Fresh, handmade pasta from S$4.90?! Here’s where to find it

We’re always on the lookout for great pasta restaurants, but who would have thought the next one that caught our eyes isn’t a dine-in restaurant but a kiosk that lets you have fresh pasta on the go?

PastaGo has opened in JCube, serving pasta that’s freshly made from scratch, including Pappardelle, Malfalde, Campanelle, which are usually only found in authentic Italian restaurants that serve handmade pasta, as well as the more common Fettucine.

What surprised us more is that prices start from S$4.90 for fresh pasta in Marinara style, which is cheaper than even pasta served at most hawker stalls in Singapore, despite its quality.

AVENUE ONE visited the PastaGo JCube outlet to try some of the items on its menu.

PastaGo review

Arriving just after noon, I was surprised to see that the newly opened kiosk already has a short queue formed.

pastago all pasta
From top, L-R: Al Limone, Beef Bolognese, Marinara, Carbonara, Aglio E Olio, Chicken Bolognese.

Its menu is easy to navigate. Simply zero in on the pasta style you prefer: Aglio E Olio, Carbonara, Marinara, Al Limone, Beef Bolognese, or Chicken Bolognese, and then decide the protein you’d like to add on such as Grilled Chicken, Seared Prawns, Smoked Duck, and Smoked Salmon. Sous Vide Egg, Baby Spinach, and Shimeiji Mushroom are also options you can look forward to, to add to your Bolognese dishes.

pastago prawn aglio olio
Seared Prawn Aglio E Olio

We ordered four popular options to try: Seared Prawns Aglio E Olio, Smoked Duck Carbonara, Grilled Chicken Marinara, and Smoked Salmon Al Limone.

The freshly made pasta was certainly the highlight for me. I’ve always loved fresh, handmade pasta because they are more springy and silky compared to those cooked from dried pasta, because of its ability to retain more moisture.

This delectable taste of fresh pasta is unmistakable in PastaGo’s menu items. I swear I could eat the pasta on its own with just its sauce because it is that good.

smoked salmon al limone
Smoked Salmon Al Limone

Of the four items I picked, my favourite was the Smoked Salmon Al Limone. The pasta is tossed in butter, cheese, and lemon juice, giving it an uplifting taste and aroma. Finished with tobiko, the dish also comes with a good texture that elevates the tasting experience.

I also love that it’s light, so it’s easy to finish the entire dish.

Those who love smoked salmon will be happy to know that PastaGo is generous with it, even though the dish is priced at only S$10.90.

grilled chicken marinara
Grilled Chicken Marinara

The Grilled Chicken Marinara comes as a close second for me.

This tomato-based pasta is made using PastaGo’s special recipe, and features a tangy sauce that isn’t too overpowering. The chicken chunks that came with it were huge and are grilled perfectly. At just S$6.90, it is an absolute steal.

pastago smoked duck carbonara
Smoked Duck Carbonara

I understand that the Smoked Duck Carbonara is a hot favourite among customers, even though I thought it was a little too salty for my liking.

However, it is definitely worth a mention. PastaGo has created its carbonara with an egg-based sauce, the authentic Italian way of making carbonara, instead of relying on cream to get the decadent texture – a method that many Singaporean restaurants resort to. I recommend adding a sous vide egg if you want an even creamier texture.

Our verdict

pastago pasta dishes
Here are the photos I’ve taken so you can have an idea about portions, packaging, and presentation. From top, left to right: Seared Prawn Aglio E Olio, Grilled Chicken Marinara, Smoked Salmon Al Limone, and Smoked Duck Carbonara (with added Sous Vide Egg).

I still cannot believe that it’s possible to find fresh pasta at a kiosk and at affordable prices. Good quality pasta, an easy-to-navigate menu, and at very palatable prices – you bet I’ll be coming back for more.

PastaGo is open at 2 Jurong East Central 1, JCube Shopping Mall, #B1-K07, Singapore 609731. The brand has two more outlets confirmed for opening in 2022, and the you can look forward to its kiosks opening at Tiong Bahru Plaza in July and Wisteria Plaza in August.

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