K-BBQ Restaurant Seorae Launches Exclusive Platter for a Limited Time Only

If you enjoy Korean BBQ, then Seorae is probably a familiar name to you. And here’s good news: the Korean Charcoal BBQ chain is igniting the culinary scene this season with their exclusive Grill and Chill Platter, available for a limited time from now till 30 April.

seorae chill and grill
Grill and Chill platter

This platter is a carnivore’s delight, featuring three premium cuts expertly cooked to perfection: Yangnyeom Moksal (succulent marinated pork collar), Hangjeongsal (flavourful pork jowl), and Woosamyeob (delicately sliced US beef shortplate).

But this feast isn’t just about the meats. It’s complemented by refreshing Mul-Naengmyeon (chilled noodles) and a traditional Haemul Pajeon (seafood pancake) – ideal palate cleansers between each mouthwatering bite.

To round up your dining experience, choose from a selection of refreshing drinks, such as the Makguilli Tower, Soju Tower, Mocktail Tower, or 5 Terra Beers.

seorae wagyu beef jinkkotasal
Seorae’s Finest Tajima Wagyu Bone-on Short Ribs

Elevate your dining experience to new heights with Seorae’s Finest Tajima Wagyu Bone-on Short Ribs, boasting an opulent marbling score of 8. For a limited time only (from now till 30 April), relish in a 50% discount on this divine melt-in-your-mouth meat with every purchase of a King, Ultimate, or Grill and Chill set. The AVENUE ONE team swears by this cut, and we really urge you to give it a try – especially at a steal now!

seorae ultimate bbq at home
Ultimate BBQ Grill Set: Pork and Beef. Available via Foodpanda.

Prefer to host your own BBQ soirée? Seorae has you covered with their Ultimate BBQ Grill set, available for delivery via Foodpanda. Each set includes a disposable grill pit, empowering you to unleash your inner grill master, alongside generous portions of Sundubu (soft tofu stew) and Japchae (stir-fried glass noodles).

Explore a smorgasbord of Ultimate BBQ Grill sets tailored to suit every palate at Seorae:

  • Pork and Beef: A delectable medley featuring Galmaegisal (skirt steak), Moksal (pork collar), LA Galbi (short rib), Woosamyeob (beef shortplate)
  • Pork and Chicken: Savour a delectable blend of Galmaegisal, Samgyeobsal (pork belly), Dakgalbi (spicy stir-fried chicken), Pabulgogi (marinated beef)
  • Pork: Immerse yourself in a pork lover’s paradise with Galmaegisal, Black Pork Belly, Hangjeongsal, Moksal
  • Beef: Indulge in a carnivore’s fantasy with Seorae Bulgogi, Prime Jinkkotsal (brisket), LA Galbi, Woosamyeob

    Seorae is located at #B1-10 JEM, #02-36 Compass One, #B1-73/74 Serangoon Nex, #B1-02 Tampines Mall, #02-01 Plaza Singapura, and #B1-37 Northpoint City. Opening hours are from 11.30am to 10pm daily.