Oreo has launched Batman cookies and we couldn’t be more excited

The new The Batman movie has been postponed multiple times because of the ongoing pandemic, but has finally set to premiere on 3 March 2022.

We’re sure fans have worked up quite the appetite waiting for it – and quite literally, Oreo is going to satisfy it.

In collaboration with The Batman, Oreo has released a limited edition series of Batman-inspired Oreos and we couldn’t be more excited.

Photo: @nika_in_warsaw on Instagram

The classic Oreo cookie has been given a makeover from its original design, and now carries an intricate outline of the Dark Knight embossed on it. If you thought the excitement began with the cookie, think again because the Oreo’s packaging has been given an upgrade as well!

Photo: @nika_in_warsaw on Instagram

Accompanied by an image of the iconic Gotham City, riddles are printed on the packaging with bat signals that promise fans the chance to win exciting prizes.

Those brilliant enough to decipher these riddles, possibly created by the villain Riddler featured in the upcoming movie, will be given a special look into The Batman universe through an immersive digital experience.

While the limited edition Oreo x The Batman collaboration might not be available in Singapore, you can definitely try your luck and try to get your hands on it by purchasing it from markets in America, Australia, and Canada.

The featured image is from Saatchi Germany on YouTube.