whimsical charm, encircling the dining section and beckoning patrons on a magical journey.

surrey hills woodleigh train
Surrey Hills Grocer at The Woodleigh Mall, artist’s impression

Have your camera on standby – you’d definitely want to capture that amazing shot of the train running right above you.

Culinary Delights for Humans and Furry Friends

The menu, thoughtfully curated to please both human taste buds and discerning furry food critics, boasts an array of delectable options.

surrey hills woodleigh tom yum tater tots
Tom Yum Tater Tots (S$19)

If you’ve enjoyed the Mentaiko Tater Tots at Surrey Hills’ Raffles City outlet, consider giving the Tom Yum Tater Tots (S$19) a shot. This dish is served with tom yum sprinkles and tom yum mayo, and it becomes even more aromatic with the addition of fried lime leaves as a garnish.

We find that it’s a little salty, but the crisp and kick from this dish is undeniable.

surrey hills woodleigh pork belly egg benny
Pork Belly Benny (S$28)

We love the Pork Belly Benny (S$28), an exclusive signature dish to the Woodleigh outlet.

It showcases a perfectly crispy pork belly with a tender and melt-in-your-mouth texture as you bite into it. Served on a sourdough, it comes with delightful accompaniments like caramel apple puree, lava eggs, mustard, and hollandaise sauce.

We couldn’t resist indulging in this hearty dish and it left such a lasting impression that we’ll definitely be ordering it again on our next visit.

surrey hills woodleigh Lava Wayu Burger
Lava Wayu Burger (S$32)

If you’re looking for something hearty or if you’re particularly hungry that day, consider the Lava Wayu Burger (S$32). This features a generous portion of wagyu beef patty with caramelised onion and brioche bun. To enhance the taste and add a touch of finesse, it is served with cheese lava on a sizzling hot skillet.

surrey hills woodleigh Peruvian Roasted Chicken
Peruvian Roasted Chicken (S$34)

Other highlights to look forward in its menu includes the flavourful Peruvian Roasted Chicken (S$34), Matcha Udon (S$26), and the Surrey Hills Big Breakfast (S$32).

Pancake aficionados will be happy to know that Surrey Hills Grocer Woodleigh has brought The Pancake Parlour, one of Melbourne’s oldest pancake houses, from Melbourne to Singapore.

surrey hills grocer Bacon & Egg Stack
Bacon & Egg Stack (S$24)

There’s everything from its three-tiered Pancake Parlour Classic Stack (S$22), a fruity Blueberry Stack (S$24) to savoury options like the Smoked Salmon and Avo Stack (S$32) and Bacon & Egg Stack (S$24).

surrey hills woodleigh the signature stack
The Signature Stack (S$24)

We gave The Signature Stack (S$24) a try and absolutely adored how the velvety vanilla creme Chantilly perfectly enhanced the pancakes. The addition of the seasonal fruit compote, fresh berries, and seasalt butterscotch created a delightful balance of flavors, offsetting the sweetness and acidity of the dish.

The innovative addition of a pet-friendly menu crafted with high-quality, human-grade ingredients elevates the experience for furry companions. Chicken Meal (protein-packed chicken mixed with cod liver oil, organic wheat grass and enoki mushroom), Duck Meatball (minced duck rolled with red cabbage and pumpkin), and Watermelon Ice Cream (refreshing watermelon blended with coconut milk and honey) are just a few highlights that underscore Surrey Hills’ commitment to catering to pets’ palates.

End Your Meal with Desserts and Coffee

Brown Sugar Chocolate Skookie
Brown Sugar Chocolate Skookie (S$24)

Don’t leave the cafe until you’ve tried the Brown Sugar Chocolate Skookie (S$24), a baked brown sugar chocolate macadamia nut Skookie in a Skillet, served with marshmallowsm, vanilla ice cream, raspberry marmalade, and warm chocolate sauce.

This sweet treat can be paired with sustainably sourced coffee from Melbourne’s Dukes Coffee Roasters to further enhance the culinary journey.

Grocer – For Humans and Pets

surrey hills grocer 1

At the Woodleigh outlet, Surrey Hills Grocer has introduced a special section in their grocer exclusively for pets, which they have aptly named Furry Hills.

This dedicated space has been thoughtfully designed to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for both pets and their owners.

Here, pets can freely explore and browse alongside their humans. Furry Hills offers a carefully curated selection of products, ranging from gourmet pet treats to premium toys and accessories.

You can expect to find renowned brands like Melanie Newman, known for their premium canine grooming products made with natural ingredients that bring out the best in your pet’s coat. There’s also Freezy Paws, an Australian freeze-drying specialist that offers freeze-dried raw food and treats for cats and dogs. And let’s not forget WAG, a premium global treat provider that transforms human-grade meat by-products into irresistibly delicious dog treats!

Of course, the main grocer also continues to showcase an array of exciting Australian brands. They have expanded their selection from the renowned olive oil estate, Rich Glen, offering a wide range of products including olive oils, dressings, and even skincare lines.

You’ll also find Frank Green, a sustainable brand that is dedicated to reducing single-use plastics by reimagining cups and bottles.

And for those with a sweet tooth, Van Diemens Land Creamery is a must-visit. They specialise in premium artisanal ice cream and gelato made using fresh Tasmanian ingredients.

Surrey Hills Grocer is located at The Woodleigh Mall (11 Bidadari Park Dr, #01-52/53, Singapore 367803) and opens on Mondays – Sunday (10am to 10pm).