Snack delivery services in Singapore for tidbits to munch on while you work from home

Working from home has its set of unexpected difficulties. Between managing your kids and fighting the urge to procrastinate, there’s also the overwhelming temptation to snack. Since you can’t walk to the office pantry whenever you please, why not build your own pantry at home with these snack delivery services in Singapore?

For those who have a habit of nibbling on tidbits at the desk, here are 11 snack delivery services that mail tasty treats to your doorstep.

Snack delivery services in Singapore

1. Ooh Mala

snack delivery services ooh mala chips

As with most mala dishes, the numbing spices in Ooh Mala’s chips really creep up on you with every bite. The chips are highly addictive, so take your time to go through each pack. Otherwise, it might cause a little pain if you chomp them down too quickly.

Choose between the Mala Potato Chips and Cassava Chips, or get the Ooh Mala Snacks Bundle Set (S$14.60) — the most popular option on their online store. If you’re a hardcore fan of these chips, you can order the 5-pack or 7-pack too. They also have Ooh Mala Peanuts coated in the same tongue-tingling flavour.

Place your order at Ooh Mala’s Shopee store.

2. Irvin’s Salted Egg

Singapore is a nation that’s obsessed with salted egg yolk everything, so you’re probably well acquainted with Irvin’s salted egg offerings by now. The classic Salted Egg Potato Chips are coated in a thick layer of savoury salted egg yolk and packed with curry leaves to boost the flavour.

You can get the Stay at Home Bundle, which contains six small packets to reach for when you’re taking a break from work. There’s also a Snack and Care Bundle with eight packets and the Chips Breaker Bundle for those who need larger bags to munch on. If your order totals up to S$30 and above, you can enjoy free delivery.

Place your order at Irvin’s Salted Egg’s online store.

3. The Golden Duck Co.

To tide you over the Circuit Breaker period, stock up on The Golden Duck Co.’s chips. Each Snackbox contains five packets of fish skin crisps. You can’t go wrong with the salted egg yolk variety, but try kicking it up a notch with a medley of other flavours they have in store.

The Chilli Crab Seaweed Tempura version is made with real crab meat, enhanced by the crunch, chilli flakes, and dried coriander. There’s also the Sichuan Mala Hot Pot Fragrant Mix if you’re in the mood for something spicier.

Place your order at The Golden Duck Co.’s online store.

4. The Kettle Gourmet

Putting a local twist on traditional popcorn, The Kettle Gourmet has unique flavours you’ll want to keep in your snack roster. Each variety is light, crunchy, and innovative, which is why popcorn lovers keep coming back for more.

If you like your popcorn sweet, try the Kaya Butter Popcorn or Teh Tarik Popcorn. For those who prefer more intriguing options, go for the Chicken Rice Popcorn or Nasi Lemak Popcorn. Their Snack Packs come in three sizes: three, five, and ten popcorn bags in a set. For orders above S$30, you’ll get to enjoy free delivery.

Place your order at The Kettle Gourmet’s online store.

5. Kokoro Japan Store

If you’d rather not squeeze with groups of people just to get your Japanese snack fix, you can still find some of your favourites at Kokoro Japan Store. The e-tailer carries health and beauty products, but they also have a section on their website dedicated to Japanese food and drinks.

Pick up unique Pocky flavours, such as the Almond Crush, Matcha Chocolate, or Milk Chocolate Pocky. You can get a variety of Kit Kat flavours too, like Ume Sake and Dark Matcha Green Tea. If you like gummies, you have to try Kororo’s Grape Gummy, available in a 3-pack.

Place your order at Kokoro Japan Store.

6. Box Green

Now, onto the healthier snacks. If you fear a lack of variety with your snacks, sign up with Box Green. It’s a subscription box that lets you pick up to 6 snacks weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. For S$19.90, you’ll receive around two bags of each snack and a total of 12 bags per box.

With over 30 good-for-you options, Box Green has categorised their snacks based on nutrition and dietary preference, such as vegan, paleo, and gluten-free. Try the Cheng Tng Almond Mix for an interesting take on a local delight, or include the Peri Peri Lim Soya Crisps in your box. Delivery is free of charge for subscription boxes, but the fee is an additional S$3.90 for a la carte orders.

Place your order at Box Green’s online store.

7. Renew Snacks Garage

If you’re dealing with an afternoon slump, Renew Snacks’ range of artisan snacks should perk you up. Available in whacky flavours, their nuts are available in Sweet Sambal, Hainanese, and Briyani. You can find nut butters on the menu too, so you can incorporate a Lavender Pistachio or White Earl Grey Cashew with baked goods.

They also serve up a few flavours of popcorn, each immersed in special flavours, such as tom yum, coffee, and gula melaka. For S$49.90, they’ll deliver six boxes with packets on snacks in them as part of their subscription service.

Place your order at Renew Snacks Garage’s online store.

8. Oatberry

For guilt-free snacking, check out Oatberry. They offer gluten-free granola that’s freshly baked every week with no additives, refined sugars, or preservatives in them. Sign up for The Breakfast Club, a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly subscription priced from S$15 per month. You can also make an ala carte purchase for S$16.90 at no delivery charge or minimum order.

Flavours like Cinnamon Apple, Double Chocolate, and Maple Pecan are perfect for breakfast or a midday snack. Oatberry has also prepared a special Mother’s Day Fruitful Gift Box, which contains a trio of large granola packs. You can add on a floral bouquet to your gift box too.

Place your order at Oatberry’s online store.

9. Snack Guru

If you’re on a Paleo diet, you’ll probably love Snack Guru. Their snacks do not contain any refined sugars, white flour, additives, or preservatives. You can opt to purchase one of their boxes or pick which snacks you like. The Nutcracker box is one that’s filled with healthy offerings like kale chips, organic banana almond cookies, and black sesame crackers.

Snack Guru also has a halal range of beef jerky is tasty flavours like Chilli Garlic and Smoked Manuka Honey. There’s the Gollybrekkie Breakfast Cookie too, which packs a punch of energy when you need a pick-me-up. For orders below S$100, there’s a delivery fee of S$10.

Place your order at Snack Guru’s online store.

10. The Edible Co.

A company that also provides halal-certified snacks is The Edible Co. On their website, you’ll spot granola, biscuits, and nuts made without preservatives, refined sugar, or dairy. If it’s your first time trying snacks from The Edible Co., start with the 4 Snack Pack. Each snack box contains cacao nib crunch, salted gula melaka almonds, pistachio cranberry biscotti, and oatmeal raisin cookies.

Once you’re hooked, you can consider getting the Family Pantry Bundle. This includes six large bags of snacks, including coconut gula melaka granola, cranberry almond granola, triple dark chocolate granola, activated almonds, pistachio cranberry biscotti, and oatmeal raisin cookies. Delivery is free with a minimum order of S$60.

Place your order at The Edible Co.’s website.

11. Snack First

Like its name suggests, Snack First puts the snacks first. They offer a wide variety of nuts, dried fruits, granola crackers, cookies, and biscuits to choose from, so there’s something for everyone. For an interesting spin on plain nuts, try the Satay Sunkissed Cashews and Cheesy Cashews. Both are packed with flavour with none of the guilt.

You can also go old-school with traditional snacks like Butterfly Ear Biscuits, Couch Potato Wheel Crackers, or Spicy Chilli Prawn Crackers. The best part? There’s no delivery charge or minimum order.

Place your order at Snack First’s website.

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