Indulge in fried skewers for under S$1 each at this hidden gourmet paradise – order takeaway and enjoy a refreshing glass of beer at home!

It’s always a pleasure to find good food, especially affordable ones that most people don’t know about.

This time, we’re back with fried skewers, also known as lok lok, that are sold for S$1 or less for each stick.

We don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty good deal.

Not just a hotpot and BBQ buffet restaurant

You may have come across Pot Yummy Yummy, a restaurant located at Telok Ayer that prides itself in offering both hotpot and BBQ buffet meals at affordable prices. They even have sets of just one person, making it more convenient if you’re looking to enjoy hotpot by yourself.

Credit: Pot Yummy Yummy/Facebook

But we’re not here to talk about this concept of theirs. Instead, we’re here to talk about their less-known fried lok lok that you can order and bring home.

Tucked away in Toa Payoh HDB Hub, Pot Yummy Yummy is a hidden gourmet paradise that offers an array of skewers to choose from for your meal.

Credit: YOYO CHEN/XiaoHongShu

Head to the counter and you’ll be treated to a sight of different types of skewers.

Credit: YOYO CHEN/XiaoHongShu

There are three categories in total and they are priced differently, vegetables are sold at S$0.50 per stick, mushrooms at S$0.70 per stick, and meat at S$1 per stick.

Simply start picking the ones that you would like to eat and place them on the metal tray provided, just like what you would do when you’re choosing what to add into your mala hotpot.

Once you’re done, hand it over to the cashier and they will count the total value of your items. Make your payment and they’ll proceed to bring it to the kitchen for their chefs to start frying your skewers!

Credit: YOYO CHEN/XiaoHongShu

Just take a look at that spread of skewers all fried to golden perfection! You’ve got chicken, mid-joint wings, prawns, beef, broccoli, enoki mushrooms wrapped in bacon, cuttlefish, Taiwan sausage, and many more.

While you can eat these skewers at the food court, we believe that bringing them home is a better idea because you get to slowly enjoy them and wash them down with a refreshing glass of beer.

Credit: YOYO CHEN/XiaoHongShu

Each stick is bursting with flavour, and each bite will just have you wanting more.

Credit: YOYO CHEN/XiaoHongShu

You do have to pay an additional S$0.30 for takeaway, but we think it’s definitely worth it because of the comfort you’re going to get at home. Plus, you can even cook some rice or even pair the lok lok with some instant noodles as you watch the latest drama on your television.

Credit: YOYO CHEN/XiaoHongShu

The packaging is also quite sturdy so you can place them on your tables without any worries of the oil leaking. This will make clean up much easier once you’re done eating. After all, nobody likes cleaning up too much of a mess especially when they’re a little drunk from the alcohol.

Also, since the packaging allows the skewers to be placed vertically, all the oil from the skewers will drip to the bottom, so you can rest assured that the skewers you eat will be less oily, or at the very least, they will not be stewing in an immense amount of oil.

So with that said, are you ready to eat some delicious fried skewers?

Pot Yummy Yummy is located at 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #B1-01, Gourmet Paradise, Singapore 310480 and is open from 11am to 10pm on Mondays through Sundays.