These hedgehog-themed merch from Starbucks are probably the cutest way to welcome summer

We can’t deny that we all go a little crazy every time we see Starbucks release new merchandise. We know we really don’t need to add to our already overflowing collection at home, but how can anyone resist all the cute mugs and cups the brand releases every season?


The latest collection that we’re obsessing over? This cute hedgehog-themed collection that is finally available in Singapore!

First introduced by Starbucks Hong Kong and Taiwan, the Starbucks Happy Hedgehog collection is inspired by nature and cacti. With various mugs, cold cups, and tumblers in this series, you are definitely spoilt for choice when picking out your desired design. Read on to check out what items you can look forward to in this collection.

Starbucks Happy Hedgehog Collection

Hedgehog In Pot Mug with Stirrer

Photo Source: Starbucks Singapore

How can anyone resist this cute mug that would look like a plant decor on your desk? Paired with the mug (that looks like an actual cacti plant and pot) is a stirrer with a cute hedgehog head on top of it that can be your mini companion as you work!

This mug retails at S$39.90. 

Cactus Mug with Wood Tray

Photo Source: Starbucks Singapore

Not only is this mug practical, it can also pass off as a decorative piece as it comes with a wooden tray. You can place small snacks on the tray to go with your drink or simply use it as a coaster. No more annoying water marks on your desk and no need to go through the hassle of finding a separate coaster!

This mug and wooden tray set retail at S$36.90.

Cactus Glass Mug with Stirrer


A simple see-through glass cup with ombre coloured details on it. Perfect for stirring up your favourite coffee brew at home!

This mug retails at S$28.90.

Mint Studded Cold Cup


How can anyone resist this elegant mint colour on a cold cup? Even Starbucks has limited this cup to only one piece per customer. Time to grab it before it’s gone!

This cold cup retails at S$39.90.

Hedgehog and Sunflower Stainless Steel Tumbler

Photo Source: Starbucks Singapore

With adorable hedgehog motifs decorating the entire bottle, this is definitely a staple piece to own from this collection. It also comes with a functional handle that makes it super convenient to carry around.

This tumbler retails at S$52.90. 

Mint Hedgehog Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Photo Source: Starbucks Singapore

Cute baby hedgehog print on a mini bottle – what’s not to love?

This mini bottle retails at S$36.90.

Hedgehog Adventure Stainless Steel Cold Cup

Photo Source: Starbucks Singapore

We are all about being eco-friendly these days and with a cute cold cup, we are definitely going to be more motivated to bring it out more when getting our coffee fix. Plus point – this minimalist cold cup is topped off with a mini cactus figurine on the lid, adding even more personality to an already adorable design.

This cold cup retails at S$39.90.

Hedgehog and Sunflower Stainless Steel Tumbler

Photo Source: Starbucks Singapore

This tumbler screams summer! As much as it is summer in Singapore all year, merchandise that gets released during this season just makes us feel a little cheerier. This brightly coloured tumbler will definitely be keeping you feeling good all day while sipping from it.

This tumbler retails at S$49.90. 

Hedgehog In Adventure Stainless Steel Tumbler

Photo Source: Starbucks Singapore

For those who prefer something with a darker shade and in a simpler design, this tumbler is made for you!

This tumbler retails for S$48.90.

Hedgehog Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Cactus Lid


Talk about being minimalist but also a little extra at the same time. Featuring a simple bottle with a signature hedgehog design printed on it, finished with a mini cactus on the lid – how cute!

This water bottle retails for S$40.90.

Sunshine Tumbler

Photo Source: Starbucks Singapore

Perfect for bringing around when you’re out and about on a busy day. With its slim fit, this bottle will be able to fit in pretty much any bag and can be easily held on the hand too.

This tumbler retails at S$33.90.

Sunshine Water Bottles

Featuring cute water bottles filled with sunshine and hedgehogs.

Photo Source: Starbucks Singapore
Photo Source: Starbucks Singapore

Having a bad day? These cups filled with hedgehogs and sunflowers will definitely make your day!

These water bottles retail at S$33.90 (top) and S$24.90 (bottom) respectively.

Cactus and Sunflower Themed Cold Cups and Tumblers

Photo Source: Starbucks Singapore

This cold cup retails at S$27.90.

Photo Source: Starbucks Singapore

This tumbler retails at S$24.90.

Fuss-free and easy to carry around, you can never go wrong with cold cups and tumblers. It is also perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up – whether it’s tea or coffee – to fight the food coma.

Photo Source: Starbucks Singapore

This cold cup retails at S$28.90.

Photo Source: Starbucks Singapore

This cold cup retails at S$23.90.

Plus point – Did you know that you get 50 cents off your drink if you bring your own cup to Starbucks? There’s probably no better time to invest in one now!

Lazada Exclusive: Pitcher

Photo Source: Starbucks Singapore

Whether you are still working from home or you’re already back in the office, this jug is still a must-have! A good item to keep on your desk to make sure you are kept hydrated throughout the day.

The full collection will be available at all Starbucks stores from 14 April onwards. Alternatively, you can e-shop the collection on Lazada or Shopee. Quickly grab your favs before it’s sold out!

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