This Italian restaurant serves pasta filled to the brim with truffles – too generous!

Pasta is the staple of any Italian restaurant, and there are few things that are better than freshly made pasta.

An amazing authentic Italian restaurant serving up the freshest pasta you can imagine in Singapore is Pasta Bar. With a name like that, you just know that their pasta is going to be out of this world.

Credit: wintersonato237 on Instagram

Run by Head Chef Alessandro Giustetti, the restaurant serves authentic and lesser-known pasta dishes that come from Southern Italy. Hailing from Genoa, the Chef incorporates his hometown’s influence into his recipes and combines them with his extensive cooking background working alongside Michelin chefs to whip up stunning dishes for you to savour.

pasta bar chef cooking
Photo: @pastabar_sg / Instagram

The restaurant’s interior is breathtaking as it invites you into an intimate New York apartment-style restaurant with an open kitchen and bar counter. The cosy and homely vibes of the restaurant automatically puts you at ease as you enter and begin looking through the menu for what you would like to eat.

Credit: wintersonato237 on Instagram

The menu features 11 pasta dishes, each allowing you to experience authentic Italian cuisine. Of course, all of their pastas are handmade daily for you to get the best experience while there. Try Italian classics such as Tagliatelle, a 24-hour braised beef ragu with parmigiano, or the Lobster Ravioli made with Mentaiko butter, Tobiko, and watercress.

Credit: pastabar_sg on Instagram

Its most spectacular dish is probably the Truffle Fettuccini due to the extremely generous serving of truffles shavings on top fresh Fettuccini pasta. The truffle shavings almost blanket the pasta serving, but don’t let these black slices distract you from the real treasure that is the pasta noodles waiting for you underneath.

Credit: fyxmycraves on Instagram

Truffle-lovers will absolutely swoon at the delicious truffle butter-coated noodles and savour the truffle pieces that accompany them. It’s hard to not fall in love with this gorgeous plate of Truffle Fettuccini.

Pasta Bar is located at 55, 01-05, Keong Saik Rd., 089158. They open for lunch from 12pm to 3pm and for dinner from 6pm to 11pm daily, except for Monday and Tuesday when they only open for dinner.

Featured image credit: wintersonato237 on Instagram (left), wwhylehh on Instagram (right)