A taste of this butter cake from Hokkaido sends you to gourmet heaven – find out where to get it in Singapore

We’re always on the lookout for good food. And when a sweet treat like this one started gaining popularity on social media, we know we need to get our hands on it.


We’re talking about the Ryugetsu Butter Cake.

For the uninitiated, Ryugetsu is a popular sweets and pastries shop in Hokkaido – an island in Japan that’s famous for its dairy products – and is a brand locals would recommend if you’re looking to try local delicacies.


While Ryugetsu is probably best known for its Sanporoku, a German-style cake that features milk chocolate with a white chocolate coating, netizens are going gaga over the Butter Cake, a relatively newer creation by the Japanese brand.

This cake has to be kept frozen and netizens say that savouring it as it goes from its frozen state to a slightly melted state presents a different gourmet experience with every bite. They love that in its frozen state it feels like Italian gelato and as it melts, it tastes more like silken tofu.


While it’s rich in cream, it’s light, so it doesn’t feel cloying.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go to Japan to enjoy the Ryugetsu Butter Cake. The brand has an outlet at Takashimaya, Basement 2 and the Butter Cake retails for S$26.

Photos taken from 妳好Nihao  / RED