Here are 12 strange cocktail concoctions you can find in Singapore, including a Pei Pa Koa-inspired one

Getting cooped up at home and unable to travel out of the country can be quite a bore, so why not spice things up with some interesting cocktail concoctions?

We’re talking about Pei Pa Koa mixed with alcohol, beef and peaches mixed with booze, and many other creations that will tantalise your taste buds and blow your mind.

Weirded out by these flavours but still interested in finding out what other weird cocktail concoctions that are out there waiting for you to discover? Keep reading to find out the 10 most intriguing cocktail drinks to try.

Steampunk Bar and Lounge

1. Apothecary


We’ve all heard about Pei Pa Koa with bubble tea, but with alcohol? Now, that’s a first!

This concoction consists of Cognac, Amaro, and of course, Pei Pa Koa to give you a refreshing minty taste along with a tinge of sweetness that then lingers on the throat for a soothing aftertaste.

Apothecary is priced at S$24.

2. Murder On The Orient Express


The name of the cocktail already sounds intimidating – so, what exactly is in this concoction?

Made with Absinthe, coffee liqueur, activated charcoal, pear, pineapple juice, and fresh orange juice, this drink will definitely send your taste buds tingling from the very first sip.

The cocktail is on the creamy side so it goes down easy, but we’re not entirely sold on the mixture of coffee and activated charcoal which sounds kind of overwhelming.

Murder On The Orient Express is priced at S$25.

Check out the full list of Steampunk’s outlets here.

Heart of Darkness

3. Year of the Ox


Beef in your cocktail, who would’ve known?! Featuring a mixture of Remy Martin VSOP, beef, and peaches, this is a concoction that will send your senses dancing with a blend of sweet, salty, and bitter. As weird as it sounds, you will never know if it tastes good unless you try it, right?

The Year of the Ox is priced at S$19.

4. Futile Logic

They might be known for their craft beers, but Heart of Darkness are equally good at their cocktails!

Ask for Futile Logic, which combines Hendrick’s Orbium, fresh lemon juice, homemade mint syrup, Futile Purpose Cucumber Pilsner, and salted cucumber slices. If you are feeling something cool and refreshing, this could be one to try!

Futile Logic is priced at S$19.

5. Director’s Old Fashioned

Here’s another concoction that includes meat! The ingredients in this include Burnt Butter Washed Turkey 81 Bourbon, Homemade Director’s Cacao Nib Porter Syrup, chocolate & angostura bitters, and a chocolate branch.

Said to be a real crowd-pleaser, you can count on this cocktail to strike a perfect balance between sweet and salty with the mixture of chocolate and bourbon.

Director’s Old Fashioned is priced at S$21.

Heart of Darkness Brewery is located at 1 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089109.

Ratio Cafe and Lounge

6. Tom Yum Martini

Yes, we would all gladly demolish a bowl of piping hot tom yum soup, but an alcoholic tom yum drink? We weren’t sure how we felt about that…until we gave it a try. Created by Ratio Cafe & Lounge, Singapore’s first-ever one-of-a-kind cafe and lounge that has a robot barista to make your drink, this cocktail will definitely give you a burst of flavours in your mouth – one that’s filled with spice and tanginess!

Tom Yum Martini is priced at S$11.

Ratio is located at 176 Orchard Road, Centrepoint, #05-06, Singapore 238843.


7. Kopitiam Gentleman


Any fans of char siu and bak kwa? You might want to give this creation by Maduro a try.

Included in it are rye whiskey, char siu reduction, gula melaka, and orange bitters, topped with a slice of bak kwa. Inspired by the founder’s penchant for local roasted delights, this is one cocktail you mustn’t miss if you love to mix the sweet and the savoury together.

Kopitiam Gentleman is priced at S$25. 

8. Oblivion on Himalayan


Remember the Himalayan Salt sports candy we were once all obsessed with? Well, this cocktail is inspired by that iconic sweet!

Consisting of Smokelab Vodka, citrus medley, lemon essence, ginger syrup, sea salt, topped with a delicious meringue hat, this is one of the most “normal” cocktail creations on the list but we guarantee it’ll knock your socks off with its deliciousness.

Oblivion on Himalayan is priced at S$23.

Maduro is located at 40C Harding Road, Level 3, Singapore 249548.


9. Andalusian Mary

Fancy an alcoholic Spanish salmorejo (cold soup with a tomato base)? We found it right here in LUMO’s Andalusian Mary, which is the restaurant’s version of Bloody Mary.

In this concoction, you will find Widges London Dry Gin, roasted tomato, Worcester sauce, hot sauce, garlic, lime, cream, and cajun sauce – we’re pretty sure this combination will set your taste buds on fire.

Andalusian Mary is priced at S$22.

LUMO is located at 50 South Bridge Road, #01-00, Singapore 058682.

MO Bar

10. Thunder


Besides a luxurious high tea spread, Mandarin Oriental’s MO Bar also has a full-fledged (and ever-evolving) cocktail menu that’s currently inspired by different parts of the world.

Representing Singapore is Thunder, which was inspired by Thunder Tea Rice (lei cha), a classic Hakka dish. The cocktail takes after the original dish with a mixture of gin, rice, grounded tea, and herbs.

Thunder is priced at S$12. Additionally, you can top up S$10 to enjoy this concoction with gin. 

11. White Rabbit


Next up, representing South Korea’s Gangnam is White Rabbit. Included in this concoction is a blend of tomatoes, kimchi, and black garlic that will send your senses on a wild ride.

White Rabbit is priced at S$14. Additionally, you can top up S$10 to enjoy this concoction with tequila. 

12. SOMA


Inspired by India’s New Delhi, SOMA consists of yoghurt, chutney, and spices that will make any foodie’s heart flutter.

SOMA is priced at S$14. Additionally, you can top up S$10 to enjoy this concoction with gin. 

MO Bar is located at 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square, Singapore 039797.