Samyang chewing gum is a thing – do you dare to try it?

Forget your coffee and tea – here’s a surefire way to wake up within seconds.

Arguably Korea’s most famous instant noodle, the Samyang Spicy Chicken Noodle turned into an internet sensation worldwide through the Spicy Noodle challenge done by online personalities such as Bretman Rock. Since then, the company has created more products under the line, including a Spicy Noodle Lipstick that gives your lips a plumper look, as if you’d just eaten the brand’s Spicy Noodles, as well as bottles of their signature spicy sauce, so you can give all of your favourite dishes an extra spicy kick. Behold their newest release: this Spicy chewing gum!


The container is a dead ringer for the noodle packaging, with the same adorable duck character and contains a fiery red colored gum, as if the name isn’t intimidating enough. Promising to wake you right out of a daze, the chewing gum confused curious online users with its unusual choice of flavour, and even sparked jokes about it being the perfect April Fools’ Day gift for their unsuspecting friends.

Unfortunately, whether you’re daring and game enough to try this whimsical creation or not, the Samyang Spicy Noodle chewing gum is only available in stores in Korea, and cannot be bought online.