ATLAS now offers a special Sunday menu – it involves free-flow cocktails, champagnes, and great cheeses

Mention ATLAS and most men and women about town know about it. Located at Parkview Square and boasting a beautiful Art Deco interior, it is a crowd-favourite location for drinks and weekend afternoon tea.

atlas bar
Source: @atlasbarsg / Instagram

While most of us have already tried our hands at making a reservation for its afternoon tea on a Saturday (it’s unavailable on Sundays) – here’s good news for those who love ATLAS;  the bar has recently launched a Sundays at ATLAS menu that you certainly should consider trying.

We visited ATLAS and tried the luxurious menu to tell you if it’s worth the while.

Sundays at Atlas menu

cocktails at atlas bar
Source: @atlasbarsg / Instagram

The highlight of the Sundays at ATLAS has to be the free-flowing selection of its award-winning cocktails and champagne.

For cocktails, there are 10 on the menu for you to pick. Enjoy a refreshing Sunday Spritz if you like something fruity or an Old Fashioned if you prefer to stick to something safe.

Otherwise, consider building your own G&T by picking your favourite combination from a list of gin, tonic water, and garnishes.

There are also wines and champagnes on the menu, if that’s what you prefer.

For nibbles, you’d be serve a very generous spread – so much you may want to consider postponing dinner to a later time.

sundays at atlas platter

Start off with some artisan bread, and then into a great selection of European cheeses, including truffle manchego, pecorino sardo, fourme d’ambert, camembert aux cepes, and munster. The cheeses are served along with dried fruits, quince paste, and fig jam to elevate their tastes.

sundays at atlas menu

Cured and smoked meat-lovers get a very generous offering of them – everything from classic prosciutto and sopressa salami to smoked duck breast and peppered smoked mackerel.

You can also graze on dip, pickles, and nuts.

sundays at atlas desserts

As if these aren’t enough to fill you, you’ll also get to complete the day with carrot cake and buttermilk panna cotta.

The beautiful plating and exquisite selection of foods make the experience very enjoyable. They are great for grazing, which makes them ideal to enjoy over intimate conversations.

The delectable list of booze, served free-flow, is what give you a bang for your buck – so definitely go with someone who isn’t a tee-totaler.

But above all of these, the ambience and vibe at ATLAS on a Sunday was luxurious and leisurely – making it a perfect way to conclude the weekend and feel satisfied enough to go back to work feeling refreshed the next day.

If you ask us, Sundays at ATLAS is a great way wind down after a good work week, bring someone to if you’re celebrating a special occasion, or just to give yourself a well-deserved treat. You can definitely find a reason to make a reservation for it.

Sunday at ATLAS is available at S$158++ per guest with cocktails and S$198++ per guest with Telmont Reserve Brut NV Champagne. Reservations are required and you can book here