Shake Shack opens sixth outlet at Great World; we tried the new limited-time menu to tell you if it’s good

Great World was the name of one of Singapore’s first amusement parks back in the 1920s (known locally as ‘Tua Seh Kai’ in Hokkien) and now, the location where it once resided is also where Shake Shack’s sixth outlet calls home.


Yes, you read that right – Shake Shack just unveiled its latest location in Singapore and to celebrate the new store, it is debuting a new limited-time menu when the outlet officially opens on 28 April 2021.

AVENUE ONE headed down to Shake Shack at Great World earlier this afternoon to give you a sneak preview ahead of the official opening. Keep on reading to find out what we think of the celebratory menu, and what’s new at the latest location!

Shake Shack celebrates the opening of its sixth outlet with a Jalapeño Ranch menu


Launching on the same day as the opening, the all-new Jalapeño Ranch menu puts a spin on the classic American favourite and amps up the heat in a handful of Shake Shack classics.

The star of the show is, of course, the made-from-scratch creamy ranch sauce that’s whipped up using real parmesan, black pepper, and fresh jalapeños to excite your taste buds with a punch of peppery flavour.

Shake Shack Jalapeño Ranch ShackBurger

The Jalapeño Ranch ShackBurger – available also as a double-stack for those with a bigger appetite – features 100% Angus beef, pepper jack cheese, house-made ranch, house-pickled jalapeños, crispy bacon, tomato, and lettuce. The original ShackBurger is never a letdown, and we’re happy to report that this version is equally delicious too!

The beef patty was moist and the burger buns were soft, just like how it’s always done at Shake Shack. The crispy bacon strips offered a nice crunch to the burger and we especially liked the additional slivers of jalapeño which gave our burger just enough heat to tickle our taste buds.

The creamy ranch sauce tied all the flavours up beautifully and had just the right amount of tang to zest up the burger. If we really have to fault it, it’s just that the burger had too little sauce in it! While the subtle ranch flavour shone through nonetheless, we think that the burger could use a little bit more for a more intense bite.

Meanwhile, the Jalapeño Ranch Chick’n Shack sees the addition of house-made ranch, house-pickled jalapeños, bacon, tomato, and lettuce to the crispy chicken burger. We didn’t taste this personally but were told by other journalists that the ranch sauce was a good accompaniment to the popular chicken burger as it gave more contrast to the burger than the original buttermilk herb mayo.

Shake Shack Jalapeño Ranch Fries

Of course, no Shake Shack meal is complete without crinkle-cut fries, and the Jalapeño Ranch Fries is covered in delicious ranch, topped with a generous sprinkling of chives, house-pickled jalapeños, and bits of crispy bacon. We reckon that it is a good alternative to the typical cheesy loaded fries on days when regular fries are too boring but you don’t want something too overwhelmingly rich like cheese-drizzled fries.

Our only quip? The ranch sauce was all stuck at the first few pieces of fries on top, so when we worked our way to the bottom of the plate, there was barely any sauce left to go with the fries. Heed our advice and mix it up first before digging in so that you get a bit of ranch with every piece.

As mentioned, you can savour the limited-offering menu at the Great World outlet beginning 28 April 2021. It will be on the menu until 15 June 2021, so be sure to round up your friends and loved ones to try the special flavours.

Even better news? It will also be debut at Shake Shack outlets island-wide on the same day and will be available for the same duration as well, so you don’t necessarily have to make your way to Great World just to enjoy the Jalapeño Ranch menu – though we highly encourage you to because the new location is just totally worth checking out!

New special Concretes at Shake Shack’s Great World outlet

Left: Berry Ferris Swell | Right: Poppin’ Good Time

To round out your meal, the Great World store features two exclusive Concretes inspired by giddy amusement park afternoons – Poppin’ Good Time and Berry Ferris Swell.

Poppin’ Good Time has a vanilla custard base blended with chocolate pop rocks, fudgy brownie by homegrown bakery Plain Vanilla, salted caramel sauce, and gold sprinkles as the finishing touch.

With this indulgent dessert, the first thing that hits your taste buds is the delightfully rich salted caramel flavour which is the reason why we highly recommend all salted caramel lovers to try this Concrete because it sure packs a punch of salty sweetness that you’d love!

Brownie chunks layered in between the custard offered a contrast in texture, but the highlight for us was definitely the popping candy – every spoonful that we took had plenty of it hidden within the custard so it was just a party in our mouths constantly.

On the other hand, Berry Ferris Swell is a creamy delight with vanilla custard blended with tangy raspberries and cheesecake. For us, the tart berry flavour offered a nice relief from all the rich and delicious flavours that we had prior to tasting this Concrete.

Chunks of cheesecake on top of the lush vanilla custard plus swirls of raspberry sauce – it was just a wonderful balance of sour and sweet. If you want something less sweet but equally as decadent as the salted caramel version after your meal, you won’t go wrong with this one.


There’s also the signature Shack Attack Concrete on the menu here as well. In line with Shake Shack’s ‘Stand For Something Good’ mission, 5% of sales from Shack Attack at the Great World outlet will go to Promisedland Community Services (PCS), a Singapore-based non-profit organisation that provides its beneficiaries with a wide range of services to assist in their daily lives.

Shake Shack partners with Singaporean artist tobyato for the Great World outlet


Aside from bringing burgers and shakes to Great World, you can also count on Shake Shack to bring good vibes to the location, thanks to its collaboration with homegrown artist tobyato. The partnership first brought to fruition a 40-metre-long artwork that served as the hoarding while the outlet was being completed.


Within the store now is a vibrant mural inspired by the fascinating history of the Great World amusement park. Serving as a backdrop for some of the couch seatings in the restaurant, the sprawling abstract artwork is reminiscent of the infectious, carefree energy, and moods of a bygone era.

The lively colours are a homage to the amusement park’s playful atmosphere that appealed to all ages, mirroring Shake Shack’s inclusive appeal, with its diverse offering of food, beverages, and welcoming environment.

Shake Shack Great World officially opens on 28 April 2021. It is located at 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World, #01-101, Singapore 237994.