Oatbedient Review: Powdered Series & Ready-to-Drink Packs

Oat milk has become a global phenomenon. With its rise as a dairy alternative, oat milk has captured the attention of health-conscious individuals seeking a nutritious and sustainable option.

Singapore, known for its vibrant food scene, has embraced the oat milk trend wholeheartedly, with local brands like Oatbedient leading the charge in offering delicious and wholesome oat milk beverages that cater to the discerning palates of consumers.

What is Oatbedient?

oatbedient review

For the uninitiated, Oatbedient is a homegrown oat milk brand that is known for being free from harmful additives and unnecessary fillers.

Its mission? To provide families with genuinely safe and wholesome food options.

With powdered sachets and ready-to-drink packs, Oatbedient prioritises trust, transparency, and clean labelling.

This brand is committed to delivering delicious products with at least 25% less sugar compared to regular plant-based milks. By avoiding harmful ingredients like non-dairy creamer with hydrogenated palm oil, Oatbedient aims to promote not only health but also preserve the environment.

Oatbedient Reviews

Now that we know the brand is safe and healthy, it’s down to that one-million-dollar question: does it taste good?

We rounded up 12 reviewers to give their honest opinions about Oatbedient’s products.

oatbedient powdered series

Keith, 38

The Chocolate Oat Milk Powder is certainly my favourite Oatbedient product. I like that it’s thick and creamy, not “diluted” like other oat milk I’ve tried.

It’s a delicious treat to have at work when I have no time to munch on tea snacks. It’s easy and time-efficient to keep me full – and it helps me avoid piling on unnecessary calories too, I guess! Haha!

Peiying, 26

I’ve tried all of Oatbedient’s Oat Milk Powder and honestly I can’t decide which is my favourite because they’re all so tasty!

The Original Milk Powder tastes like Horlicks, the Chocolate Oat Milk Powder is very satisfying if you need a quick sugar fix – even though it’s not too sweet, and the Oat Milk with Oats & Chia Seeds is a good filling drink to have if you’re on a diet and don’t wish to have an indulgent snack to stave off hunger pangs.

I usually consume it during mid-day when I need a snack but I think it’ll be a good drink to have before bed-time so you can go to sleep without craving supper.

Nico, 41

oatbedient nico
Besides her favourite Chocolate Oat Powder, Nico also drinks the Oat M!lk Barista (pictured) regularly.

I enjoy having the Chocolate Oat Powder for breakfast and love that it has a delicious chocolatey taste that’s not too overwhelming or too sweet.

I have always looked out for products that are clean and healthy so Oatbedient products are totally up my alley. I will certainly recommend Oatbedient beverages to my friends and family.

Joreen, 34

oatbedient joreen
Joreen enjoys the entire Powdered series, especially the Chocolate Oat Milk Powder.

The Chocolate Oat Milk Powder is definitely my favourite – I like that it tastes good when it’s hot and still good when it’s cooled. I usually enjoy it in the morning with my breakfast.

There was once I overfilled the water in my cup and I was surprised it still tasted good and not diluted like other powdered chocolate beverages I’ve tried. I also like that it has a hint of oat taste that’s not overpowering.

This is certainly a beverage that I would stock in my house for my loved ones, including children.

Kristen, 38

I enjoy both the Chocolate Oat Milk Powder and the Oat Milk with Oats & Chia Seeds. I like having the former for breakfast and the latter as a satisfying drink to fight mid-day hunger pangs.

The Chocolate Oat Milk has a distinctive chocolate flavour that’s delicious and not cloying. Besides myself, my child who has a cow’s milk allergy also likes it and I am happy that there’s a milk alternative for him that provides nutrition and that he enjoys.

As for the Oat Milk with Oats & Chia Seeds, I like that there’s a nice texture in the drink that also provides a more satiating sensation when I’m feeling peckish.

I will certainly recommend Oatbedient’s powdered sachets to my loved ones!

oatbedient oat milk barista

Jiaqian, 19

oatbedient jiaqian
Jiaqian has a pack of the Oat M!lk Barista every morning but she also occasionally enjoys the powdered packs that she’s holding.

As someone who is lactose-intolerant, I love drinking oat milk and Oatbedient is definitely my go-to oat milk brand right now!

I love how the taste of oat washes into my mouth as it is so rich and natural yet not too overwhelming for me.

I have a pack of the Oat M!lk Barista almost every morning when I settle down in the office, as it gives me a boost of energy before I start my day.

Another thing I like about this drink is that it is a healthier choice compared to other packet drinks as I work out so I do not like to drink overly sweetened drinks. With Oatbedient, I do not have to worry as much about the sugar intake.

Riziana, 26

oatbedient riz
Riziana has tried both the ready-to-drink pack as well as the Chocolate Oat Milk Powder (pictured).

As someone who was recently converted into the Oat Milk life, I like how the taste of oat is not too overwhelming. I find that it’s easy to drink it on its own as well – something I’m pleasantly surprised by considering that I’m quite picky with taste.

Health-conscious people and those who are lactose-intolerant are going to find a lot of utility in Oatbedient beverages. I think Oatbedient is a good brand to introduce those who are trying dairy alternatives for the first time.

Cleo, 25

oatbedient cleo
Cleo takes the Oat M!lk Barista as is or with her coffee.

I love oat milk! The ones I usually drink are thicker and can make me feel bloated at times. However, Oatbedient’s Oat M!lk Barista is lighter and doesn’t have an overly strong oat taste either. It’s also really tasty and refreshing (especially on a hot afternoon).

I’ve had the Oat Milk Barista as is and with coffee – both as delicious. I was pleasantly surprised by how great it tastes with coffee and how its subtle oat taste doesn’t get overwhelmed by the coffee.

Lynn, 24

oatbedient lynn
The ready-to-drink pack is part of Lynn’s breakfast.

I usually have the Oatbedient ready-to-drink pack for breakfast; it has a light taste and a “healthy” flavour that I really enjoy.

I can have it every morning without feeling guilty, and it’s filling enough without being too heavy. I also like that, unlike dairy products, it does not leave an odd aftertaste in my mouth. It’s extremely convenient to grab and go, so it has been my go-to drink option recently.

Sheryl, 24

oatbedient sheryl
Sheryl adds the Oat M!lk Barista to her coffee in the morning.

Compared to other oat milks I’ve tried, this has a great taste and I usually add it to my coffee in the morning.

I like that I can enjoy a good beverage that’s nutritious and guilt-free and I’ll definitely recommend Oatbedient beverages to my friends and family.

Catherine, 22

oatbedient catherine
Catherine enjoys the Oat M!lk Barista as a snack before dinner.

I’ve always preferred oat milk taste over dairy milk and I’ve read that oat milk has more dietary fibre, which helps with digestion.

I’ve been drinking the Oat M!lk Barista ready-to-drink pack when I’m craving for a snack before dinner and I like that it’s convenient since I can just grab and go.

At the same time, I feel safer drinking it knowing that the product has no nasty ingredients, junk or fillers. I will recommend it to my friends and family!

Siti, 19

oatbedient siti
Siti feels that the Oat M!lk Barista is a great substitute for sugary beverages.

The Oatbedient Oat M!lk Barista is a great substitute for sugary beverages when I’m craving for a flavoured beverage.

I like that the taste of oat milk isn’t overwhelming and its thickness is just right. There’s enough of it in each pack to make me feel full, making it a good beverage to have after lunch.

I think children are going to enjoy its taste too! And it’s such a good way to get them to start drinking healthy beverages!

The Oatbedient Oat Milk Powdered series comes in individually-packed sachets, priced at S$10.90 for a box of 12 sachets. The Oatbedient Oat M!lk Barista comes in two sizes: a 1-litre pack priced at S$6.85 and a set of 6 x 250ml packs priced at S$15.

They are available at the Oatbedient website, Lazada, Redmart, Qoo10, Shopee, and Tik Tok Shop, as well as selected outlets of 7-Eleven, Cold Storage, NTUC FairPrice, Sheng Siong, Surrey Hills Grocer, Redman, and NHG Pharmacy.

Oatbedient Powdered Series & Oat M!lk Barista Review


100% of reviewers who tried the Oatbedient Powdered series and Oatbedient Oat M!lk Barista packs are satisfied with the flavour. Many of them said that the Oatbedient beverages are more tasty than other similar beverages they have tried and a handful of them even started drinking Oatbedient beverages every day.

The ready-to-drink Oatbedient Oat M!lk Barista packs are usually either taken on their own with breakfast or as a mid-day treat. Reviewers also sometimes add the oat milk to their coffee.

For the Powdered series, the Chocolate Oat Milk Powder is the most popular choice among the reviewers. Reviewers who say this is their favourite say that the drink is satisfyingly filling and is very delicious.

All of the reviewers say that they will recommend Oatbedient to their friends and family.