15 best sando you can find in Singapore

“Sando”, a Japanese term that means “sandwich”, is making its way into Singaporean foodies’ gourmet dictionary.

Gaining popularity here in the last two years, the original sando refers to thick tonkatsu sandwiches that are typically found in convenience stores in Japan.

Now, you can find different variations of sando – all of them just as sumptuous and thick, which is how they differentiate from the more common Western-style sandwiches.

If you’re looking for a good sando in Singapore, here are 15 places to turn to.


Sandos are not a key component of the menu at this sushi joint, but they certainly did not neglect the one sando dish on their menu. 

Hiryu’s version of the Wagyu Sando (S$58, in its a la carte dinner menu) marries thick cuts of charcoal-grilled A5 Miyazaki wagyu with toasted bread. That marriage is lovingly sealed with a generous serving of Uni, which is spread between meat and bread.

If you’re looking to spoil yourself, this is the sando to get.

Hiryu is located at 39 Tras Street, Singapore 078978.

46 Mittsu

46 Mittsu sando
Source: @46mittsu / Instagram 

Part of a co-working space, 46 Mittsu is set up by four young entrepreneurs in early 2020. They’ve since evolved their offering from just rice bowls, to a set of decadent sandwiches that set tastebuds alight. 

A hot favourite among diners, their Beef Sando (S$14) is a treat for meat-lovers, who can’t get enough of with its thick slabs of house-smoked beef brisket on toasty brioche. That protein is lovingly adorned with American cheddar and savoury ratatouille.

Breakfast-lovers will want the B.E.C (S$12), a winning combination of thick cut bacon, scrambled eggs, and American cheddar cheese.

46 Mittsu is located at 46 Kim Yam Road, #01-07 The Herencia, Singapore 239351.

Two Man Bagel House

Source: @twomenbagelhouse / Instagram

If you’re looking for a super decadent sando in Singapore, this is the place to visit.

When you show up at one of its two outposts, you’ll smell the smoked meats and toasty bagels. Your only job is to pick one of the many outstanding options they have lined up for you. 

Sure, you can go for the safer options like their Lox sandwiches, but why stop there? Each outlet has its own unique menu, so go wild.

For those who visit their Novena branch, the Sunday Best (S$13) brings the ultimate decadence to bear with Fennel Sausage, fried eggs, hash browns and cheese.

And if you are at their Tanjong Pagar outlet, give their Bahn Me Over (S$16.50) a shot. It’s a twist on the traditional Bahn Mi, but adds a unique Sichuan pastrami into the mix for trademark decadence.

Two Man Bagel House is located at103 Irrawaddy Rd, #01-04 Royal Square, Singapore 329566 and 16 Enggor St, #01-12 Icon Village Altez, Singapore 079717

Wagyu Jin

wagyu jin
Source: @wagyujinsg / Instagram

Les Amis group’s Wagyu Jin is well-known for the artful use of its remarkable wagyu selection. This restaurant is on the “must-go” list of Wagyu fans in Singapore for its Omakase dinner. 

One of the winning dishes on the Omakase menu is their Chateaubriand Sando (S$128, a part of its Lunch Omakase menu). Using delectable A5 Ohmi Wagyu, and two pieces of toasted bread and a touch of Katsu sauce, this rendition of the Wagyu Sando is as satisfying as it is classy.

Wagyu Jin is located at 1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre, #02-12, Singapore 228208.

Sando Singapore

sando singapore
Source: @sandosingapore / Instagram

We can’t forget one of the frontrunners in Singapore’s sando scene. Sando Singapore shows us precisely how the humble Japanese sandwich can be elevated into exceptionally tasty treats.

Sando Singapore’s claim to fame is the Gooralie Tonkatsu Sando (S$15).

Taking perfectly breaded free-range Australian pork, it tops it with duck fat confit onions, and give it that extra flavour using a mix of Kombu Mayo and Bulldog Tonkatsu sauce.

All said and done, this mouthwatering combination makes the next day’s gym workout worth the while.

Sando Singapore is located at 438C Alexandra Road, #01-04/04A, Singapore 119976


korio sando
Source: @koriosg / Instagram 

Korio puts a spin on the decadence with Brooklyn-style Brioche donuts. But what really sets this place apart from the usual donut store are their uniquely flavoured sammies.

While they do carry the typical grilled cheese sandwiches, Korio’s standout item on the menu is the Breakfast Sammy (S$14). A perfect wake-me-up, this sando combines creamy egg with crispy spam and American cheddar, for bite after luxurious bite.

Korio is located at 135 Amoy St, Far East Square, #01-03, Singapore 049964


Source: @samwitchsg / Instagram

This new sando entrant is aimed at the masses, serving tasty sandwiches at affordable prices.

While some might baulk at the idea of affordable, a lower price does not equate to a less tasty sandwich.

Even though it opened in 2021, Samwitch has already opened two heartland outlets; one in Hougang, and another in Clementi. 

Chief among their three key menu items is the Beef Sando (S$11). The protein itself is house-cured, so it is more like a Reuben you can get at a delicatessen in New York City than a steak-style sandwich.

The Chicken Sando (S$9), however, inherits a juiciness that is easily achievable using a sous-vide method. Add the requisite vegetables and cheese to it, and you’re all set for a fantastic lunch.

Samwitch is located at 806 Hougang Central, #01-152, Singapore 530806
and 321 Clementi Ave 3, #01-03, Singapore 129905

Live Twice

live twice sando
Source: @livetwicesg / Instagram

People generally don’t go to a bar to eat a sando, which is precisely why you should go to this bar to eat their impressive sandos for some Instagram bragging rights.

From decor to menu, Live Twice’s inspirations come from mid-century Japan; that means earthy tones and cocktails with Japanese liquor. 

Central to their food menu is a set of four sando that go down well with the spirits you’ll imbibe through the night.

The Wagyu Katsu Sando (S$44) already has a wide fanbase, but the dark horse of the menu is their Tamago Katsu Sando (S$23), which you should certainly try.

Sweet and savoury all at the same time, this deceptively simple-looking sando packs a mix of flavours once you bite down on its warm and welcoming tamago that is shrouded by crunchy panko.

Live Twice is located at 20 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089834.

Onda by Park Bench Deli

Source: @ondabypbd / Instagram

Park Bench Deli’s new outpost along Lorong Telok brings a smart, focused menu that carries a Cuban twist. Think scant, hole-in-the-wall furnishings serving up sandwiches with abundant, satisfying flavours.

Central to the menu is the Cubano (S$16.50), a crowd-favourite that is loaded with sweet ham, lechon, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard. When eaten straight out of the kitchen, the melted cheese gives the sweet ham an additional dimension of savoury flavour.

The eatery’s Cuban Cheese Steak (price in-store) uses sliced brisket, a special cheese sauce, and a mix of bell peppers, jalapeños and onions, putting a Cuban twist to a Philly classic.

Onda by Park Bench Deli is located at 21 Lorong Telok, Singapore 049033.


Source: @sarnies.sg / Instagram

We love the coffee at this ever-popular cafe, and those meaty sandwiches certainly lure us in to their Telok Ayer space for lunch.

But when we found out about their Club Tempeh (S$15) sando, we knew that our vegan friends could now join us in raving about Sarnies.

The Club Tempeh comes with chunks of marinated tempeh and braised mushrooms, but what takes the cake is the creamy guacamole that ties everything together. Magnifiqué!

Sarnies is located at 136 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068601.

Steeple’s Deli

Photo by Steeple’s Deli

Steeple’s touts itself as the “first deli in Singapore”.

While we don’t know if that’s 100% true, we can tell you that the 40-year-old institution’s Reuben (S$17.90) sandwich definitely lives up to NYC delicatessen standard.

Their rendition is a massive sando packed with a generous serving of shaved corned beef, tangy sauerkraut, and Emmental cheese.

Of course, the rye bread is slathered with mustard and herb butter to deliver a kick at the tail end of each bite. It’s a classic that will keep you coming back for more.

Steeple’s Deli is located at 19 Tanglin Road, #02-25, Singapore 247909

Origin & Bloom

origin & bloom sando
Source: @singaporiyums / Instagram

If you’re looking to splurge on a cafe experience, Marina Bay Sands is home to the heavily European-influenced Origin & Bloom.

Alongside some fantastic sandwiches, it’s got great coffees and teas, as well as some fantastic desserts.

We think the standout sandwich here is definitely “The Whole Nine Yards”. This sandwich comes in 4cm (S$16), 8cm (S$29), and full-size (S$85) versions.

Think of it as a sandwich version of a Mille Crêpe, with layer after layer of pickled vegetables, cured meats and bread. We’re talking mortadella, chorizo, dry-aged pork sausages and gammon ham.

Origin & Bloom is located at 10 Bayfront Ave, Tower 3 Lobby, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018956


san doh
Source: @sssan.doh / Instagram

Set up by Ryan and Thaddeus, two keenly entrepreneurial undergrads, 三-DÖ (pronounced “Sando”) was a way for them to apply what they learnt during their two years in SIT.

Instead of going direct to retail, the pair decided to run 三-DÖ as a home-based online business, focused on delivering Japanese-style sandwiches.

The experiment took off, with plenty of orders for their uniquely-flavoured options. The Truffle Tamago Sando might be a signature, but meat lovers will spring for the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sando with its juicy and tender protein.

Check their website for ordering details.

The Rebel Gurl

the rebel gurl sando
Source: @rebelgurl.co / Instagram 

There’s always room for some Banh Mi in this list, and Rebel Gurl Sandwiches does Banh Mi justice.

It’s no surprise that this place has been featured in TimeOut as one of Singapore’s best Sandwich shops three years in a row. This shop’s hearty, yet affordable sandwiches have won the tastebuds of many visitors. It helps that they have a bunch of vegan options too.

For first-timers, the Trad (S$7.90) is a must-try, with its chicken ham, paté and pickled vegetables, while vegans should zoom in on the Pure (S$7.90) sub, which is full of tempeh and Quorn patties.

Those seeking an off-beat option should spring for the Asian Po Boy (S$10), a New Orleans-inspired sub packed with shrimp, Asian slaw, mayo and sweet Thai chili, encased in a warm and crispy baguette.

The Rebel Gurl is located at 306 Lavender Street, Singapore 338813.

Simply Bread

simply bread sando
Source: @simplybread / Instagram

Simply Bread has been quietly building up its reputation for great breads and sandwiches at both their Cluny Court and Guthrie House outlets.

This bakery cafe trades in warmth and approachability, with friendly staff and good, simple bread.

Fans of Simply Bread love their freshly baked ciabattas and foccacias, and often travel to the Guthrie House outlet for their simple and satisfying sandwiches.

Offerings include stalwart favourites like their Steak Sandwich (S$18), made with quality breads and ingredients, with fresh vegetables and meats.

But often, the simplest sandwiches deliver the purest taste. I recommend flavour purists give the Monte Cristo (S$15) a shot. It’s a simple French Toast with ham and cheese, grilled to melty perfection.

Simply Bread is located at 9 North Buona Vista Drive, The Metropolis, Singapore 138588

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