Salted egg flavoured pizzas are coming and we think we need them in our tummies

Singaporeans can’t get enough of the salted egg yolk flavour – we already know that. We’ve already been indulging in salted egg yolk crab, custard buns, potato chips, fish skin, and even mooncakes. Just as we thought we can’t have more salted egg goodness, Domino’s Pizza announced the launch of a new range of menu items featuring the savoury flavour we love.

Called the Ho-SEY range (SEY stands for Salted Egg Yolk – cute, huh!), the new menu comprises of two new pizza flavours, cheese stick, and tangy chicken wings.

According to Linda Hassan, Senior Vice President of Domino’s Pizza Singapore and Malaysia, the unique salted egg yolk base they use is loaded with salted egg yolk and a hint of curry leaves.

Here are the items you can find in the new Ho-SEY menu.

HO-SEY Classy Pizza


This will have you biting into salted egg yolk on succulent slices of smoked chicken breast, fresh onions, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and 100% mozzarella cheese. Enjoy this on Domino Pizza’s our new Chilli Cheese Hand-Tossed Crust or your favourite type of pizza base. We think this is going to be the crowd-pleaser that everyone will enjoy.

HO-SEY Chicky Pizza


The other salted egg yolk pizza option, this features the taste of salted egg yolk on slices of succulent smoked chicken breast, chicken ham, 100% mozzarella cheese, and green and red peppers baked to perfection on your choice of pizza crust.

HO-SEY Zesty Chicken Wings


Need some small bites to complement your salted egg yolk pizzas? Try Domino’s Pizza’s Ho-SEY Zesty Chicken Wings, which are inspired by the chicken wings you can usually find at hawker centres. These chicken wings are flavoured with lime juice and glazed with sweet honey rock sugar so you’ll get a delightful blend of sweet and savoury in every bite.

HO-SEY Cheestix


Want to continue munching on that addictive salted egg yolk even when you’re done with the main courses? There’s no better item to try than the Ho-SEY Cheestix. These are loaded with salted egg yolk and baked with a dash of spicy parmesan cheese.

All Ho-SEY items will be available from 25 March in stores and via for a limited time only.