20 popular Korean snacks you can get in Singapore that will leave you hankering for more

Let’s be honest, 2020 didn’t start on good note for many Singaporeans. Save for the silver lining of getting to spend more time with family, our lives pretty much came to a screeching halt with the strike of the global pandemic.

And if we really have to choose, one of the worst things was having to put our travel plans on indefinite hold, whether it’s a short getaway in neighbouring countries or a trip visiting different cities to explore their culture and try out local food.

For the latter, Korea has always been a popular holiday destination for many Singaporeans and their local food and snacks are definitely to die for. To satisfy your cravings, here’s our round-up of the best Korean snacks that you can easily purchase in Singapore.

Choco Pie

One of the most iconic Korean snacks, Choco Pie is known for its fluffy and chewy texture. The perfect combination of chocolate, sponge cake and marshmallow is what keeps people of all ages coming back for more.

Get a box of Choco Pie at Shopee for SGD4.65.


Shaped like a whale, Goraebab literally means ‘whale snack’! These moreish little bites are mixed with seasoning, giving it a savoury flavour. Perhaps of the way it is shaped, Goraebab is a popular snack among young kids.

Try it out through Harinmart for SGD1.80.


If you are a fan of our local snack Hello Panda, you’re going to love Kancho. The snack was first introduced in just chocolate flavour but thanks to popular demand, strawberry filling is now available as well.

With just the right amount of sweetness filled in each biscuit, it’s no wonder why this snack is so popular.


Get your hands on it through Koryo Mart for SGD5.50.

Couque Dasse

Available in two different flavours, Vienna coffee and white torte, Couque Dasse is the perfect snack to have during tea time. Koreans love its subtle creamy texture so much that they tend to stock up on the snack in their office pantry.

Get a taste of it through Koryo Mart for SGD3.90.

Turtle Chip

Before you get alarmed, let us clarify that this snack is merely shaped like a turtle shell and not actually made with any real turtle parts! Its trademarked four-layer design gives it that extra texture and crunch that no other snacks have been able to achieve, and is highly raved about by Psy and Korean bloggers.

It comes in two different flavours: corn soup and sweet cinnamon.

Give it a try via Shopee for SGD3.90.

Roasted Sweet Potato

For fans of chewy snacks, Korean-style roasted sweet potato is not to be missed. Thanks to its high fibre and nutrient content, sweet potato is a snack loved by many and can be enjoyed in a number of ways, be it steamed, roasted or even dried.

Try it out through Koryo Mart for SGD3.


Chocolate snacks can hardly go wrong and this chocolate-coated biscuit is one of them. It’s not easy to get the perfect sweetness of chocolate but many reviewers agree that this chocolate tidbit is neither too sweet nor bitter!

Get your hands on a box via Shopee for SGD3.99.

Ummason Pie

Ummason can be translated as ‘mother’s hands’, and there are many sayings in Korean that a food or snack is a lot tastier when made by a mother. It’s hard to disagree on that as Ummason Pie is a solid butter cookie enjoyed by many on a daily basis.

Give it a try through Koryo Mart for SGD4.50.

Banana Kick

Korea’s famous banana milk is one of the must-try items when you visit the country but have you ever come across a banana-flavoured corn snack? BTS member, JungKook, is a big fan of Banana Kick and his love for it has got the fans wondering about its flavour and taste.

From reviews online, we’d say approach with caution as it can be a hit or miss.

A packet of Banana Kick retails for SGD2.85 at Shopee.

Oh Gamja

Korean snacks are known to have a variety of tantalising flavours and Oh Gamja is no exception. Original flavour aside, all other variants come with a delicious dipping sauce that you can douse the crisps in.

Sweet chilli is the only flavour currently available for purchase but the snack also comes in other mouth-watering flavours such as BBQ, gratin, ranch, and tomato.


Oh Gamja retails for SGD2.60 at Koryo Mart.


Craving for Korean fried chicken? Well, this drumstick-shaped snack can be a substitute for it in times when you can’t get hold of any. Dakdari literally translates as ‘chicken drumstick’ in Korean, and this snack comes in both original and spicy flavours.

Get a packet for SGD2 on Koryo Mart.

Buldak almonds

Remember the time when honey butter almond became a must-buy item in Korea? Well, it seems like there’s a new kid in the block now and it’s none other than buldak (fire) almonds. If you’re a fan of the Korean fire noodles, you’re probably going to like this too.

Get a taste of this unique snack via Lazada for SGD9.30.

Crab chips

You have to give it up to Korea for always putting in effort into producing unique, adorably shaped edibles. Drawing reference from blue crabs, these crustacean-shaped chips have a clean, light taste as they are baked, not fried.

It comes in three different flavours: original, seafood noodle and wasabi.

One packet of of crab chips retails for SGD6.99 at Shopee.

Onion ring

No matter how old we get, there’s always this child inside of us who enjoys having fun, and it can be as simple as playing with food such as putting onion rings through our fingers.

Also one of the most iconic Korean snacks, the Korean onion-flavoured rings have withstood the test of time and are enjoyed by many generations for years. Fans of the snack love the fact that it has a light, delicate texture.

Get a taste of this popular snack via Shopee for SGD4.05.

Choco mushroom

Another popular snack among kids is this choco mushroom snack. With the shape of a mushroom, the tip of the snack is chocolate-filled while the stem is made of crunchy biscuit, giving the treat just the right amount of sweetness.

A box of four packets retails for SGD11.90 at Shopee.

Lottesand pineapple

Speaking of unique biscuit flavours, here’s a pineapple cream-filled snack that you should check out. Highly recommended for afternoon tea, the biscuit is said to be pleasantly sweet and fruity.

A bundle of three retails for SGD9.99 at Shopee.

Snack sunchip

For those who love eating Oheya chips, this sunchip might be the one for you. The squarish and ripple-shaped design allows for an extra crispy texture.

While the label says that the flavour is hot spicy, you’d be surprised that it is actually more sweet and spicy than numbing and spicy.

Get your hands on this at Shopee for SGD4.99.

Corn cheese potato chip

In Korea, corn cheese is one of the easiest snacks that locals love to make as it only requires four simple ingredients: corn, cheese, mayonnaise, and a little bit of sugar.

The love that Koreans have for corn cheese is not lost in snacks too. Make sure to try out this sweet and savoury potato chip snack if you’re up for something new.

Get a taste of this snack at Shopee for SGD11.45.

Chicken pop

Made into easy-to-eat, bite-sized chunks, Chicken Pop might be the only Korean snack that gives a spicy aftertaste and many of those who had tried it say that it’s a super satisfying treat.

Chicken pop is retailing for SGD3.25 at Shopee.

Fish and chips

On days that you crave for a beer, be sure to have this Korean snack around because it’s one of the best foods to enjoy with a cold glass of beer. Just as its name suggests, it combines both fish chips and nachos into one, giving a pleasant surprise to your taste buds.

Get a taste of this interesting treat at Shopee for SGD19.48.

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