The prettiest açaí bowls in Singapore can be found in… a facial salon?!

If you were to ask someone a decade ago if they knew what açaí was, we’re pretty sure they’ve would have thought that you were asking about the popular beer brand Asahi – which happens to share the same pronunciation as açaí (ah-sigh-ee)!

Fast forward to today, açaí has pretty much become a staple offering at many hipster cafes, and there are even establishments such as The Açaí Affair and Project Açaí that specialise in it.

With açai being so readily available these days, you definitely won’t struggle with finding a place to get your açaí fix. But while we all know how these açaí bowls are always presented beautifully with fresh-cut fruits and granola, have you ever heard of a pastel unicorn açaí bowl or a galaxy-themed one?


Well, we recently came across some of the prettiest açaí bowls we’ve ever seen on RED (a.k.a “China’s Instagram), and guess what? They can be found in a facial salon here in Singapore! Yes, you did not read that wrongly.

The location in question is Porcelain Cafe by Gratefood Co., which is a collaboration between superfood distributor Gratefood Co. and wellness spa Porcelain tucked away in a corner of The Paragon.


Every açaí bowl here has a unique concept to it and the first one we’ll like you to meet is Starry Galaxy (S$24). Inspired by space and its elements, this bowl is made with a rich base that comprises a swirl of signature açaí blend with Japanese bamboo charcoal powder and coconut yoghurt.

Adding an element of crunch are maple granola, organic raw cacao nibs plus a banana and chocolate oat milk chia pudding.

To finish off the bowl and bring its space-like concept to life are edible details such as star-shaped banana slices, vegan dark chocolate balls, sparkly pearl white sprinkles, and a silver spray over the toppings.


If you prefer one that’s bursting with colours, Easter Love (S$24) is the one to go for. Made with the same base as Starry Galaxy, this version is layered with crunchy elements that such as maple granola, organic raw cacao nibs, and speculoos crumbs.

The star of this açaí bowl has definitely got to be the speculoos cookie butter that adds a savoury element to an otherwise sweet and fruity bowl.

It is then topped with the cutest toppings like vegan chocolate eggs, vegan bunny chocolate, sprinkles that are pretty in pink, and then finished off with a shimmery spray that gives the vibrant bowl an elegant layer of shine.


If açaí isn’t your cup of tea, Porcelain Cafe has you covered with smoothie bowls that are equally pretty and Insta-worthy. Case in point? This Unicorn Dreams Smoothie Bowl (S$24) that’s pictured above.

This pastel bowl of goodness is made with a base of orange acerola and pink pitaya coconut yoghurt which is then layered with maple granola, organic raw cacao nibs, and a banana and chocolate oat milk chia pudding for some crunch.

And of course, we can’t forget the final decorations! Topping off this bowl are colourful rainbow sprinkles, banana slices, and an icy-coloured ice cream cone to bring the unicorn silhouette to life. Doesn’t it just look oh-so-magical?


Beach bums are in for a treat here too with the Beach Paradise Smoothie Bowl (S$24) that’s inspired by glorious sea waves. Made with a base of a blueberry and blue spirulina banana nice cream blend, this bowl is then layered with classic crunchy ingredients such as maple granola and organic raw cacao nibs.

Filling up the other half of the bowl to look like the shore of a beach is the brand’s signature chocolate oat milk chia pudding. Banana slices in the shapes of fishes and stars, baby blue-hued sprinkles, and a shimmery spray are finally added at the end to make a bowl that looks like a glistening ocean.

Aren’t these açaí bowls just so beautiful and magical that even Van Gogh will approve? We certainly think so! But before you get turned off by the price tags of these gorgeous açaí and smoothie bowls, do note that each portion is meant to be shared between two to three people.

What’s more, the cafe is nestled with the Porcelain Origins spa outlet so you can make it a self-care day with your mom, sister or best friend and head down for a pampering facial followed by a healthy, guilt-free dessert at the cafe!

Just remember to charge your phone beforehand because you’d definitely be snapping away at your açaí and smoothie bowls for the ‘gram.

Address: 290 Orchard Road, #04-48, The Paragon, Singapore 238859
Opening hours: 11am to 6pm on weekdays, 10am to 6pm on weekends
Contact: 8907 7376