Starbucks goes retro with this cup that looks like an adorable oil lamp

Just last week, we were obsessing over the posh and elegant “Chanel-esque” merchandise that Starbucks China released as part of its summer collection.

Well, the popular coffeehouse in Mainland China is back again to spoil us with yet another summer collection! This time, it’s one that’s filled with vibrant colours and centred around its mascot, Bearista, that you’ll surely fall in love with.

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This Starbucks collection is recently released in collaboration with Contigo, an American sports brand that specialises in making travel mugs and water bottles.

Showcased in a vibrant orange-turquoise colourway, the collection features many unique designs that you wouldn’t typically see from Starbucks. One particular product that caught our attention is none other than the Oil Lamp Cup.

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This Oil Lamp Cup definitely brings back many memories of when we used to go on road trips or camping holidays, which we sadly haven’t been able to do in recent years due to the global pandemic.

But if you’re planning to have a picnic afternoon with your loved ones after Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), don’t you think this would be the perfect decoration to your picnic spread while also doubling as a beverage cup?

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If you were wondering how this adorable product functions as a drinking cup, just take a look at the images above. The glass portion of the product is basically a detachable glass cup that you can easily take out to fill with your favourite drink – just be sure to rinse it first before you do!

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But, that’s not all: the merchandise is also fitted with a light base, making it the perfect decorative piece to have in your room to make it feel extra cosy at night!

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Also included in this collection is this adorable mini bottle set that comes with an equally endearing crossbody bag! Perfect for carrying around essential daily items like your phone and wallet.

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Nothing screams camp holiday-ready than this Bearista-shaped glass tumbler that’s outfitted with camping gear.

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Not only that, the ombre glass effect is really unique too – giving your drink a cool-looking gradient that’s totally Insta-worthy. Here’s a similar Starbucks bottle we found on Shopee that retails for S$80.

Update (10 June): Unfortunately, the Starbucks x Contigo collection is not available in Singapore, but we found a personal shopper on Instagram whom you can order from and get it shipped to our sunny island!