Sakura cup noodles?! This has got to be the prettiest cup noodles you’ve ever seen

Chinese instant noodles brand Tang Da Ren (汤达人, directly translated to “Soup Specialist” in English) has launched a limited edition sakura-inspired cup noodles.


Each cup comes with noodles, a pack of garnish, a pack of soup base, and a fork.


While many are attracted by its pretty appearance, there are some who are worried about its taste, wondering if it would taste weird or have a sakura-infused flavour.


The more adventurous ones who have tried it said that it tasted like the brand’s regular tonkotsu ramen that it’s famous for, so it looks like the only difference with this cup noodles is that the noodles are pink.


While Tang Da Ren products are available in supermarkets in Singapore, this limited edition creation doesn’t seem to be available at retail stores, unfortunately. However, we’ve managed to find a merchant on Shopee that carries it, retailing for S$44.95 for a box of 12 cups. So you can get hold of it if you’re curious!

Photos taken from these social media accounts: 七七觅食, 车厘爆爆, and SheepLing

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