This futuristic bistro bar will have you feeling like you’re eating lok lok and mala dishes in outer space

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to travel to space? While it is now possible for civilians to fly to space, not many of us would be able to afford the hefty price tag of a ticket.

Not to worry, though, because you may not be flying to space any time soon but you can still enjoy a night out in this futuristic, space-themed bistro bar and feel like you’re dining in outer space.

Credit: emilyncyt/XiaoHongShu

The moment you enter Space Box 串梭時空, you’ll notice that the bar has lots of neon lights, as well as space ornaments like planets and astronauts complemented by mood lighting.

Credit: Pearlyn Goh/XiaoHongShu

The tables and chairs are also metallic, which add to the futuristic vibe of the bar.

Credit: 钱钱/XiaoHongShu

Zi char dishes and skewers available

At Space Box 串梭時空, you can eat to your heart’s content without breaking the bank because there’s a huge variety of zi char dishes and skewers starting from just S$1!

Many of the dishes are really affordable, and you’re guaranteed to have a great time hanging out with your friends here.

Credit: Pearlyn Goh/XiaoHongShu

The skewers are cooked in three different styles – barbecue, mala hotpot, and lok lok.

When served, the skewers also come with an assortment of dips like Thai Green Chilli, Nonya Sauce, Chicken Rice Chilli, and Sambal Belachan so that you can spice up the experience and enhance the flavours of the food.

So even if you don’t order the mala skewers, you can still enjoy them with a hint of spice.

Credit: Pearlyn Goh/XiaoHongShu

The first round of dips is free, but you can pay S$3 per person to get an unlimited refill of the sauces.

Some must-have skewers include fried beancurd skin, king oyster mushroom, cheese tofu, corn, and meat.

Credit: Space Box 串梭時空/Facebook

And for the huge fans of mala, take a look at the skewers and dishes you can order at Space Box 串梭時空!

From quail eggs, lotus roots, and fish balls to cheese sausage, lamb, chicken, and pork belly, these skewers are definitely doing a good job at making us salivate.

Credit: Space Box 串梭時空/Facebook

They even have mala hotpot for you to go along with your lok lok skewers.

Credit: Space Box 串梭時空/Facebook

Some other dishes to look forward to are their Mala Lobster Tail (S$28) and Sichuan Spicy Chicken (S$15).

Credit: Space Box 串梭時空/Facebook

Have a refreshing bottle of booze to pair your meal with

When it gets too spicy, simply wash it all down with a refreshing cold bottle of beer.

Space Box 串梭時空 offers a huge selection of 17 different brands of booze like Blue Moon (S$7.50), Tsing Tao Pilsner (S$6.80), and Heineken (S$6.80) stored inside a beer ‘library’, so you’re going to be spoilt for choice when choosing your beverage.

Credit: emilyncyt/XiaoHongShu

You can either purchase the bottles individually or in a bucket of five.

Credit: 钱钱/XiaoHongShu

If you’re drinking with your buddies, consider the Carlsberg Tower Bundle, which comes with either a single tower (S$68) or twin towers (S$108), along with one grilled stingray and 10 lok lok skewers.

Beer towers are also available a la carte if you don’t intend to eat the items included in the bundle.

After you’re done with the skewers and the zi char dishes, you can also order classic bar bites as you continue drinking into the night.

They offer french fries (S$8), spam fries (S$12), and a combo set (S$15) which comes with popcorn chicken, french fries, and nuggets.

Space Box 串梭時空 is located at 60 Lorong 23 Geylang, #01-01, D’Innova, Singapore 388384 and opens from 1pm to 11pm daily. Happy hour takes place between 11am and 5pm every day. If you would like to make a reservation, you can do so by sending them a WhatsApp message here.