The vegan alternative to cow’s milk is tasty and eco-friendly too: here are the best oat milks to try in Singapore

If you haven’t already heard, oat milk is the up and coming plant-based milk in Singapore. It’s on the supermarket shelves, hashtagged on the ‘gram, and even used in ice latte recipes from cafés like The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

People are enjoying this popular milk alternative in various ways too. They’re sipping it up as a refreshing beverage on its own, but also mixing it in with refreshing cold-brew coffees, bubble tea, or creamy matcha for a brand-new taste.

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Credit: Oatly on Instagram

But besides the fact that it’s creamy and delicious, why are people choosing oat milk over regular cow milk? Is it good for you? We answer these questions to help you start your oat milk journey on the right foot, plus share the best types of oat milk to try in Singapore!

What is oat milk?

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Vegan and dairy-free, oat milk comes from oats that have been soaked in water, blended, then strained.

Made with oats, this plant-based milk does not contain any dairy from cows or any animal-based by-products, which is why it also counts as a vegan milk alternative. Free also from soy and nuts, oat milk is also the popular choice of plant-based milk for those who have food allergies.

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Credit: Minor Figures

As oats are naturally gluten-free, oat milk should also be free from gluten. Unfortunately, due to possible cross-contamination during the production process – oats being processed in the same factories that handle wheat products, the oat milk that you buy may also contain some gluten in them.

Still, unless you’re on a strict gluten-free diet, oat milk fares pretty well on the low in allergens checklist!

Why choose oat milk over cow’s milk?

Since we’re talking vegan, it also comes naturally that one big reason why people are choosing oat milk over cow’s milk is that the former is better for the environment!

To get milk from cows, a lot of land and water resources have to go into raising the cattle first – don’t forget about the tons of methane gas emissions that come from the animals and their manure, which contribute to climate change.

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Compared to cow’s milk, plant-based milks are the more environmentally friendly option. They use less land and water, as well as generate much lower amounts of greenhouse gas.

Oat milk, in particular, requires 48 litres of water to produce one litre of milk, which is significantly lower than cow’s milk, even soy and almond ones.

oat milks singapore - plant-based
Oat milk is produced with less water than even other plant-based milks like almond or soy.

There are many other factors that come into play when it comes to the carbon footprint of oat milk brands, such as packaging and transportation. But, in general, each time you choose oat milk over cow’s milk, you’re causing less of a strain on our planet!

Is oat milk good for you?

Oat milk is generally a healthy option, but it also depends on what extra ingredients are added into the mix, and, like any other type of food, the choices you make!

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Credit: Elmhurst on Instagram

Many brands add plant-based oils like sunflower oil, canola (aka rapeseed) oil, or salt to emulsify the mixture as well as create a creamier consistency for the milk. To give oat milk a stronger taste or have delicious chocolate or vanilla flavours, brands also include sugar, sweeteners or flavourings in their recipes.

So, if you’re turning to oat milk to provide the healthiest option, then keep your eyes peeled for brands that use the fewest added ingredients!

What about compared to other milks?

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Compared to cow’s milk, oat milk has more carbohydrates – it gives a good energy boost if you drink it pre-exercise. It is also lower in sugar (depending on the brand you choose) and richer in fibre.

Protein-wise, you can be glad that oat milk trumps most other types of plant-based milk like coconut, almond, and cashew!

Best oat milks to try in Singapore

Vegan, dairy-free, eco-friendly, and tasty – now that you know what you need to know about this popular plant-based milk alternative, it’s time to dive right in to discover the best oat milks to try in Singapore!

Oatly oat milk

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If the first brand that comes to mind when you think of oat milk is Oatly, that’s because the brand’s founders were the inventors of this plant-based beverage. With a generous selection of oat milk products, including its original Oat Drink, Organic Oat Drink, and Chocolate Oat Drink, you’re spoilt for choice when choosing the plant-based beverage you prefer.

Oatly’s oat milks are also smooth and light, making them a delicious alternative to dairy milks. Added to a fresh brew, your coffee takes on a thin texture with a hint of yummy oat flavour!

Shop Oatly Oat Milk Barista, Chocolate, Organic, or Original (six-pack) for S$29.90 instead of S$41.30 on Shopee.

You can also find Oatly oat milks on shelves at NTUC FairPrice.

Oatside oat milk

oat milks singapore - oatside
Credit: Oatside

Step into cafés like Baker & Cook, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and PPP Coffee, and there’s a chance that you’ve already noticed oat milk drinks on the menus. These cafés don’t just use any type of oat milk, they use the plant-based alternative from this very brand, Oatside.

Oatside is a local brand that produces its oat milks in Asia for people in Asia, which means that it has an edge carbon footprint-wise – less transportation, lower carbon emissions. Besides, Oatside uses oats from Australia that give its drinks a maltier and nuttier taste; the texture is also rich, creamy, and comparable to dairy milk.

With three flavours, the Barista Blend, Chocolate, and Chocolate Hazelnut, you can easily enjoy the brand’s oat milk stirred into your coffee, or fresh on its own!

Shop Oatside Barista Blend, Chocolate, and Chocolate Hazelnut for S$6 to S$8 per carton on Shopee, or S$36 per six cartons on Lazada.

You can also head down to the cafés mentioned above for a delightful oat milk and coffee brew!

Elmhurst oat milk

oat milks singapore - elmhurst
Credit: Elmhurst

Funny story: for 91 years, Elmhurst was a dairy company… until it was not. This brand that was committed to producing dairy milk closed down its last dairy farm in 2016, and then came back in 2017 as a plant-based milk label. It’s no wonder it refers to itself as “the dairy that gave up dairy”.

The best part about all of it is that Elmhurst’s is one of the healthiest choices for oat milk that we’ve discovered. The Elmhurst Milked Oats are made simply of filtered water, whole grain oats, and salt. That’s all there is in its ingredients list.

So, if you’re searching for a healthy, unsweetened oat milk option, you know just the brand to turn to.

Shop Elmhurst Milked Oats for S$7.90 in stores or online at NTUC FairPrice.

Minor Figures oat milk

oat milks singapore - minor figures
Credit: Minor Figures

Minor Figures certainly plays no minor role in the market. It’s a brand that’s well-recognised for its delicious barista oat milks. Brew a cuppa with the brand’s Barista Oat, Barista Oat (Light), or Barista Oat (Organic), and surely you’ll be craving for more.

While the brand’s oat milks complement coffee to give a silky texture, we don’t think that you’ll want to drink them neat; they are less milky in taste and thinner in consistency.

But, for the ones who are craving a latte brew, Minor Figures also offers Oat Latte, which is a ready-to-drink blend of coffee and oat milk – perfect for your early mornings.

Minor Figures Oat Milk (six cartons) for S$32 on Shopee
Minor Figures Oat Milk (one carton) for S$6 on Lazada

Get other Minor Figures oat milk products on Shopee or Lazada.

Otis Oat Milk

oat milks singapore - otis
Credit: Otis Oat Milk

Oat milk that’s made with oats from New Zealand, Otis Oat Milk also fortifies its high in calcium drinks with vitamins D2, B2 and B12 to give your body the nutritional boost it needs.

Whether you choose the Otis Oat Milk (Everyday), Oat Milk (Barista), or Oat Milk (Chocolate), your tastebuds will be tickled by rich flavour and silky texture.

Shop Otis Oat Milk (Barista) (six cartons) for S$32.85 instead of S$41.70 on Shopee.

You can also shop Otis Oat Milks in stores and online at NTUC FairPrice, or on Shopee.

MILKLAB oat milk

oat milks singapore - milklab

Coffee aficionados, the milks from MILKLAB will stop you right in your tracks.

The oat milk has a fragrant oat taste and rich, creamy texture. Made specially to texture and stretch with coffee, especially espresso, the oat milk from this brand will really elevate the taste of your brews.

MILKLAB prides itself in collaborating with baristas, café owners, and coffee roasters to develop its range of plant-based milks. That’s how you know that its oat milk is exactly what you must have in your next cup of coffee.

Shop MILKLAB Oat Milk for S$6.90 in stores and online at NTUC FairPrice.

All Good oat milk

oat milks singapore - all good
Credit: All Good

Another one for the coffee-lovers, All Good Barista Oat Milk is a popular plant-based option for whipping up a delicious cup of flat white. However, unlike the oat milk from MILKLAB, All Good’s Barista Oat Milk is more subtle in its oat flavours, thus making it closer in taste to regular dairy milk.

And, if you’re hoping to appreciate the refreshing taste of oat milk uninterrupted, you can also go for the All Good Original Oat Milk that’s thick, creamy, and just the right amount of oaty.

All Good Barista Oat Milk for S$5.50 per carton, or S$32.90 per six cartons on Shopee.
All Good Original Oat Milk for S$5.35 instead of S$6.50, also on Shopee

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