This new patisserie serves tarts with “strange” combinations that are actually very delectable

Gorgeous and delicious tarts are possibly one of the biggest food trends in 2021.

If you’re looking for tasty tarts that are pretty as gifts (or for Instagram) while offering a unique taste profile, then the newly opened Shio Patisserie may just be up your alley.

Founded by the same team behind The Denzy Collective, an award-winning gelato shop, Shio Patisserie is dedicated to serving quality handcrafted pastries, created by Sherlynn Teo, its Pastry Chef. Teo’s illustrious culinary career began at one-Michelin-starred Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar before she moved on to now three-Michelin-star Odette Restaurant. Her last post was Chef-de-Partie at three-Michelin-starred Les Amis Restaurant.

You can look forward to strong influences of French techniques in her creations and unique – almost unfamiliar – flavours that are designed to tantalise the palates of the open-minded foodie.

And as far as quality and freshness are concerned, Shio Patisserie prides itself with serving tarts that are baked and assembled in-house just two hours before collection.

AVENUE ONE tried everything on Shio Patisserie’s menu to tell you whether they’re worth the calories.

Shio Patisserie review: What should you order?

Earl Grey Pecan Tart

shio patisserie review earl grey pecan tart

Pecan tarts aren’t new but this comes with a twist by infusing earl grey in its flavours – and but who knew pecan could go so well with earl grey?

This has a almond sponge base that features toasted notes of the slightly salted pecan butter filling that complement the aromatic earl grey cream. A single pecan on top gives it a nice crunch.

I find that it has a unique combination that makes you pay attention to its taste yet is so harmonious I’m pretty sure it’s a tart that most people will enjoy.

I also like that the earl grey flavour is strong and fragrant enough for a tea-lover to appreciate.

Cheese Brûlée Tart

shio patisserie review cheese brulee tart

Cheese tarts were a huge trend a few years ago and we all know how decadent they can taste.

The Cheese Brûlée Tart by Shio Patisserie does it slightly different by drawing its inspiration from the classic Crème Brûlée.

While it retains the rich and creamy taste of conventional cheese tarts, it also features a caramelised sugar glaze (just like a Crème Brûlée) and a citrus lemon sponge that helps cut through that sweet taste.

This indulgent tart is filled with cream cheese and mascarpone, which is very addictive if you enjoy cheese.

As a cheese-lover, I enjoyed this tart very much, and appreciate that it’s not too cloying, so you won’t find it too difficult to savour the entire tart on your own.

Lime Basil Tart

shio patisserie lime basil tart

We’ve all tried a key lime tart – but adding basil to it? Very novel.

This has a refreshing lime sponge base, filled with a curd that’s infused with basil. The basil adds an aromatic edge to the zesty lime that really fascinated me.

Topped with a smooth layer of white chocolate cream, it further counters the sourness of the lime to offer a very satisfying flavour.

This is a surprising combination that actual works, and in fact made the taste profile so much more well-balanced compared to the regular key lime tart I’m very familiar with.

This turns out to my favourite tart from Shio Patisserie’s menu and you should really look forward to it when you make an order.

Mont Blanc Tart

shio patisserie review mont blanc tart

The Mont Blanc Tart is definitely a staple when it comes to traditional French desserts. Shio’s version is a delicious take on this classic, featuring rum sponge and tart cassis coulis, and chestnut cream.

However, while it’s still a really good tart, having been “spoilt” by the very novel angle taken on by the other tarts Shio offers, I find this a little boring.

The four tarts mentioned have a diameter of 8cm, and are available within Box One, which retails for S$36 for four assorted tarts.

Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Tart

shio patisserie review sea salt dark chocolate tart 2

If you’re looking for a bigger tart, Shio Patisserie offers the Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Tart that’s 16cm in diameter.

I consider this the must-try for chocolate-lover. It features a rich and decadent ganache made using premium French chocolate. The ganache has a velvety texture and I love that it has the right balance of sweetness and bitterness . I found myself digging into it repeatedly because it was very additive.

shio patisserie review sea salt dark chocolate tart 1

The cherry on top has to be the sprinkling of Maldon sea salt to it just before you savour the tart. This offers a crunch that adds a good textural dimension to the gastronomic experience, and at the same time elevates the taste of the chocolate by balancing it with a savoury finish.

I like this luxurious tart so much, I think I’ll be ordering it as my “birthday cake” for my next birthday.

You can order Box One and the Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Tart from the Shio Patisserie online store. Weekly pre-orders with limited slots open at 12pm every Tuesday.