We tried food seen on K-dramas and the TikTok-viral Korean pouch drink: here’s our review

Korean street food destination Pocha has unveiled a revamped menu brimming with fresh and enticing dishes. While retaining its beloved signature offerings, Pocha’s new menu is made up of innovative creations inspired by Korean cinema and popular TV shows.

AVENUE ONE visited its outlet at JEM and tried out some of the items on its menu to see if we can indeed channel some main character vibe!

Pocha review: new menu inspired by K-drama and movies

pocha creamy ramyeon
Creamy Shin Ramyeon (S$12.90)

Watched What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and want a bite into the ramyeon the on-screen couple was having? Go for the Creamy Shin Ramyeon (S$12.90), a spin on the iconic Korean Shin Ramyeon.

This is one of our favourite items on the menu. It comes with a velvety broth along with other comfort food items such as boiled eggs and spam. This is certainly a dish that you’d want to slurp up – whether shared with your significant other or all by yourself.

You might remember the Jjapaguri dish featured in award-winning Korean movie Parasite. If you’ve wondered how it would taste like, you can get taste of it at Pocha, which offers the Jjapagetti (S$9.90) that combines spaghetti and traditional black bean sauce (Jjajang) and Jjapaguri (S$9.90). The former is served with spam and a runny egg and can be elevated with a Truffle option, while the latter features Korean mandu (dumplings) and a runny egg, and you can opt to add torched cheese to it.

pocha kimbap
Kimbab (S$9.90)

Popular street food such as the Kimbab (S$9.90) and corndog (S$6.90) seen in Korean variety show Jinny’s Kitchen are also on the menu.

pocha corndog
Corndog (S$6.90)

We really enjoyed the corndog, which is best enjoyed while it’s hot, because it reminded us of the last time we had one along the street of Myeongdong.

pocha hangari fried rice
Hangari Korean Fried Rice (S$10.90)

If you’re looking for something delicious and satisfying, the Bokkeumbab or Korean Fried Rice (S$10.90) will be the one to go for. There are two options for it: Hangari and Kimchi, and we enjoyed the former, which is a house-signature soy sauce that offers a slightly charred taste and is very aromatic.

pocha korean pancakes
Korean Pancakes (S$11.90)

For sharing, consider the Korean Pancake (S$11.90), with options of either Kimchi Pancake or Seafood Pancake. These are intentionally made into smaller sizes by Pocha to facilitate sharing, and at the same time, its smaller size also make it easier to keep the pancakes crispy. This was another highlight for us.

pocha korean pouch drink
Korean Pouch Drinks

Finally, don’t forget to check out the TikTok-viral Korean Pouch Drinks that are quite hard to find anywhere in Singapore. An exclusive offering by Pocha, these drinks offer a refreshing indulgence.

Pocha is located at #B1-181 Northpoint City, #B2-47 Plaza Singapura, and #03-05 JEM. Opening hours are between 11.30am and 10pm.