11 places to get steamboat delivered to your home for CNY

This article was first written by Shopee Singapore, and repurposed with permission by AVENUE ONE.

Preparing a steamboat reunion dinner is hard work. From washing all the ingredients to setting up the equipment, it’s no wonder some families rather eat out for the festive season.

steamboat-delivery-singaporePhoto: Isachelny / Pixabay

Instead, we suggest kicking back and enjoying your meal with zero hassle by having a steamboat feast delivered to your doorstep! From solely steamboat ingredients to the complete setup, these steamboat delivery vendors in Singapore will satisfy everyone’s bellies at the CNY reunion dinner!

1. Haidilao Delivery

steamboat-delivery-haidilaoPhoto: Haidilao Singapore / Facebook

Haidilao fans, rejoice! Enjoy a feast from your favourite steamboat restaurant at the comfort of your home this reunion dinner without needing to queue.

Psst, they will even deliver complimentary cold dishes and snacks – just like what you’d get at the restaurant itself!

During this festive peak season, Haidilao will only be offering four set types for steamboat delivery. It ranges from Set Meal A (S$108) that comes with nine types of ingredients for two pax to Set Meal D (S$368) to enjoy an huge spread of 28 ingredients, including Aussie sliced lamb shoulder, for eight. Delivery is available at a flat fee of S$20.

Place your order here.

2. Beauty In The Pot

steamboat-delivery-beauty-in-the-potPhoto: @paradisegrpsg  / Instagram

Another steamboat restaurant that will please the family is Beauty In The Pot.

Their signature Beauty Collagen broth is not only rich and flavourful, but also said to be beneficial for the skin!

For Chinese New Year, Beauty In The Pot offers three set types for delivery. Having a small and intimate gathering with your loved ones? Opt for the CNY 4 Pax Set (S$183) which contains 12 ingredients including US beef. Top up just over S$60 for the CNY 6 Pax Set (S$245) to feast on US kurobuta pork, Nagano pork belly and more.

You can even consider adding on a yu sheng (S$48.20) from the restaurant to go with your steamboat – just be sure to keep your lo hei quiet.

Place your order here.

3. Hotpot Master

steamboat-delivery-hotpot-masterPhoto: HotPot Master Delivery  / Facebook)

What’s more troublesome than preparing for a steamboat dinner is cleaning up after the meal. Here’s a piece of good news for you – HotPot Master delivers your steamboat and cleans up after you’re done eating!

In addition, they also provide table setup service complete with silky tablecloth and luxurious ceramic tableware to provide you a gastronomical experience even at home.

A party of six can go for the CNY Abundance Hotpot Set (S$388), which comes with two soup bases (must try: Sweet And Spicy Chili Crab broth) and other yummy dishes such as the 10-head braised abalone.

To cater to bigger families, HotPot Master offers the CNY Fortune Hotpot Set (S$388) that serves up to 10 pax. This comes with two soup bases, salmon slices, fish maw and more.

Place your order here.


steamboat-delivery-mr-steamboatPhoto: MR STEAMBOAT 火锅先生 / Facebook

MR STEAMBOAT piloted steamboat delivery services in our sunny island and has since established itself as one of the most reputable hotpot delivery companies.

Choose from their extensive range of soup bases, including pork bone, tom yum and more.

The six-pax package (S$208) comes with a soup base of your choice alongside three types of premium meat and several other side ingredients to make it a yummy feast.

For larger portions, go for the 10-pax Prosperity Package (S$258) to enjoy two soup bases, four premium meat types,
and other assorted ingredients. You can even buy hotpot equipment such as steamboat pots directly with MR STEAMBOAT to have them delivered together with your ingredients!

Place your order here.

5. COCA Restaurant

steamboat-delivery-coca-restaurantPhoto: Coca Restaurants Singapore / Facebook

Chinese fusion steamboat? Enjoy such it with COCA Restaurant, which provides steamboat delivery services for the Chinese New Year.

Set A (S$86) is catered to families of four and includes two soup bases and 11 other ingredients such as prawns and pork collar, while Set B (S$145) feeds up to six and comes with even more soup bases and 19 ingredients.

We highly suggest going for Set B if you have enough appetite to finish up the food so that you can enjoy their signature green noodles and house special pork paste.

Worried that your loved ones won’t be full even after a scrumptious steamboat feast? Fret not, COCA also delivers cooked food like braised lobster with Cantonese egg. Spend S$100 to enjoy free steamboat delivery in Singapore!

Place your order here.

6. Homely Pot

steamboat-delivery-homely-potPhoto: Homelypot 锅到家(外卖小火锅)  / Facebook

While the traditional reunion steamboat dinners are usually eaten from one communal pot, we suggest using individual pots this CNY for hygiene reasons. Plus, this means everyone gets to pick what they want for the hotpot without needing to make compromises.

If this sounds like a great idea for your family, you’ve got to check out the HomelyPot’s CNY Individual Set Meals. Each set meal comes with two portions of your preferred meat type including chicken, pork, mutton, and beef.

In addition, each set also includes popular ingredients such as lobster balls and cheese tofu that will please everyone.

The best part about ordering from HomelyPot is that the company provides a free electric pot for each individual set meal ordered – and you get to keep the electric pot without any additional charge!

Note that  between 10 to 14 February, island-wide delivery is only available from 10am to 1pm and 4pm to 7pm.

Place your order here.

7. Tasty Food Affair

steamboat-delivery-tasty-food-affairPhoto: Tasty Food Affair

If you’re looking to only have steamboat ingredients delivered to your place, consider Tasty Food Affair as your go-to one-stop shop for fresh poultry and seafood for your CNY steamboat.

The online shop has an extensive range of beef offerings, including US Beef Short Plate Shabu ShabuUS Boneless Short Ribs Shabu Shabu, and US Prime Striploin Shabu Shabu – perfect for the beef-lover in your family!

Looking for other variety to add to your pot? Try their New Zealand Half Shell Green Mussels and Dory Fish Cube to amp up the flavour of your broth!

8. TankFully Fresh Official Store

steamboat-delivery-tankfully-freshPhoto: Tankfully Fresh Official Store

Seafood lovers, there’s no better way to do your hotpot feast than filling it with the fresh ingredients from TankFully Fresh Official Store, another retailer that delivers only steamboat ingredients, if you already have your pot and soup.

Lazy to pick out the ingredients one by one? You can opt for their various bundle deals which comes with an assortment of seafood types for extra convenience.

We recommend the Tankfully Fresh STEAMBOAT BFF Bundle (S$55.90), which comes with South American prawns or tiger prawns, kingfish fillet, red grouper fillet and sliced squid. This is perfect for a gathering between two to four friends.

Meanwhile, the Tankfully Fresh STEAMBOAT Family Bundle (S$122.90) feeds up to six and includes larger portions of these ingredients mentioned above, with additions such as the frozen Korean clams and fresh fish balls.

Can’t wait to kickstart your steamboat party? Order before 10pm to enjoy next-day delivery.

9. The Steamboat Specialist

steamboat-delivery-steamboat-specialistPhoto: The Steamboat Specialist / Facebook

You can shop for frozen ingredients for your steamboat conveniently with The Steamboat Specialist. All the ingredients have been pre-washed and sliced so you can pop them right into your steamboat pot the moment they arrive.

Their best-sellers include shabu shabu beef, pork loin ribs, yong tau foo, and ngoh hiang to satisfy different palates.

They also offer a five-pax package (S$98) that comes with one meat type and three types of surimi of your choice, in addition to 10 other fixed ingredients. There’s also a 10-pax package (S$208) that offers 12 fixed ingredients and six meat and surimi of your choice. Order above S$50 to enjoy free delivery.

Place your order here.

10. Zairyo

steamboat-delivery-zairyoPhoto: Zairyo / Facebook

You’ll get to indulge in some of the freshest Japanese produce from Zairyo, where you’ll be able to find premium imported ingredients such as uni and Alaskan king crab legs.

Order the 2021 Large Steamboat Pack (S$123.80) which includes 12 ingredients such as tiger prawns, kurobuta pork belly slices and asari clams. This is suitable for six-person gatherings and every order of this pack comes with a complimentary CNY-inspired design cooler bag.

Don’t forget to purchase some steamboat soup bases from Zairyo to go with your ingredients. Spend a minimum of S$100 to enjoy free delivery.

Place your order here.

11. Savour Seafood

steamboat-delivery-savour-seafoodPhoto: Savourseafood / Facebook)

Another trusted seafood supplier to get steamboat ingredient delivery in Singapore is Savour Seafood. You won’t find any bundle packages here, but the ala-carte variety is huge!

If you’re spoilt for choice and in need of some suggestions, we recommend ordering the cod belly cubes and abalone for a tasty seafood steamboat feast. Looking for great meat to go with the seafood? Savour Seafood carries beef, chicken and pork shabu shabu slices.

And if you’re enjoying this spread with elderly members of the family, you’ll get to impress them with the chives and pork dumplings, which they will definitely love. If it makes you feel more at ease, you can opt to pay upon delivery.

Place your order here.

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