Have your coffee (with latte art!) made by a robot at this new cafe in Orchard Road

Robot baristas aren’t news to us, after all, we’ve met at RATIO at Centrepoint. After its success at the Centrepoint outlet, RATIO has opened its new flagship store at ION Orchard, and this time,The Super Manual (the official name of these robot baristas) make your coffee with barista-level latte art.


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The newly open RATIO Café + GastroBar is Instagram-worthy in many ways. From the neon light on an eclectic mural to the gorgeous plates of food and beverages it delivers.

Food and drinks to order at RATIO Café + GastroBar

While the baristas are definitely a huge highlight at the cafe, it offers a strong menu of food items too.

seafood laksa linguine ratio cafe
Seafood Laksa Cream Linguine

Our favourite is the Seafood Laksa Cream Linguine, a fusion dish that features generous portions of seafood, a moreish laksa sauce, and linguine cooked perfectly.

In fact, we loved the sauce so much, we’d have soaked up every bit of it if we had some bread to go along.

rosy creme brulee ratio cafe

The cafe has a list of desserts to choose from and we highly recommend the Rosy Creme Brulee. This deconstructed creme brulee has a pleasant rose scent to it, making the dish feel like it’s been given a Bandung twist.

coffee robot barista ratio cafe

As for drinks, coffee is of course what you should go for. These are made to precision by The Super Manual, and for selected drinks, it can even do a perfect latte art on them. It’s pretty fascinating to watch, so honestly, we’d order a cup just to see the robot baristas at work.

Besides coffee, cocktails are another highlight to check out at RATIO Café + GastroBar.

What’s unique about your cocktail experience at RATIO is that you’ll get to customise the alcohol level of your tipple.

passion pop ratio cafe
Passion Pop

There are several one-of-a-kind creations in the menu and Passion Pop is the one that we recommend. This is served as a popsicle that you can either take a lick off or wait for it to melt into a conventionally liquid beverage.

RATIO Café + GastroBar is located at 2 Orchard Turn, #B1-12 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801. It’s open from 10am to 10pm daily.

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